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So the dead headless china men was part of Chinese intelligence ,Not the China Mafia 

Was he a double agent working for the Federal Police?

Or was he just a causality of changing political whims in china

Some were Frank had heard a whisper in Washindon . but a whispers usually come with a dozen whispers ,all different. Just be warned the roses, have thorns.

So why was he to be killed?

Then come to think of it why did they want to kill the Chinese atomic scientist?

Now that a strange email. An order from the general who becoming a pain the neck to us over there islands China .  They clamed as their own.


There worried that this aging scientist may talk to the Americans So he goes on a hit list 

What this email   You have failed us and you know what to expect with not carry ing out your orders

Military command, this mad general again.

Where is Frank anty terrorist group and how much do the Americans know.?

Find Frank .

Frank felt his chin and thought.

A voice and a soft kiss to his cheek .

‘’Dinner is served, darling ‘’

A lady in a short sexy blue dress and long legs of controlled passion put her arm around him

‘’One minute sexy legs’’ grinned Frank

With speed of a computer whiz kid, Frank hit the button that sent every file  to Washindon .

Some one very close to the top in this country going to get there butt fried by tomorrow morning

What the American Secretary of State does not know .He get very cranky, about when he finds out heads will roll. Mine it is safe for a while, least till tomorrow.

Taking Stephaney hand he led her to the table. Candles burned and love was in the air.


Soon gentles snores came from exhausted Stepheny Her love making had been a long while coming Relaxing here self she soon fell asleep. Her head on Frank’s chest A beaughtfull smile amongst the tear of joy that wet  Frank bear chest.

Frank mind was in over drive. The answer was in the mining site bust.

Harry ether you not telling me the story or no one in the C.I.A. has thought of it The answer to the problem is never what you can see. Or the most obvious to the eye The answer to this one is It there in front of it all .Are we two dumb to see it .Frank ponded

This is not a worry to me, but a mystery. It may be stress  to others But really do I give a hoot .Then there is this big Chinese hit man looking for me. I don’t think, he wants me to cook a bowl of rice for me Bugger it all, it costing me sleep . Can I solve it ?

Then ,there I.s.a.s. the mad Muslims.  Do they hold the key ?

I wonder ?

No if I look on computer on the hot air that been written from Syria .

Bugger you Frank. I do annoy myself. Frank scratched his fore head again

He rose gently from Stephaney bed and sat at her dressing room with his computer

Where is that sight which is run by a loony Sydney woman marred to that mad killer?

After of reading he looked at an article which made common sense.

Australia was now in the first stage of a Muslim take over. The country was going broke. And the leader ship was still in a mode of government of thirty years ago .The dries of the liberal party. Had destroyed the country farming party. They were the conserved country people ,who’s ran this country for a hundred years .The farmer and rancher  The dries liberals, under  the John Howard doctrine was selling everything in Australia that was bolted down to run the country. His had attempted to sell his grandmother as a sex slave to a Arab  sex slave dealer. But was returned to him as the sex slave owner had told him, that her use by date was half a century old.

Well that was the wispier on Friday night pub night out. The one proud farmers were destroyed and humbled and kicked in the gut like one would handle a drunken dog.

  There symbol of freedom there firearms were taken off every body, and those left who had found enough money to buy back there rights of having a fire arm. Had to gave up there money to the government, Then they found every one of them with a gun license was on a criminal file , A child molester had more rights than Australian farmer.

 Secondly the working class man was groomed by the A.B.C. the country broadcasting TV and radio. A group of mad radicals who were extremist, who stood for nothing Because they did not believe in anything ,or any one, They lived a land of toadstools and green goblins The good fairy had been raped and died of a broken heart long ago.

All the Muslims had to do was wait for the mess to fester and burst The Syrian extremists, who was the last stable force hanging around would be able to take over Australia without a shot been fired.

Just be wise brothers and sisters. Let the fools in Canberra. The back biters and fringe lunatic mentality be the main stream thought of every Australian. We Brother and sisters of the true God will inherit the land of plenty. We be invited in by the people to run the country for them.

