A rouster was crowing . It was crowing again, A big bird with wicked eyes , A sharp beak  flashed into Sergent  Bashim face,  struck at him, Some thing hit him in the face, pushing him self upright in his bed, Opening his eyes sleep slipping away to reality, then realizing he had hit his own face trying to push the bird away.   Read on and enjoy.....


The pailness of another dawn of soft light of shadows  turning into forms ,Formes with bodys  darkned  mirror ,a dressing bed table  A police man hat with its’ badge shining in darkness.  An half empty scotch bottle with a spoon beside it.


Pushing him self upwards , letting the the dawn of a new day enter his thinking The soft light of pastel was covering the verander,  The rouster crowed again.


Letting him self fall to the pillow. That Mrs Franks bird I should nick it,Now how do you put hand cuffs on a bird  Disterbing the peace . of my sleep But ita good alarm clock. Then with christmess coming  and Mrs Franks children , The crowing could be coming from a chicken pie shortly ,  beside, Mrs franks ,the old bat, is as deaf  as a post.


Smelling  the sent of gigee trees , on the moisture of the  rain storm of last night. Took away the last lingering pull of sleep


A movement caught his eye , The  aged heat cured paint  of white turned dirty cream cealing A number of bussing black spots were chaising each other, looking intently, severals spots seame to jump on one and the other.


“ Bloody hell .Blow flys having sex in public . There doing it in my bed room “


A soft moan came from Sergent Bashem as he pulled his pillow over his head


    The rouster began to crow again.


The blanket moved, the pillow moved, a head emerged Then a body sat up. Frank get out of bed , The  world need me ,but I do not need it . Such is a police man life thought Frank 


    Reaching out he took his sergents hat from the hanging on the wiskey bottle putting it on his head , He  gingerly walked on bare feet toward the bath room. Cursing the publican and his out of town friend mate  a cabbage farmer it one thing to go and se the hotel at closing time ,but to have a drink with the cabbage farmer and the publican after closing time.Now that is deplomocy in a country town.


       The roster crowed again , Frank head throbbed again .


   Soon  frank was walking down the side street to the center of his small village .


   A wild kangroo look up at him from his neighbours yard  then putting down his head chewed the lawn,


   A small dog came up and smelt Frank before disappearing into the bushes on road side  A magpie  wabbled in a tree for his mate , A feral cat ran from a rotting piece of garbage  in the street  A house here ,a house there , Back ground of  distant scrub trees ,yellow river sand , The odd huge gum tree on river bank,  More houses , a wrecked car body then a council footpath emerging from red dirt, A bitchem road with pot holes  that would hide a cow.  A deserted main street  scrubs in flower pots .





      Stopping to look at the tracks on the ground . Of who came during the night  A fox ,Mrs franks may be missing a fowl, A goanna  in a hurry to. What would chaise a gohana in the night, now that But why? dog track , He was in a hurry Pigs It old Bill Smith dog , always missing his left middle toe Oh No  the council, be on to the police, about louts up setting bins putting rubbish over the road , What self respecting lout would drive sixty miles from Toowoomber  to up set a rubbish tin

A back packer sleeping soundly with the hotel door step under his head A mutteing sound followed by sound of deep brething followed.


           My first client of the day  thought Frank as he continued his walk to the police station.


            Be nice if there all as happy as he is, never up set a backpacker, the local farm  next door is owned by a back pack family next door from England , the girl came out and was picking oranges there. She liked it so much, her family in England bought it  for her, They owned  a chain of hotels. There is a few people in this town gratefully to her for a job when the time came to pick oranges in the fruit season.


            The main street with it’s rambling shops  telling of hard times, of wool booms and the deckay of lost dreams. The odd pot hole on red dirt in grey bitchem, of the odd person looking at another day over the hotel verander, As morning sun seme to take grey darkness  to a bright splender of colours on pealing paint and the local food store of Nockol Kidman eating an ice cream with faided blond hair of age and sun on billboard.


            Frank paused in front of the police station with key in hand, Thinking of his his previous life of morning shift in the valler of Brisbane, It was a grave yard shift ,the drug  houses The over dosed dead bodys of those who had given there life chaising  the high life of the bong and cocain needle. Such waste of life, as a policeman were did they fail society,  But as his district inspecter had told him frank you got feeling, our job is to hid the dirt from the public, keep the politions happy and they get off our back, We have peace when we just keep dragging out the body's before dawn The public dose not see it because it the vote in parlement which counts, Frank you can not change the world, you just got to learn to live with it That when the powers that be, go away and annoy some one else.


           Frank you upsetting the city, You been nicking dealers at the top again, Some of them have friends in Parment  This mess goes to the top Frank ,My job on the line, My butt is getting fried . I am your boss, Every arrest the papers the press are talking about Brisbane the drug city of south east asia The mayor is savage, the tourist people are loosing room numbers over you  Frank stop nicking people . Just let the addicts die by the thousands , But that life in the city the new papers don.t want to print it, but police with double barrel shotguns raiding crack houses , Honest yourphoto ed carrying two revolvers with a third in you belt on the front page of the morning paper,  Soon I going have you a posting into the bush or you get a job in New York upsetting the mafa , The US have been recruting some of our forces for fire fights in the streets, the theory is that due to our Australian  physic we shoot more crininals that the americian policeman shoot in a fire fight, Please  Frank cant you go out a nick an old lady for crossing the street on a red light.


         So here I am in a town population of a whole fifty ,No stress except I can’t seme to catch a fisn in the river , The whole town has that problem, I like the cod done up in chille and spice just roasted in a camp oven ,Open fire  and star lit night , just put another log on the fire .


 A few beers just listning to the cidares and night beer with the odd mate. The chief super has not got a clue about life,


        Peace that’s  life simple recipedy for a happy life,


        In side Frank steped into his kingdom the police station. Now for two houres of paper work then the silly traffic chief from Brisbane asking him for his list of twenty drinking offences , Were do you get twenty cars in a day in this town, one horse town, Horse died long time ago.


       Any more rubbidh from him I go up to the local school and give a speech to the kids, About drinking and driving They can all blow in to the breth tester That give twenty different breths of sober people, Not even the police laboriry  can decect if they all five to ten year kids,


      The life of a country police man . Hell that’s a pile of paper work on my desk,  Just were is the coffee bottle and hot water jug.


      As frank worked through the pile of paper sorting it into different piles ,his mind went back to been young, A small boy watching the cows , milk churns and running across the fields of lucin. His life was in tune with the cows , helping his father pen the cows for milking, Riding his pony to school .The cool mornings on bear feet, The sunsets of vived colour,colours of rainbows Of orange reds and hue of grey and scarlet The mutton currys of Mum kitchen, brothers and sisters squabbling in the mud of the first rain for pached crops, memory are beautiful when treasured,  good memorys are of added strength to cope with the future,



     The farm long gone but the country in the heart remained,  To carrey a life time, to take to the grave , like princials if good enough, to belive in,There good enough to live with, There good enough to die for.So it why I became a police man, But life can be a hard road if lived by the principals of right and wrong but in the end you sleep well finding happiness of the heart, To those that fall by the way,They have to live with there wrong doings Because there wrong doing is all they have left in there life , Tormented souls after and before dyeing, his Sunday school teacher may not look as stilly as she looked, beside she it was rumoured that she was a striper when young  in Kings Cross  many people come to mend there hurt  lives and sin against them selves in the country, A  place of healing for the hurt ,bewilded and lost is a country town

             Coffee my saving  vice in the morning. He looked at the clock  on the station wall it was always running fast , six oclock in the morning   Always wonderd were it came from, The railway station clock went missing five years ago, Then it appeared on the wall, The trains were always late  some times never got here, So who in the railway needed a clock ,

    Sitting he opened the computer at the most wanted list in Brisbane, the face of thugs and child molesters  murders and shop lifters appeared on coloured screan looking at one of the worst , You do hurt children Frank remarked to him self, I do wish you come an annoy me

   The rainfall reports and creek levels , the bridge reports, Reports to government minister on traffic crime Now that’s in the bin with that. Why do men murder there wives, ,A police report?  Do people get paid for writing that rubbish, I would arrest them all for giving police headacks. What rubbish ,in the bin.

   Looking at the small space he had cleared on his desk, He leaned back putting  his feet on the desk .just sipping the coffee , looking out the window  small birds flutted and ate the seed that Frank had thrown for them, They tweeted and picked at seed on the ground bringing a smile to Frank’s face ,As one becomes older it’s the little things that are simple that bring happiness

Across the road the sound of a road train pulling up, The rattle of rubbish tins, a small boy not wanting to get out of bed ,  Crows calling in the distance 

A small country town coming to life                                                                                                                                           SMALL ADD SPACE



    In a small government built town on edge of the small town , Were goats and the odd sheep tried to find a green shoot  of grass in dry lawns ,Sneaking  there heads between  fencing wire and steel posts.looking this way ,then that way  ,then a quick bite  .A dog barked  A mad rush of animals to the open ground  of the surrounding  bush 

    A head of blond curls tossled and thick moved under the blanket, Awakeing came quickly to Suzey  . A smile was there before the mind caught up.  Another new day with the terrible twenty in the local school house,  A quick shower and sitting at her table of lipsticks and purfums  , She thought of her father ,darling  he always called her, A lick and promice in the shower is better than to smell your self all day

   A little lipstick that for the thought of one students may have a handsome  brother, Knowing country boys who think your cute .Is like having money in the super fund, You never know when you may have to call upon it to keep you for the rest of your life.

  Beside there always Frank the policeman,  he got the feel of a farmer , talks about wheat and wool in the hotel  , Dad like him. To dad be the son he never had, He looks sexy to. Try to be cross with the local kid who play up drinking on Saturday night. He’s never the police man with them, just threatens them and makes sure they go home without getting hurt from there own stupidy,  You feel so safe with him, but there is feeling in him,

    Susey giggled as she rembered the noisy kiss she gave him after the third beer had drunk on Friday night sesson , it was a spur of the momet thing, But had filled the bar with laughter and call for more, The police sergent had looked so bashfull,  She was now known as the sergent wife around town, but she ponded what was a kind and sincear man doing with out a wife or girl friend . Some ware deep there was sorrow , Poor Frank she thought as she turned her fried egg in the pan . Why dose this toester always burn  as she withdrew the piece of toast,  bugger it.


Earnist  was railway , his father before him a railway train driver, Always rember the union he had said, Always make the basteds pay there way ,He had always there way , he always told his son most day over his bottle of scotch , They pay for my drinking habits  if you handle the mail long enough you have a feeling which mail bags have the wisky bottle . Never buy any thing son just pinch it The union look after you.

We all have our vices Dad. But you do push the limits at times

But so far away from home family Sydney, just Berris his high school sweetheart and the dog The posting to the outer edges of the civilised world for the New South Railway was a blessing in heaven. Beside with two trains a week a railway station master was a busy man, if you could rember which day the train ran past , But one could pull a sick day . The train driver always likeda drinking session at the local hotel that could last a day So time was not a issue , Just wait for further orders Some one would tell you when to turn up for work Waiting while fishing for yellow belly  was a good for stress , new policy of the railway was to avoid stress , Could not agree more as he throw his line in to the water.

         The department was spending a million and a half on consultant fees on stress What was wrong with the world  All you need is beer on ice and yellow belly biteing your fishing line My God did you see the size of that yabby , he is bigger than his cousin in the sea ,the lobister he will go nice well cooked with lemon and sprinkling of chille,

        A man after a good meal , was a contented man, Thought Earnist  . To be a good person in this world ,dose not take much, just have respect for people . Then do your best what ever you do,

Train be in shortly have to hurry ,  Such is life ,  Hell I forgot to kiss Berrle my wife this morning ,   She rember that, Hell I be in the dog house for a week . Have to borrow some flowers from a garden coming back from work , Some times marrage can be hard work 

      Earnest look at the rail track leading to the town ,then at were they ended . This was the end of the line ,The other was Sydney  some eight hundred miles away, so many thousand of lives depend on this slim track of steel for a life , a living, A huge artery of life pumping in the esentals of life and taking the fruit of the land to market, An artery of blood that the animal was Australia

    It up to you Earnist to see it all happens in this in this part of the country, A responsiblty  that you were born for.


    Stepheny was a quiet girl. She diped  potato chips into the sweet  sauce  in the empty restuant, As it was her meal brake beween seriving huge platters of steak chips  and ice creams to children .hungry miners  ,council workers and the odd travleller, The  time to ponder life and acking feet. She watched two magpies with there young ,A fat rolly poly ball of black and white , Bringing grubs and a centepide to offer it , It had it head always back swallowing , Always a parent there Always a parent with a grub , a tasty orderve for hungry youth.

  It was always the simple things which matted most, The simple things which touched a women heart. You small puff of feathers you soon be a beautifull bird ,Soon you flying .Soon you be greeting me with morning calls,  Why can’t life be so simple like magpie ‘s.

      Some time a life time ago. I met you Darling . You were just like that daddy magpie All puff and feathers of manly importance On the beach at bondi you took my eye , Then so many nights later you took from me my innerence in a motel roon with a six pack of beer, So I followed you to the shearing sheds of the westm A gun shearer you were,  It’s the family blood line you told me, The O Brian  of Denequilln , But hard work , shearing sheep , Too tired on Friday night, Two drunk on Saturday nightand two far away in the mind on Sunday night, Then gone again , The same week after week,  Loving a shearer ,Is loving an an eulusion that was,

    So putting his shearing hand piece one night on the bed,As he reached for her affection.Stephany told him  It was his dream of shearing shed or her, She walked out that night ,Took a room at the motel Next morning she was a new watier in it’s restuarent,  saying go away Darling I am living my life now , It’s my dream now I will not share with you any more, A dream that will destroy you as you grow old and weak.  Drink and dope to kill pain and too many mates to share it with.

   Love is peace of mind, love is each day brieving fresh air a country ,smell of gigee after rain, The crackling of gigees sticks of a camp fire, The smell of dawn on frosty morning, The cry of children  going to a school  as it meets it’s friends.

  Love is a sunset ,A splashin colour of the rain bows, A smorgest board across the horizon of intensity of pastle. Love is pleasure of the heart,as peace is a good intention  of the soul, Boys come and go But onely a man can touch a girls soul.


SMALL BUSINESS ADD  Andy  Toohy rode his SMALL BUSINESS ADD     Andy  Toohy rode his small motor bike across to the water trough.looking laft then rightA lean tall built man carreing the bloom of youth,The fresh face  from a Sydney bording school . The sharp eye  of a batman at the inter school sports . Was having a strange day,  As he lent over the handle of his bike, ,One foot resing on the

the young farmer rode off towards the hill and scrub the sound of puttering reciding in the eastern breeze.
     My cattle all gone  Who stole my cattle As Allan gazed from the last ridge at the distance back fence of his farm

      Frank took his coffee to the out door verander of the police station ,facing the street he waited fof the shops to open, The odd car and truck past most lent out of ther window giving a wave, As Frank waved the good morning back , back at his old station in Redferm in Sydney , be rocks thrown at him, The country had the old manners ,triditiond which made men and women the fruit of the soil,

Frank  stop thinking so hard’’ the young Doctor looked at him from the footpath ,then came and lent over the verander railings.

So the two talked Frank gave him a coffee , The odd person in ones and two waked past  and crossed the street  before him. The doctor was always worred. But thid time he was baffled, The third baby had come in to the hospital with symptims of slow poisning  from the same country around the town But yesterday  a three year child from the town had arrived, He was a child which suffed from alergys There was some thing amiss But as a doctor he could not pick it, But he had a mate in England a specialst , he was waiting on the results,But as the onely Doctor in the area he did not want to have a infant death, He was on watch on his patch. Problems that could be problems  should  be jumped on , Some times a coummity effot was required , Wisdom and expertice  of those who had seen it happen before, But thise children were baffling.

       The doctor left with a cheery goodby. Frank attention was taken with the local carrer  transport  who drove slowly by a tie down rope  traling on the road behind him, Reaching for his mobil Frank rang the driver to tie it the load down, The traffic police were getting very stricked on the main roads lately.  There was a working bee at the local club next week end , The members would be delighted to have him self and truck to move furniture in to new club house. Cheers mate. have a good one your self.

       Putting down the phone Frank thought he should open the door of the police station , least he could hear the phone  from his chair .

     The ringing of his phone brought him back to reality as he sat down again,   Yes Alan you missing cattle , but that a small paddock, cattl e don’t dissapare, I know that paddock, I musterd horses for the pony club, I ring the stock squard , You don’t want the stock squad , There  onely interested in big cases, Small farmer like you, Oh come on Allan . am. I not that good , just because I was born beyond the back of Burke, Yess my dad could track you over a pane of glass,  Alan for you I come out and see were your son’s cattle have gone, That bribary, sconges for smoko, yess I know that your  Betty made the best scons for the local show, Yess mate I come out this morning,  have a good look around, They can not be far.  No Alan I don’t think a crime has been commited. They just forgot to come home  Yess cheers to you to,

  Now that a nice way to start Monday morning , Scons and tea at Allan son farm back at Redfern in Sydney  they be screamin abuse at you, It was war there  Police versus the gangs , A self inflective stupidy  that got you down at times us or them.
       Two boys in state school uniforms in the street not thirty yards away , caught Frank's attention.

      Now that’s interesting are you doing , It young Zak , that kid is giving Zac some thing , A brown paper bag in Zac hand No the other kid is putting a packet in his shirt, Is that money he giving back to Zac. 
      In Redfern that be dealing drugs,  Zac’s Dad been up on growing  drug charges last year in Sydney, There a big family on a small farm to, Were they find the money to life ,I do not know,  Zac  school mate looks nervus ,Zac you have a shifty look as well,  Grow up Frank, the little buggers are dealing drugs in front of my police station. Has the world got any respect left.

   As Frank approached  Zac mate froze , Zac looked at Frank as if he run out of words, ‘’ That an interesting bag you have Zac  full of school books, I like to look at it, ‘’

    Zac clutched the bag tightly . gently Frank prised it from the youngster arms  Looking inside the bag

 ‘’  Zac that’s poackets of dope  Zac you are a dealer big time, What am I going to do with you, “

Turning to Zac friend, Frank held out his hand , The boy whispered in fear  “ My dad will kill me “  ‘’ Most probely’’  look at the youth sternly  ,remorce followed by a tear followed,

     He handed Frank a small plastic packet , the green of leaves glisned in the packet, ‘’ Zac his money return it,”

     The stunned youth look at the sergent , ‘’ His money Zac ‘’

Zac handed the money over,’’ your over charging on that small amount  Zac, It cheaper in Kings Cross’’

As the tearfull youth took the money ,’’ Will I go to prisin Frank ,I am sorry’’

Frank look at his young capture

“I did not know late for school was a crime.



crime punnishable by prisen You be late now if you don’t run,,Quick run ,” The child in shock looked at the sergent ‘’ Go “ pointed the sergent the direction of the school,

    The child looked again then turned and ran.

“ Now what am I going to do with you, be half a day paper work to charge you Zac. Your  a pain in the bum’’

   Zac had closed his eyes as if expecting a punch with pain,

Zac you’re a very fast runner, The local school foot ball is playing Tamworth nest week. Our winger young Johnney like a fly blown sheep going in to a waterhole, Now Zac be training tomorrow on the town ovel at four tomorrow afternoon, You be there,

    Now Zac you cousin been growing this rubbish on his farm , he is the onely grower around here, No if I get a smell you been near this rubbish again, I make sure the I visit your farm  and your cousin ,Your mum and dad all go to prisen ,  That I can assure you it will happen, now Zac this football clug is going to give tamworth a hiding this Saturday ,Am I right

He looked his young  offender in his eyes

 ‘’  Yess Frank’’

‘’  Yess Sergent “ promped  Frank

‘’ Give Tamworth a hiding “ smiled the sergent

“ Yess Frank ‘’  said the smiling realived youth.

‘‘School you be late try and put some thing ypu head there , Most times a good job pays more than dealing    , Now you run, hope  snot face gives you a kicking for been late.’’ Head masters come and go was snot face was a legion.


           With a burst of speed that Pharlap would envy at Flenninton race course. Turned and ran school bag  rattling.

           As he walked back to the station .

           ‘’ Frank your phone been ringing for ten minites, It’s the Twoomber inspecter “ said a young women with a baby in her arms on the verander.

              He want more drunks nicked in there motor cars  All houses  in this town are with five hundred yards of the hotel. How do you nick people after closing time for while walking home ,Dose my boss ever get out of the city of Brisbane, .

              Frank looked at the baby , The lifeless child was clinging to his mother neck,

“He not well young Toby” “ No I am trying to wean him “ spoke his mother.

“You been giving him bottled water in the tap “ Frank was deep in thought

“Yess he been drinking a lot of water lately, Why Frank’’

‘’Don’t know Lue Lue I can’t put my finger on it” Frank was wistfull.

“Lue lue can you put his nibs back on your breast and give him bottled waterfrom supermarket for  about two weeks”

 “ Your thinking Frank again, Do you think the town water supply”

“ Betty my neiboue. She nurses at the hospital ,told me that three more baby have been admitted to hospital  with same symptioms,  The OBrian girl they may fly her to Brisbane with Flying Doctor this morning”

  Frank staied at her with amazement, Opening his mouth speak the phone begn to ring from the sergent pffice 

   “ Cripes not again’’  leaving the young mother looking at her youngster



 After the call , Frank opened at the wanted list on the computer , this was the man , a dangerous  character who had used gun or knife to get his pervited wants , this is what the Brisbane police was worred about, Seen at bus stop heading this way from Toowoomber  , well you welcome to come thought Frank what this he has a weekness for children, Bloody hell this is serious.


I get the computer geek in his shop to print off some  pictures 

  Andy  Toohy rode his

SMALL BUSINESS ADDsergent pffice 

   “ Cripes not again’’  leaving the young mother looking at her youngster



 After the call , Frank opened at the wanted list on the computer , this was the man , a dangerous  character who had used gun or knife to get his pervited wants , this is what the Brisbane police was worred about, Seen at bus stop heading this way from Toowoomber  , well you welcome to come thought Frank what this he has a weekness for children, Bloody hell this is serious.

I get the computer geek in his shop to print off some  pictures of him, Give then to Tom the publican, the food store, the state school , get the local kids on side is like having MI5 working for you They miss nothing within fifty miles, now who run the local parents and citiezns, I give Snotface a ring Now what is the school telephone number.


    Earnest in his chair was going through the paper work of frait for the last train this morning . A eye brow was plucked, Some wrong he thought, A mining company was shipping freight to his station ,Every bill of freight had noting listed on it, half the train belong to them, The local orders they has every thing listed down to the last bottle of soft drink , That ,s against department regulations,

Earnest it your duty to inspect these goods, They may be carrying  things harm full to my union members.

So with thought on nothing to do about nothing nothing. Earnest came to the pile of pipes , cable and drums, Eying a drum with small split in the side with a toxic creamy mixture seaping out .dripping on the ground The picture of a skull on it, with a stench of a smell of an up turned car battery, looking over at the bags of nitrage fertizler ,next to forty four drums of diseal fuel and avation petrol

     Very gently he crept away, Back in his office the wisky bottle was found a generous nip was pored , now what is the sergent  mobil number. His job of leasure  as railway station master could end in a big explosion. Wonder could he sell the story, Now which news paper would pay the most?

    Earnest stroked his chin as he went to dial the telephone for the local sergent.

    Bloody hell ,you have got a mess there, look stay away from it ,you may get poisend ,  I come up and take photos ,may need them , I give them a ring,and if not the gas miners start shifting the messin two hours.If  no movment ,I ask the boy in Toowomber to nick the chap in charge of the mines, Then we try and work down from the top nicking them ,People could get killed with this mess. Bloody hell dose every thing happen on Monday.


   Morning breakfast was on in the local motel , Stepheny was on the move , Serving the many plates of steak and eggs .sochages and potato mash , ice cream and  sour cream , well the americians were nice men , Mining was money family and wife  to them, The young Australians miners it was beer good times , and go to bed with some one else wife, But been young ,the motil till rang and Stephanys legs acked.

   As the egg , orange and white on hot plate, The steak and lamb chops sizzled and the grevy bubbles in hot pots more fresh plates were found, The steady murmer of eating  A dull chatter of morning awaking , just a steady rate of food going out and dirty plates in piles back in to the kitchen. A small amount of coughing  that was here, there  , Stephney was thinking they must all have cought a cold, been working together virus go through a group of men quickly thought Stephney

  A sudden bout of heavy coughting followed a choking sound, A miner was lieing face down in his plate

     Get him out of here. The dirty mongrel , he’s so filthy , You two get him out side  .A fore man was waving his arms , Then lookat the girls at the cash redester as if they saw too much . A sly look of shiftiness puzzles Stepheny  A mines manager was explaining that he had been drinking, A joke to the girls  as if to laugh it off,

     Soon as the breakfast was over , The miners had climed on to the mining bus, The day had begun with the morning shift  Stephney began to clean up the tables, Napkins ,assorted knifes ,forks .paper ciggerett butts , messy little people  she thought , Thinking of her own brothers  men there no hope, They always need a good women .

   Coming to the upturned miner chair , On his plate and his napkin, The table cloth was white foam mixed in with a foot of area of dark blood, The blood had run down the table leg on to the floor, It darkness with red spots and congeald lie pieces of foam,

    She looked up at the mavis the cook , Who just finnjished her shift was having a little chat with the girls

   “ No Darling I don’t cook my steak that rair  What did they do cut his throat On sick man there Miners are funny creatures , they like to look after there own, They fear there job , It money ,and there mateship . If they got a desease they won’t tell any one, , Twenty years I was marred to one’’.

    ‘’Ring Frank I guess If you saw that in the street ,Would you not ring the police’’ spoke Stepheny




               Frank had just put the phone down , The girl in charge of the road house was worred

               Frank had just put the phone down , The girl in charge of the road house was worred abut sickness brought in They may loose food licence. Frank had told her when he stoped eating there, There be questins asked, but he be up there for tea, The rump steak  eggs ,mushrooms and vegetables on the side. It was his decissin weather a food out let shuld be closed and he hated cooking.

             As he looked at his telephone as it may ring with any more bad news. A sound ,he looked up at young blue eyes . Blond hair cascading  and a knowledgeable  smile

           “ Good aye Frank  My dad told me to get a semitrailer licence,  “

           Looking at Susy  intently

              “ Susy you been driving that rig with two cattle trailers behind you for the last six months to Tamworth and back ,I past you the two days ago,on the road.  I was at the cattle yard last week you  were unloading cattle. How your  Dad ?, you got cattle enterys for the show ? never knew you did not have a licence . well there some things that a village police just dose not want to know”

              “ You want a motor bike as well? You better have one .with this season you may have sheep n the road. The feed not bad on the road side to Tamworththe  Traffic  branch is short of revenue,they be all over the road like blowflys on a sheeps butt.  You be the first they grab”

             Susy threw her hair back  in a gesture of definence,,” Why me Frank’’

            “ You look so trusting, that why. Dose not your Dad tell you any thing . “

            “ Yess stop going out with wild boys, Stop drinking   and stop backing race horses”

            “ Your normal  ,certified normal girl  “ smiled Frank’’ and there country boys you play with”

            ‘’ Were all country Frank, Dad said he got more money for his wool this year ,Because you classed it”

            “ Your  mum  makes good scones.”

            “ I made those scones , You greedy mob ate the bloody lot’’ laughted Susy at Frank.

              “ You want a coffee “

              “ Never thought you ask .i make it Frank ‘’

              A youthfull bound and into the police station Suzy bounded.

             ‘’ Frank your jug is green’’ , yellow five minites ago’’ came franks voice from a pile of papers

             ‘’ No serious the element is burnt green’’ spoke Suzy showing frank the jug

                So they drank the coffee and more jesting  till the phone rang with the chief supertendent on more paper work  gone astray,  Frank looking at the paper in the overflowing rubbish bin.

              ‘’  Poor stupid bugger  . he is a good boss if you do his thinking for him’’

               Picking up the coffee jug , Frank looked at it, then smelt it,’’ ohaa; it smell like battery acid”

Smelling it again , thinking deeply ‘’. That copper sulphate smell now what in that water’’

              I wonder he thought ringing the council on his mobil.


              ‘’ Lenney yess mate it me , the village law enforcement, No lenny I be there at the sossage sizzle for the boy scouts .That me chief cook and bottle washer. Lenny water , the water is , No mate when we have it tested in the labs, what no more testing of country water?  Oh. The government cutting cost now, The mining council is running th

Have another go at my morning coffee Thought Frank  Sitting  and looking the whole street from the police station verander   The town was coming awake in the sunlight of the early morning A magpie  watched Frank  biscuit in the tree over hanging the police verander 


‘’Harry do you ever get sick of stealing my biscuit’’   Frank spoke to the bird ‘’ No don’t look at me like that  ‘’ Bloody hell I should nick you ‘’


   The black and white bird sat back and fuffed his neck A deep sound of a bird call came from the tree The bird then looked at Frank below .


   All right don’t get volent Harry  smiled Frank


  Taking the buscut from the packet he broke it in half Then one at a time flicked the biscuit part down the verander


  A sound of wind like fluffering of feather  An instant of black and white colour The bird caught a biscuit half as it touched the floor Then both was gone


  A sound of swallowing  Then a rich bird like call of happiness came loud to Frank ears   A fraction of time ,another magpie call from down the street .


  Frank turned his head thinking “ So Mrs Harry is having breakfast at the chinise cafa rubbish bin  What an adventures bird   If Sam Wang the chinise cook catches you We be having black and white soup for a week “ 


  What a life A police man happiness  No crack houses to raid No moslems to disarm No horrible strange people  hurting children Just the bush People like my self piecefull  and who know the meaning of love Love is a gift You have to be a giver Then respect is given to you by others Respect of been a good person


  Frank looked at his hand Last time I hit someone  A drug dealer in KingCross What a horrible knife he waved at me Just reflex straight punch to his jaw. Well that’s life in the fast lane  But once one fights a boxing match after been taught by a pro. A knock punch is just reflex  Just like slapping a fly Respect is learnt very fast ither that or you get ones snout pushed in ,


   They were wild but good times . Were  are we all now.  Some dead ,some with family Some with grey hair .Some with no hair  I guess we all grew up  
STOP READING ............................


Frank’s Mobil phone rang again.  Frank look at at it again like it was disturbing his long deep intermit convocation with Harry the pet magpie

‘’Help Frank were are you It a bloody mess here Stupid miners are wrecking the place God he been sick again All over the counter  Frank help “

“Coming sweet girl  I am coming very fast”

Relaxing back into the squatters chair  he spoke to the magpie  When all is a mess but due to leave in a hurry Always be late and look at the damage Never arrive early and add to the damage  Frank look at the his black and white feathered friend perched on the veranda rail  The bird put his head on one side listening to Frank

Harry  are you thinking what I am thinking   Mine dam run off into our drinking water.  Missing cattle on land next to mine  Sick children Now sick miners Government trying to cover it tracks for been down right stupid .   My district inspector been dumb about this  Come off it Harry we are both been taken for fools


I think it time for me to be me a kick some up the butt

Harry  are you thinking what I am thinking   Mine dam run off into our drinking water.  Missing cattle on land next to mine  Sick children Now sick miners Government trying to cover it tracks for been down right stupid .   My district inspector been dumb about this  Come off it Harry we are both been taken for fools

I think it time for me to be me a kick some up the butt 

Reaching into the police station door He with drew a base ball bat He smiled at a thought of hitting a lout behind the ear with it Always worked wonders .With it, you got the last word in always  No were was Freddy the cattle dog?

He whistled the dog appeared from under the police station  and raced to his master

Pointing his finger at the dog “  To work Freddy ,bring your teeth “

The little red dog leapt high in the air and howled in delight

As he walked the street past a set of stairs A voice spoke

‘’You taking your shadow to work Frank’’ It was Bill an old shearer in jackey howl singlet sitting sunning himself on shop step

“ Couple of cane toads at the road house Bill

“ You better hurry then, Stephaney, I can hear from here ,telling them off. There all getting the bus Bloody over paid miners “

As Frank began to walk faster The miners bus with a crash of gears began to move  A heavy wine of overworked motor It rolled out in to the street with open door A miner inside was pointing at Frank  Then it turned and with engine scream and grating gears It turned away and began to drive away on the highway out of town.

As Frank leaned on the entrance door of the roadhouse cafa Stephney had a large mop splashing water and filth into a bucket two upturned chairs and a table cloth with vomit caught his eye

‘’Sweet Girl You make the best coffee in Queensland’’ Frank smiled at her 

She looked up at him Her look of savage was replaced with a smile only reserved for Frank.

‘’What kind of animal miners are. I make then a real good breakfast  Steak egg chips tomatoes Then he vomits it all up Basteds ‘’ 

‘’ You’re a conn artist Frank You always tell me about my nice coffee and my cooking She shock her long hair and pushed her fore lock back with her hand ‘’

Frank taking the mop from her , and rincing it in the bucket

‘’You have to be a good sort to make good coffee “

‘’Frank your naughty ‘’

As she went inside the kitchen ,she turned

Frank you’re a wasted man Any woman would kill to own you

Well um ,um

With Stephanie in the kitchen Frank took two  sample bottles Opening them and using a tea spoon to put in a sample of vomit in both  Screwing tight and putting 

them back into his pocket Then with the mop and bucket moped up the sick miners mess till the floor shone

“Frank you are naughty “Stephaney appeared with coffee mug and plate of steak eggs and chips. On top, a roasted tomato

‘’You sit and eat and I will talk “

She pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down in the deserted cafa.







It was after Stephaney lecture on Frank life That frank sat in the lawn at road house table  Car went by  The odd truck  with sheep crates of sheep Frank smelt the sheep smell of wool. A nostalgia swept over him from long ago Of a boy on a pony going to school from the farm The wheat crops and the harvesting , I been so privileged to have a life thought Frank. Then the army America Saw the world

But were is my heart thought Frank No it not kicking drunks up the bum after hotel hours Or screaming drug ridden kids from killing them selves. While they abuse at you about there rights  and kick you.

It of smelling fresh air Watching a crop grow and then it shimmers and moves in the wind ,in waves. It then, you feel proud of been a farmer. Of watching a mob of fat sheep in a mob contentedly eating fresh grass . That heaven

But I am a police man Just a police man with a gaping hole in my heart.  Why are farms so expensive now days No one makes money off them any more

Sweet Stephaney why did you have to remind me that I am human.

Picking up a discarded newspaper on the table next door he thought it should have blown away by thi time of the morning But it was a still hot dry night  The wind always was from the north and moist But south and east ,so dry Frank scratched his itchy tummy again Dry skin It all adds up to an another year of drought He thought of his Dads and Grandfather advice   Now they were a wise pair men of the land.

The country going to the dogs thought Frank  as he took in the first page.

Sydney house price rising and rising beyond the sky the paper beamed at Frank But the buying power of stagnant wages ,my own and other working people could not afford to pay off the front steps The farmer well his income was the same forty years ago in money terms But no buying power now with the dollar worth nothing.

I suppose I could go back to America But that work was for the young ,the wild child and at most times scary  But Frank smiled But I am still thought of  there. Rembering last week phone call from New York

That was touching

“Your Frank”

Startled from his dreams of memories .He looked up

A girl in a neat police uniform was standing before him .

“District Inspector Miles sent me to you for a month  Your my new Boss “

“You did not know I was coming” she said

Frank pushed out the garden chair opposite him . taking her chair ,she gave frank a envelope with a police crest  on it.

“I get you a coffee’’ said Frank

“It,s Debbe  No I have one coming, I was told that you were an old gentlemen”


‘’Old ‘’ choked Frank smiling.as he opened the documents.

Susie  looked at her class It was getting smaller Three were sick at there homes One was in hospital in Toowoomba. Meg her brightest ,was in another world and pale From the noise from Earnist  He was about to throw up his breakfast  just like dog ,vomiting on green grass All there grades were down The education department was not happy with the children work It reflected on the teacher.

Always the grades , The smart state the politicians screamed  What a pity we get another pay cut next week to

I wonder were my country boy is The hotel was starting to resemble a retreat for no hopers and if it was not for my wife I be famous That line I hear just once too much lately from useless men .

Oh please Lord find me my country boy who love and look after me and I have a big house farm and five children.

Bloody Hell Earnest is been sick No all over his desk and books and Rebecca next to him

The class erupted in screams and crys of Miss Earnest is sick My dress Rebecca was screaming and crying a horde of children throwing books to one side running for the door .

As she helped the eleven year old Earnest out side to the lawn

Don’t worry baby boy you just be sick and you feel better.

It those miners who have ruined our water It was hotel talk But each week it was gaining common sence She heard it had been told to the education minister in government who just laughed.

But this was serious Some one would die soon


What Frank doing about it He’s the police here Can’t he just arrest these miners

Frank look at his watch It was getting to that time of day Soon the school bell be ringing Snotface be looking left and right for his children to teach. The town was getting smaller The children who once came from  farms ,there numbers were dwindling,  Been a while since he saw a child on a pony riding to school Now it was miner’s children With the coal and gas wells taking over the farming county .Leaving huge holes and poison underground water for people to drink

Our leaders telling us it good for the Australian economy What a load of rot . Tell that to Terry the shearer Out of a job No sheep to shear. Wool market collapsed by fighting amongst our leaders The one’s that won that mess Were paid the most money, paid in an envelope at the parliament wine bar Just corruptions.  Just destroying our children future

I loved nicking grubs in French suits Just missed the top grub to . but this is how one gets rewarded

Your too hot to handle Stop trying to nick ministers of government . The red face state police commissioner had told him

They pay my wages They want to put you were you can only up set normal people

We are putting you out in the cold Long way from were you can cause waves, Your going bush in another state. 

Well the who’s, who of the world still there But there butts were slowly getting fried and they were getting more savage . Even more savage because he ,Frank could not be touched

People are criminals and a bad past. Never go smiling to there grave thought Frank.

As frank walked to the school yard looking for strange cars Or strange people looking at children A group of mothers in a group at the school gate called to him a welcome hello .

Soon he was talking about children sports ,The high cost of living and what dirty rapist had been locked up in Brisbane.

As the school bell went The mothers began to disperse at the front gate .

Frank began to think What if his life was different What if he had not been so adventures His children be going to a school like this in the country  A girls face from the past came to him May even been an american school

A small flock of parrots landed in a gum tree Calling and coring Then gutturals sounds as they tore in to the tree foliage

Thank God some things never change Though Frank  The new police girl may be right, I am an old man Just biding time till I to fall of my peach He looked at a dead parrot rotting at the foot of the closest gum tree.

But not today ,duty calls

Looking down at his red cattle dog who was looking at the dead bird

‘’No Tiger don’t even think of it, No tiger, I do not want you to bring it home, that’s smelly.

His little dog looked at Frank in expression of been caught in an act of a terrible crime Then smiled The smile, that always took Frank heart. Leaning down, Frank scratched the little dog head as the dog lay down at Frank feet.

‘’Headache tomorrow with new girl on the beat, Tiger , I wonder how big a pain the bum, she be’’  he looked his little dog in the eye

“You want to bite a pig ,piggey

His little dog ears springing up , began to woof at him

Lets find Allan Tohey cows They wont go too far, grass too good in that paddock Tiger

Tiger leapt into the air in glee at the thought of going bush

The sun had climbed into the early morning Driving his police van into Allan’s bottom paddock He was examining the water trough which was empty of water

Cattle don’t drink air Could this farmer be that stupid. He took note of the bull dozer track Knowing Allen did not own a bulldozer 

Calling Tiger who was barking and scratching at a hollow log

‘’Tiger come here .Can’t you read snake tracks that a big python in that log. Not a bloody lizard . Tiger come here, silly dog  .’’ Tiger look at his master in as he would look at a cockroach

‘’Tiger come here ‘’

Tiger with one last look at the log ,raised his back leg and with a stream of urine in to hole in the log

‘’Tiger I going to kill you , get in to the car’’

Looking at his master ,them running and leapt into the open car window Then sitting on the seat with look of hurry up boss We both miss our lunch .

A short drive along the back fence following the rough bulldozer track.  Frank saw the imprint of heavy equipment tracks  The miners are taking a short cut across this farm thought Frank 

Bloody hell look at that Tiger “ Frank was amazed The bulldozer has gone straight throw the fence ..Fence post lay side ways and broken curled wire lay on each side of the road  The mining camp lay on a ridge a kilometer away with the bull dozer track leading straight to the camp

Then Frank saw the cattle tracks on going through the opening

Now that odd, tiger There a week old and all heading out Why have they not come back to good feed on the farm. Be water in the swamps let go and have a look

Then Frank saw the cattle tracks on going through the opening

Now that odd, tiger There a week old and all heading out Why have they not come back to good feed on the farm. Be water in the swamps let go and have a look

  As Frank drove through the opening of the fence watching the week old cattle tracks .he radio the base in Toowoomba  The voice from headquarters told him that police were not allowed on the land Permission had to be obtained from the mining company  The state minister had made the ruling

 To which frank asked and what if federal law was broken Not state

“Frank your been difficult I only trying to keep my job , Please Frank find a old lady and nick her’’

This is getting interesting thought Frank

With his eyes on cattle track and one eye on rocks bushes and a fallen tree as he slowly drove

His other hand found a leather box under his seat. Out of it he took a throwing knife  An automatic pistol  The next he lay a Uzi  machine gun on his lap  He inserted the magazine into the weapon

Never be too careful he thought.

As the trees gave way to the swamp It was silent .Nothing moved . No ducks No birds  The scrubs trees gave way to a green hole filled with a blue alga A smell of death filled the air

A half eaten cow came into been  A bore pig looked at Frank  before turning and falling over

Some thing smells here thought Frank

Even the air smells of rotting death If fact I can smell it .

Frank began to wonder

The swamp came into view

Blue water with gray splotches came into view

Rotting carcasses of wild animals going grey in the water

Frank saw the missing cattle They lay in death were they took there first drink just as far ass  the eye could see there bloated carcasses Some lying were they dropped Some had tried to leave Only a few steps then falling ,legs apart  Death had been quick and sudden  A calf moved standing close to a form which she loved

A loathing and hatred came to Frank As he took photo after photo of the dead animals 

Then walking amongst the dead  .he was white with anger.

No Frank this will cost you your job But man who runs this state and barks like dog A pro mining leader and his government can not be allowed to get away with this

Now who owes me a favor in channel seven He took his iPhone


Move over Tiger he got back into the police car The little dog sensing his anger licked Frank face

Reversing out of the scrubby wooded area of the swamp he drove towards the fencing opening some half mile away

A Toyota truck was blocking his path in the opening of the boundary fence.


Then Frank saw the cattle tracks on going through the opening

Now that odd, tiger There a week old and all heading out Why have they not come back to good feed on the farm. Be water in the swamps let go and have a look

  As Frank drove through the opening of the fence watching the week old cattle tracks .he radio the base in Toowoomba  The voice from headquarters told him that police were not allowed on the land Permission had to be obtained from the mining company  The state minister had made the ruling

 To which frank asked and what if federal law was broken Not state

“Frank your been difficult I only trying to keep my job , Please Frank find a old lady and nick her’’

This is getting interesting thought Frank

With his eyes on cattle track and one eye on rocks bushes and a fallen tree as he slowly drove

His other hand found a leather box under his seat. Out of it he took a throwing knife  An automatic pistol  The next he lay a Uzi  machine gun on his lap  He inserted the magazine into the weapon

Never be too careful he thought.

As the trees gave way to the swamp It was silent .Nothing moved . No ducks No birds  The scrubs trees gave way to a green hole filled with a blue alga A smell of death filled the air

A half eaten cow came into been  A bore pig looked at Frank  before turning and falling over

Some thing smells here thought Frank

Even the air smells of rotting death If fact I can smell it .

Frank began to wonder

The swamp came into view

Blue water with gray splotches came into view

Rotting carcasses of wild animals going grey in the water

Frank saw the missing cattle They lay in death were they took there first drink just as far ass  the eye could see there bloated carcasses Some lying were they dropped Some had tried to leave Only a few steps then falling ,legs apart  Death had been quick and sudden  A calf moved standing close to a form which she loved

A loathing and hatred came to Frank As he took photo after photo of the dead animals 

Then walking amongst the dead  .he was white with anger.

No Frank this will cost you your job But man who runs this state and barks like dog A pro mining leader and his government can not be allowed to get away with this

Now who owes me a favor in channel seven He took his iPhone


Move over Tiger he got back into the police car The little dog sensing his anger licked Frank face

Reversing out of the scrubby wooded area of the swamp he drove towards the fencing opening some half mile away

A Toyota truck was blocking his path in the opening of the boundary fence.

  Three heavy tattooed men in colours of motor bike gang stood waiting for him One stood over a cricket bat . One with a Winchester rifle The third was swaying as if he was about to throw a punch His manner was, that he was here but his mind was not .

   The little cattle began to growl

A soft click as the Uzi was cocked It barrel was resting on the open door window

‘’Tiger , I think these boys think there hot They need there bums spanked’’ Frank whispered to his little dog who was growling with anger ,White froth in corner of his mouth

The police car halted behind the Toyota ute.  The bikie wearing a knuckle duster stept forward

“You mongrel cop, Your going to get your gizzards slit”

“Go ahead , make my day” softly spoke Frank raising the Uzi machine gun at him

The bikie froze in mid stride His cruel featured of madness, disappeared replaced by uncertainly His eyes wide

  “How good is your luck ,son “

Frank whispered to the bikie who was still cradling his rifle

A soft thud as the cricket bat fell to the ground The second bikie began to raise his hands

The gun man looked side was at his mate raising his hands A Winchester repeater fell to the ground

Frank spoke “Just ten yards back wards .,boys  ,move “

A glance side ways from the gunman to the madman

The right arm move a blur A small pistol appeared in his hand A tat tat Frank machine gun The mad man arm jerked throwing the weapon side ways

Screaming he clutched his arm

“You were always a stupid boy Bruno “

A email voice rang out. Debbie stepped out of the shadows of tree foliage .Stepping up to Bruno ,Savagely, she rammed the shotgun butt into his kidneys .He screamed again and falling to his knees . Running her hand down his leg. She withdrew a long knife  ,and then from his pocket, she took a packet .

“Your back on ice Bruno, What a naughty boy ,Your nicked.”

A blur of red speed A red dog flashed by Frank and with rage of smelling blood and excitement Tiger  locked on to Bruno bloody arm The screaming began again 

You tell Frank what you did th the Christant boy. He was only three years old and you raped him in Redfern , Big brave man, you scum

A thud as she rammed the butt of her shot gun in to Bruno kidneys again He fell from his knees to the ground  Tiger began to bit, chew and tear at the bloody arm. Bruno screamed again.


‘’Talk to Frank , Basted ‘‘She whispered with venom. With one knee on Bruno  back ,she pulled his head by his hair, to face Frank Who was looking at them both with amazement

Tiger jaw bit deep Bruno screamed then began to cry ‘’The kid was fighting me he would not let me’’

‘’He was only three you animal’ snarled Debbie

Tiger jaws crunched again as the little dog ripped a muscle from Brine arm

You groomed him and his mum When you had them in your control you had your pleasure

Bruno shock his body in horror of tiger’s attack , Tiger fell sideways .Then in a bound has Bruno neck in his mouth hold. A chocking sound .

‘’Tiger get off him Tiger stop it Are you a bloody canaball “ Frank screamed at the small dog’

The big Italian bikie ,looked at Bruno with as you look at a filthy cockroach. 

Frank mind clicked He has read about  him His face clicked  A murder of a paedophile in a prison by inmates  Took three day to die Never proved or wanted to be proved  This man an Italian mafia character was responsibly But been Italian It was his belief in family and children first which led to the murder . Big Ail was always good to his word, If you up set Ail .You got a bashing or your throat cut

Now here, he was  with his mate in crime  Johnny snake bite Very venomous snake bite Frank had seen his results in the Redfern cementary,

‘’Johnny what are you doing here  Its a long way from Darling harbor’’ asked Frank

‘’Just a visit visit Frank, Good money to fix a problem here’’ Ail spoke

‘’You two always did charge a lot ‘’

‘’We are the best on the market ‘’

‘’Some one touching these miners for a quid ‘’

‘’So you and young Tony  been shown around by Brino here’’

‘’Bruno an’t my mate any more ‘’

‘’What happened to your boy Tony ‘’

“He a good boy now Frank Needed your kick up the bum He going to university now Be a doctor soon “

“Be up set like his Mum When  I go back to prison.”

“Why should you go to prison  Tony ? “

“Don’t be smart Frank You going to do us for drugs guns and attempt bashing of police “

“Am I  But you were here shooting kangaroos  and Tony you were going to hit the wounded on  the head  “

“That right Ail ?  That’s right Tony ?  A bush drives to look at the pigeons.   Am I right boys .”

Tony nodded ,Ail , a sigh of relief

“Debbi please get in the car “A quick glance “A girl smouldering with anger  “

“Tiger the car please Now  “

Tiger looked at his master as if to say I was just having fun, He again bit Brino on his ribs

“Get him off me The dog is mad “ a scream from the bloodied man

“Tiger I kill you “whispered Frank

“Debbie I am your Sergeant , Get in the car “

Debbi looked  at Frank between eyes of blazing eyes of anger Then she went and sat in the police car slamming the door

“Ali just think of that poor little boy screaming in pain fear then slowly dieing as your Brino took his pleasure   You look after him real good Ali  He your mate Ali “

Both men looked deep in to each other eyes and understood  The code of the mafia was broken  The old mafa code business was business and children were family Family was sacred

“Cheers Ail  Cheers Tony  “ smiled Frank

The police car drove around the Toyota ute and out of the fence opening and toward the small


Debbie looked at Frank  “ Woff Woff  ,Bloody dog has more rights than me “ she paused “ I had some some  mongrels partners in the force ,but you take the cake

After some minutes of driving  in silence , to the main road ,Toowoomba to Brisbane .One could cut the air between Debbi and Frank

A speck appeared in tha air and became to take shape

“On time as usual. We cut it fine to get it out of there That ‘s the channel  seven news helicopter , I do not want to be on the front page news  tonight .’’

“What are you talking about , sergeant “ asked Debbie

You took the little boy very personally Debie”

“I was on the case  and we could not pin it on that basted to stand up in court’’

“His wanted face is pinned on every notice board in town thanks to the school office” spoke Frank  Toowoomba  police warned me yesterday  My spys  would warn me if he surfaced in town

“Spies “ Debbie looked at Frank

“The school children there country kids, they miss nothing ,I am proud of them “ grinned Frank

Debbie looked at Frank very closely

“Now the big bikie is wanted in Europe for thieving and murder drugs and extortion But he was with the killing in Bosna  The United Nations  want him for war crimes His mate ,the Americans want him for murder drugs and gun running But he up  set congress by bribing and blackmailing two congress men  “

“Now Ail has principals It family ,old time mafia principals Family is sacred  He took three days to kill a child molester in prison in Sydney two years ago  No one wanted to prove it So we let him out  He been smart enough not to get caught since.”

“So were are you leading me Debbie “frowned at Frank

“Your mate Bruno ,by now they be cutting his throat, and be digging a shallow grave . Now  with channel seven helicopter filming every  thing  The mines putting poisoning run off into killing wild life and fifty head of the farmers cattle , Now to film a killing from the air The journalist get an Logie for that ,

“Heads will roll in our police department and a minister will loose there job and one child paedophile just vanishes”

He smiled at Debbie with happiness 

“You  and I Debbie were never there , We know nothing  and we are still in town nicking old ladies for walking there walker  in red lights”

‘’There no traffic lights in town It too small ‘’ Spoke Debbie smiling shyly

‘’That right, and never up set any old lady in town .I never had to buy smoko , Always an invite for scones  They love you They find you a husband in two days ‘’

A moment of silence 

Frank “ Debbie asked  ‘’ You do not work as a police man “

‘’Ay “ asked Frank

“You work like MI5 secret service , You dog is MI5 So silent ,dangerous”

As Tiger lay on her lap ,she scratched his tummy

“Dose dangerous dog want a bone ‘’ Tiger ears shot up  as Debbie cradled him .Kisses his nose.

The small village of homes of there town came in to view

“I will drop you at the motel , for the night we find some were to live in tomorrow”  said Frank

“I have to camp under the tree in the motel garden  “ whispered Debie

“Hay  “Frank turned to Debbie A look of concern from Tiger

“It ‘s booked out for next three days “ came a begging whisper

“Oh ; well “thought Frank

But your house has four bed rooms and I am only a small girl

“Oh ur ,oh Well, Oh bloody hell , Oh my God  “

I am good at washing dishes 

“Ho hell “ thought Frank

“I cooked roast lamb .....               with chille sauce”  Debie smile was wicked

  Yabbies with garlic and red wine for tea tomorrow night

‘’Tonight’’ thought Frank

“Mutton chops with boiled vegitables and mint sauce “

Mummmm  thought Frank

As they past the first houses and the motel  of the village

“My house first on the left ‘’ pointed Frank

“May I call you Deb “asked Frank

“Yess dear  and I can call you Frank”

“Yess dear “thought Frank

‘’Dear that word ,dear ,will come after the bottle of red and the yabbies ‘’ giggled Deddie

Unloading Debbie at the house he watched her walk up the path She did have a cute butt ,nice long leg . If one could put up with her, there just could be side benefits 

You’re getting naughty again Frank he thought

I better go and wave my flag I am there for business at the police station.

All that paper work I get from Brisbane Now there a thought Debbie may be good at that as well   Frank life is looking up

A ringing of Mobil phone came to him

‘’Earnest  what happening  with your bomb’’

‘’Your sure no  bomb squad from Brisbane?  ‘’

‘’No firemen ?  ‘’

‘’Why ?  ‘’ Frank began to think.

‘’There found a McDonald packet on car in Toowoomba. There only one bomb squad on duty now .Cut back in resources Some hoon thought the packet contained a explosive device. There waiting for the mechanical dog to come from Brisbane, to defuse it.  What if it is a big mac hamburger?

‘’Dog eats it  It’s modem technology’’ spoke Frank

‘’The fire engine won’t come to put water on it, because there running in to over time They have to have flame to be called a fire , They tell me there fireman.’’  Added Earnest.

‘’I did my calculation on it There two toms of T.N.T. sitting twenty yards from my office Earnest told Frank’’

‘’Where are you ‘’ asked Frank

‘’In my office having a whisky ‘’

‘’Well it got to blow up ,as it get hotter,  today and take most of the town with it’’ Frank spoke.

‘’The miners were supposed to shift it this morning’’

‘’I rang them, it goes to a call center in India ‘’  Earnest sounded defeated.

‘’Earnest is that big council loader still there? ‘’

‘’Yes’s mate’’ Earnest scratched behind his ear

‘’What will I do Frank ‘’

‘’Well mate take you self, and whisky bottle and go on your push bike and hide in the scrub as far as you can ride ‘’

‘’I am coming out Now you just …..  ’’ Frank told him.

‘’I just ring the union’’ spoke Earnest with confidence.

‘‘Earnest, Just get out of there That a police order  Please do it’’ , Frank screamed at him

Diesel oil and urea. Two ton of now, high explosive Getting hot in the sun A mushroom cloud and a big bang The cod fish would not bite for a month in the creek and yabbies’ would not come out of there holes for another month  Man will starve . Frank thought

His inspector had said nothing too good for you Frank We be always there to help you

Bloody inspector too busy helping himself to the wine in the police canine

Hope Debbie enjoys my share of the mutton chops tonight She be eating by herself’

Come on Frank It what you joined up for The community needs you But at times, You do not need it

He looking wistful drove the police car to the railway station

Looking at the deserted office. Three open railway wagons faced him There boxed strewn on the ground and half empty in the wagon.  Walking over to the forty four gallon fuel drum, he touched it . It was empty, some five feet away lay the huge bag of urea,

The bag side was soaked from the ground to the top with diesel fuel All four feet by five of squashy explosive charge.

Looking up in to the tree covering the rail way station a pee wee chirped It black and white brought a happy but lost feeling to Frank heart 

In the local paper, thought Frank, would write. One farming town damaged taking the lives of the local police serpent and a pee wee in the big bang.  No terrorists were responsible ,Only stupidly A funeral service will be held for the bush bird at local church. Har Har Har .  When do I laugh?


Pushing the bag at the top, gently with his finger. It was soft and diesel oil driped from his finger Laying his hand on the huge bag

Looking at the bag bottom was two foot pool of diesel surrounding it. But the surrounding was of a soft soil mixed with sand

Frank looked at the council low loader and stroked his chin.

Walking around the loader he looked at the big bucket

Thinking about a film he seen called “One minute to midnight “ It ended in a big bang as well But the hero ended up the girl . Why was true life not like Hollywood, I wonder will Debbie look after Tiger . They both like each other, Well Tiger dose know, who to be nice to, to get a rump steak

Frank stop thinking been sorry for yourself Just do it

Yess Frank just take a big breath before you kill your self

He stepped up in to the driver’s seat

Putting his hand pulling out switch wires behind the instrument panel He joined up two of them Then he got down and tugged a leaver on the fuel pump Taking his service revolver with the barrel he crossed the terminals with it’s barrel  The engine weased and gasped ,Then fired, found life Then settled in to even revs. 

What else did his farm boy past teach me thought Frank

Now Frank action, thought Frank   Then bang

He let the clutch off slowly Moving with speed of sick ant, the council loader approached the explosive bag.

A clap of helicopter blades filled his ears . Looking up frank saw the channel seven helicopter over the railway car park

This journalist is going to get two loges  in one year What a greedy bugger Frank ponded

Dropping the bucket at angle to the moist fuel laden earth  in front of the urea bag He slowly let the loader go forward inch by inch. The bucket slowly going under the ground about four inches then going forward ,Slowly through the earth  just five inches under the bag

Then as  reality slipped in to timeless as you watch a accident in slow motion

Frank gently lifted the bag a foot above the ground Then gently playing the clutch The loader crept for the creek forty yards away

Time was measured in each thump of Frank heart, He heard nothing but numb from the outside world. Each yard the creek became closer. Just the thump of the diesel engine of the loader and the louder thump of franks heart.

Slowly, the creek came to Frank. A gurgle as the bag ,enter water followed by the front wheels of the loader  Then as the water rose to the loader engine.The water rose rose  to the seat of the loader But it still chugged on

The diesel soaked urea bag went deeper and deeper in to the water. Just lapping the bag top,as he cut the engine and watched the bag explosive go under in a swish of water 

Been numb and lost all sense of feeling He stumbled and splashed into waist high water  As he stumbled ashore and fell on the sand

‘‘You did it Frank A voice from far away came to him’’

‘’Drink this’’

A whisky bottle was thrust in to his hand

Fire of sprit in his throat,  a warmth in his middle

Reality came to Frank He was not in heaven But still on earth

‘’Earnest what are you doing here, You should be hiding in the scrub’’

Earnest handed Frank a cigarette and took a swig from the bottle.

I gave up smoking eighteen years ago Thought Frank  I suppose you never to old to start again

The chatter of helicopter blades made him looked up  Earnest waved   The camera man leaned out of the helicopter side door giving both of them thumbs signal

‘’I am in the scrub’’ said Earnest ’’ You fool “

Frank look up a crane was just coming land and noisy parrots chatted in the trees Five ducks floated past the loader On the other side a cow and calf was watching them A thump thump as three red kangroos hoped in to drink

“I think I am silly “said Frank

“Must be in the breeding, cousin “ Earnest winked at Frank and laughed.

The two sat on the creek bank of sand , talking softly and sharing the whisky bottle

Earnest became thoughtful ” I found this in the mail bag yesterday”

 He handed Frank the open packet, Putting in his hand in ,Frank with drew a Glock magazine for a police pistol.

‘’Now look at the sender’’ Frank looked the packet then at Earnest.”{ Last night news’ same address in Sydney .Book shop been sending money to Islamic in Syria’’  Earnest paused.

“The sealed diesel drum seal been tapped with .The fuel drum bung finger loose , They have turned it up side down next to the urea bag. I not that stupid. “said Earnest  looking at a kingfisher on a branch.

Frank was looking at Earnest with intent astonishment

‘’Could this be a trial run to blow up my railway station? Trains go through Sydney Central Platform Thousands of people get on a train at once in underground station.’’

Earnest looked at Frank  Who had closed his eyes in horror

‘’My phone wet can I burrow yours ‘’asked Frank

Earnest handed him his Mobil

‘’American embassy’’ the phone voice

‘’Australian security  area unit signing’’ in said Frank

Then Frank read out a short code

Putting his finger to his kips sssssssus   and looked at Earnest

He began to talk

Putting down Earnest phone he wiped his eyes .

Earnest lets have a quirt beer at the pub We both deserve it My shout We have been so lucky

  It was a grey end to a cold day As the Australian Prime Minister look out his window of his front lawn of the Lodge. The phone call came through from the American Secretary of State. The Prime Minister listened and murmured approval His last words were ‘just get the basted” He smiled at his wife who was hurrying him up for dinner at the Dutch Embassy.

  It was dark with rising moon still under the tree at the mining camp

  The S.A,S went in first, In black camouflage  Behind  them the Australian Federal Police Nothing sais and no sound

 Only a owl in the tree saw it al.l The darken figures silent like ghosts, going in to the men's anf women's dormatorys A shout them muffled sound A thump then silence

 Lights were switched her and there The police van drove up and out came the miners dragged with some shocked and other foul language at been manhandled.

 Plain clothes police followed A us embassy van drew up A unkempt man with Islamic looks was thrown in .A plain clothes man holding a short barrel machine gun “ He wanted us to live in hell, No he can go and live in his own hell ‘’ The Texan accent was out of place in the outback bush

A wombat in his hole on the outer mine fence, feeling a little worried found a deeper part of his hole to sleep in

An hour later an American small passenger jet, took off from the Toowoomba country airport bound for  San Francisco

In the darken sky just a red dot of jet exhaust.

Peace again in the Australian bush. The madman were caught and gone.


Chapter  2 …………….

‘’Frank ,frank “ an excited voice of Debbie came to his sleep The sun had not come up but pastel pink of dawn had lit his room You on TV Get up, you a star Another bang on his door made his alarm clock and whisky bottle shake His hat fell from the door

Still trying to fight sleep he staggered into the living room and falling to a chair. Debbie in blue jeans and spotted blouse has eyes only on the TV. Aerial shots of dead dying cattle and run of poisen from dam and a council loader with a huge bag approaching a creek.

Then a news flash .The Australian Prime minister, a news interview, He was announcing a major terrorist plot to kill a thousand Australian at the Sydney had been caught in the act Police had arrested madman and Islam theorist at a mining sight in central New South Wales .

Debbie turned and looked at Frank.

 “You told me nothing last night. Frank Just gobbled your mutton chops, drank half a bottle of wine and talked a lot of poof “

‘Well um I thought nm “

‘’Frank, you’re a pain the bum “

“ I am your partner, Frank “ Debbie in desperation

‘’Um, I think um, I still asleep “

The ringing of the phone, Frank look at Debbie

‘’Please ‘’

‘’Naughty boy go back to bed’’

“ Your cleaning lady will answer your phone ,Honest Frank you have worse habits than my last husband”

A muffled answer came from Frank’s bed room” Least I be safe from you “

‘’Don’t push your luck sweetheart’’ Debbie,

 She looked at Frank bed room, with a wicked smile.

A minute later she stood at Frank doorway.  “ The district inspector want a full report on his table by lunch time . What you did and why yesterday.”

“Dose the fool not turn on the T.V.”

“Darling I was thinking of breakfast” came Frank voice.

“The word darling ,comes after good sex or wedding ring. Or you just brought a starving girl lunch”

“Or if the girl uses it, She is short of a quid, using charm about take all a man’s money from his wallet “

Debbie took a deep breath “No wonder you living by yourself, selling your dreams to yourself”

“Frank where do you keep the fry pan” spoke Debbie. “Like living with a small child, with you” she told Frank

 Frank Mobil phone rang again. He looked at it with pain.

Debbie took it from him and spoke to it.

Giving it back to him

Powers that be wish you to take a holiday break It the Queensland Police Commissioner They do not want you all over TV  They are sending up two officer from Toowoomba this morning .

‘We can go back to Brisbane “she added

“Well you can , I am going fishing” 

‘Were “asked Debbie

“Down the creek, Away from the world, I will sleep under the stars in swag “Frank spoke with happiness.

“Bugger” said Debbie

“I be in hiding, I sneak back here with bag of fish and pop them into deep freeze . At night , like the phantom”

“The yabbies’ are as big as state of origins footballers” a thought of happiness came to Frank.

Turning a sausages in the frying pan

‘’Never been fishing in the bush I always been a city girl, Worred about my lipstick  and….’’

Frank looked out the window” It a good day for fishing to , but we better move because there be a lot of news reporters here asking silly questions” 

Frank took his coffee out on to the front verander  As he pulled the table to him aand started to sit down

“Howdy partner”  the texas accent of log memory long ago

Coffee spilt

Frank looking at the big man with amazement.

“You got the son of a bitch Onely you could have done it Frank’’

A chair been pulled back As the secret service man with his huge westen hat sat down at Frank table.

“Been a long time Harry “smiled Frank .

‘’Lost touch with you’’

‘’Yess mate, Iraq was a small place at times ‘’ smiled Harry

Talking about you last week to the C.I.A director  about you he added

That mess in the White house if you had of not woken up We would have lost government  We would all in the outfit had out butts kicked. His love has touched you Frank

''Oh I thought I been given the sack'' 

''No mate your realy loved after last night '' 

''So'' asked Frank

''Top boy in ISAS in south east asia  There top money man in Syria , They may have to go back to cooking meals with camel dung. No money for gas now''

''Oh ,how , I not in the loop Harry “

''You got him last night, Frank''

''Oh “

''This mining company was formed in Amersdam No one could work who put the money up and were the money was going So we watched it  You were suppost to be hiding as things cooled down from that White house mess  So you then upset your state government in Sydney by nicking people AS usurall two close to the top So you were sent bush out in the cold

But this mining company was here So we in Washindon pull strings on your on your state police force and put your  close to the mine

Knowing your nature Frank We knew you get bored and kick some one up the butt We were listning for the squeak.

So Frank you never been out of the game Full pay and worth every cent and the Australian tax men knows nothing. 

You one hell of a poker player  Harry

A deep belly laugh  You tought me partner  the skill of the game.

So were are you now in the outfit

I run Australia for the show now

That wonderfull Frank told Harry

I studied your methods of thinking Frank

Did it give you a head acke ? smiled Frank.

Debbie in police uniform appeared  with two coffee  Putting them on the table 

I hear nothing and see nothing 

Frank smiled and Harry laughed. 


They watched from the veranda as Debbie walked off to open off the police station

‘’Better her than me’’ said Frank ’’ some of the paper works is downright stupid. She can have that headache for me

“Nice legs “thought Harry

‘’You still have the wisdom of youth’’

‘’Oh what that’’ Harry looked at Frank who was braking his yabby shell, with a set of fencing pliers.

‘’All dick and no brains’’

‘’Bugger you Frank’’ his laughter and long

The two old friends sat and chatter The sheep in the distance came in too drink at the council trough the mothers watching there lambs worrying about an eagle. The farmers was worried about his money to run his farm from a wool clip and selling the wool An eagle sored high watching for a movement of a snake for breakfast The snake was watching for a mouse outside his hole for his breakfast.

The mouse he had dined on the farmers fowl food last night and was sleeping soundly.

So the living stranded of a land and this part of Australia depended on a fat lazy mouse.The C.I. A director at Langley spy headquarters in Washindon turned of the video chat in on his desk computer He leaned back in to his chair and thought then scratching his head thought again 

Harry, you may have just saved my butt, certain people in the state department were playing department politics again. He had not scratched someone useless back. Too many people he had kicked in the butt lately for not doing their work to high standard. They had been plotting again using this impossible problem as an excuse for every government department had a culture. But if that cultured upset the objectives of the business Then the business fails it job, and I have failed the job of running it

To me failure is not an option

Hiding nukes in bottom of watering holes for cows  John Wayne rides again . I like it . Very simple, very silly to hear first. But of great wisdom. But so simple The bottom line was very little cost.

Now to ask the secretary of state if he likes the idea But it the best one so far The last idea was to import the nuke in small parts. In bags of corn flakes breakfast cereal and assemble the nuke in Shanghai in a rented apartment building owned by a Chinese merchant who had an overdue bill in Washindion.

We pay gifted public servants in the armed services to think. My good we are all going to hell in a wicker toilet bowl owned by china. If the military train there top thinkers to think like them. As they are trained to think in a system. The system is flawed .Because the whole show was designed by a fool who was watching his but for a kicking from his superiors. Who were as stupid as he was.

Now the private line to the secretary of state . There so much phone hacking lately I think I go over and have a glass of bourbon whisky with the him. This news will make him happy. The best of all, we control everything.

Standing up from his chair. He walked to his shrine. A wooden shelf on the with his family and himself Photo of his unit in Vietnam, he with a submachine gun standing alone in another photo

Things were so simple then It was all the way with L.B.J.  lindon Johnson A war  A great war Vietnam . He too, suffered the a same fate as we did We lost the war with Vietnam and he lost the next election A generation of believers gone in a voting box.

Our belief was If someone else would not agree with you .You shoved a bayonet into their gizzards

But now, they have rights and we have to sit and talk out our problems Britain lost it empire over that stupidly. Sometimes a good nuking in time, would solve a lot of small problems Then there would not become big problems. Talking to those that give you a pain the bum. That cowardice under fire. Just attack and kick their  teeth in.

He reached out and touched the stars and stripes of the American flag. He clicked his heals Now that a habit from West point academy for officer, that was ingrained. Learning to duck things thrown at you for your principals That’s  real life.


moody as ghosts and goblins played hide and seek amongst darken tree trunks. A small bat flew by looking for sweet nectar of honey in a flower hidden deep in the trees.

A kangaroo drank his fill and was gone An owl took his first flight to hunt for his supper of the night coming.

‘’Oh Frank How big is you swag’’ Harry smiled in wicked thought

‘’There is a limit to our friend ship, you not sharing my swag with me tonight. You got a good bed at the motel” Frank looked at Harry, in what he was going to say next.

‘’You have a visitor tonight to “

Harry grin was of a naughty boy stealing apples.

‘’Hay’’ As Frank stabbed his finger with a hook.

‘’Stephaney is bringing out tea tonight for you She big game hunting tonight, Frank  You the lion and you’re going to be extinct by morning

Harry looked at his friend and laugh loud and long.

“How do you know? “

‘’I am a spy member’ you trained me. Just kept my ears on the ground picking up dirt and eyes open. It a small town everyone know everyone. What number lesson was that at spy school?   Ha ha ha ha ‘’

‘’Be nice to her as you pick her cherry in your swag tonight . Ha ha ha ha

Why do I need enemies when I have friends like you” Frank face was shock

‘’But she only a girl “Frank spoke

‘’That you problem Ha ha ha ha’’

Frank phone rang He listened, then slammed, then put it down

‘’One day Harry I am going to kill you That Stephaney on her way ‘’said in horror

‘’Harry don’t leave me’’ 

‘’Harry stood up  Ha ha ha ha The lion of Iraq is in hiding  Ha ha ha ha’’

‘’See you here at ten tomorrow I bring some scorns’ I must try this Australian tradition’’

‘’Harry this woman will steal all our fish .Then eat the scorns”

“Frank the girl is in love, She want the fisher man , not the fish’’

‘’That is a scary thought’’ spoke Frank

‘’Ha ha ha’’ came from Harry as he stood up, to go back to town for the night.

Why do I have enemies I do not worry about, When my mates give me all my worries.


Stephaney was thinking of Frank as she slowly drove out of the small village. What was attracting about Frank He made you feel safe. He was a mystery at times. He had wisdom far beyond his years.  He was like my Dad who had seen a thousand cattle yards and each told different story. Like each story was chiseled on stone amongst desert sands. Then the shifting sand of time and stupidity hid and berried our wisdom So the next generation was a stupid as the last.

He made her feel safe and brought out the real me in me. With you around I feel a star.

Suzy was pondering the future of herself of the next week She sat in her deserted flat, her flat mate has left early to go back to her home in Brisbane It was to be a dull week with all children been educated for the week from the town over the poison water . They like her greeted the idea with joy because of a holiday , With parents mums and children missing from town. It was as dead as a that barking dog that died on it chain last week That was a mystery why it died. But all it’s neighbors were

happy and could sleep at night, bugger the dog she thought.

Week end to coming to.  My sister in Toowoomba is man hunting to . I wonder if it time to go to a night clubbing again. There must be a lonely decent man around some were .

I give anything for a hug with a good mate. Why are good men so hard to find .Most good men have left the bush No jobs and no money

Bugger, what a nice girl got to do

Even the local sergeant gone fishing He is single as well also a country boy to. He spend his leave wool classing with the local shearing team then judges rams at the local show Strange for a police man But I wish he give me a hug    MMMMMMum 

She opened her travelling bag and threw a spare set on jeans in with lady shirt . No I won’t take it. My yellow one nicer. She ponded for minute and not able to make up her mind.  threw in both  in the suitcase.

Big city here I come. Just cheer up my blues.


Just love, that what it all about. Just a man to love and be loved by .It doesn’t matter if our jobs or business are good or bad. If we have love .We have it all. Is that why we came to live on this earth for.

 A cow wondered on to the road in front of her . She blew her horn noticing it udders were full .She waited for the calf to appear from road way side bushes and follow her mother.

She thought of her mother and father . The little farm which they called home. The drought and floods The bad times But her Mother and Father were always there for each other They never had a cross word between the each of them. But always together, a lifelong union. It was engrained in to her Suzy dream.

A relationship must be stable. Commitment, great friend ship and two bloody minded people who would not let go of each other.

Stephaney, smiled I was so lucky to have them as my Mum and Dad

You brought home the pay from work, for love Dad To love my Mum.

It does not matter if the dream of successful in jobs or business does not come.

You have each other that’s love 

That’s me, it’s my roots

So why you are not marred Frank? , Come to think of it why am I not marred?

To love someone, You have to understand them 

What in your soul Frank. What tragedy has hurt you. You’re not a police man Frank, but a farm boy.

If you want to love this man, Suzy, hands off him .Until you work him out or you help himself, work him self out .

A little mob of sheep ran across the road with the lambs

Stopping she had memories of her pony and her Dad mustering the sheep to for the shearing So long and so far away, But so real. She could reach out and touch the memory.

Her bottom lip, dropped and she wiped away a tear.

As she turned off the main  road to the dirt road to the creek and water hole. She relaxed she was going home. In her mind, any were in to the country was her heart. The afternoon sun beat down and she noticed sheep going in to water a water trough  A kite hawk was watching for a disturbed grass hopper. A he circled in flight above the sheep each making their way into water. The ewes were calling to their lambs.

Soon a line of cooabars trees on a stretch of silver came in to view A creek of water, of life for all Seeing a police ute and a deck chair with a familiar figure resting in it . A distant wave of a hand

Stephaney was happy.

Driving to the water’s edge She parked







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