So work quietly brother and sisters. Just get yourself into the civil service .Position of power and responsibly .Your already in the Promised Land. So in time .We will make it work with our visions and ideology.

Where did this fruit cake come from? Have they it been reading Tony Abbot and Bill Shortens mail? It is spot on in its thinking. But it makes sense and makes better sense with what been happening.

The country is going bankrupt But if these fools think Australia is going to be a push over for this rabble of camel molesters Then bring it on.

 Our leaders may be stupid.  But that up to the brain of the believer and what you think you believe in .

Leaders and we have to vote for them but my job is to take these fools out, that hurt normal people.


Softly, softly little monkey 

Catchy, catchy little monkey

So the horde of madman in Syria is reading Rugard Kippling between  meal brakes of shooting each other.

But it make sense, Frank thought fore warned is for armed .

The C.I.A must have a feeling, The A.S.I.O is a little close political to the silly factions, who tell the leader of Australia how to do their job. The rank and file ordered not to think But follow the leader of the faction ,who is brainless and thinking of more glory and prestige  for themselves., has ASIO lost it’s independce and now takes it orders from a political faction in the liberal party.

What a shit of a country, we have let it go to the dogs.

He look at Stephanys flawless body and going to her bed ,crawled in beside her, kissing her on the cheek and telling her he loved her.

work. Abuse of his mind and body for his love of his family and his wife and kids .

But in the real world .they the Australian farmer was just cannon fodder for Australian political for yesterday failed ideology of idiot politicians think up in claret drinking time during lunch. Canberra on both sides of the political divide. No one is two blind, he cannot see .But stupidity is in the breeding, can never be cured. Bad manners and been dirty can be cured by a kick in the rear end.

But are the rat bags and fruit cakes prepared to waist their lives by dying for their failed ideologies.  In Span are countless grave yards fill with fools who died for their belief. The Spanish civil wa.r A savage brutal war which disemboweled a two generation of the country youth.

Will it happen in Australia or as the new idea is to buy a unit on Indonesian island .. Live on the pension and say screw my basted overpriced Australia.  Such a lucky country. but so unlucky to to have useless basted political thinking  in fairy land at the garden bottom ,and drinking with the fairies.   Basteds thought Jack .

He braked suddenly to avoid the three kangaroos, which jumped on to the road side from the bushes. A crow high in the sky dropped like a stone, because of the disturbed grass hoper from the pasting of Jacks car.

  The sight of Warren Trust, our great farm leader on TV news, last was sickening chatting to reporters Standing there with a farm shotgun .A gun which would help every grain and sheep farmer in Australia Surrounded by oversupply of pigs wild dogs and thieving birds eating his grain before it gets to market .         The only thing in the John Howard gun laws helped was himself, as leader he dreamed of absolute power .The Libs have total power in the country. The gun laws ruined the Country part of politics Half of National party members walked out.  Only the old, the inept and gar gar were left sobbing tears for what was When the world was young Since then a stench of rotten was airborn. With only the criminal left with weapons. The liberal party said we can buy all food off other countries. We do not need you ,the farmers .So our dollar goes down and no one can afford to buy food and we are all been sent broke by stupidly.

Sadly there is nothing one can do As a political party is loses the flavor of the month. The extremist take over and all moderates get back stabbed. But it’s the moderates, who are the party strength .Well by the look of the land around Lomgreach  and the cattle and sheep country We are now the white trash of South East Asia The liberals who screwed the national party for for power . No one in the county minds the Liberals  To a country person to say hello to a city liberal, is to say hello to a monkey in a zoo. You just hope, he goes to the opposite cornor of the room to scratch him self  and shed his flees .

As Jack turned off the main Toowomber road to the water hole He thought Frank. I hope you got new idears because I have not,

As Frank turned in Stepanys bed over her shoulder, he spied a a newspaper with his favorite hotel The hotel’ A favorite for to police to drank in.  

A Chinese company men bought it murmed Stephany .Brought out it’s own cook from China .The food is yunne 

‘’What a chinamen ‘’asked Frank in amazement

‘’The food is nealy as good as you…..’’ Stephany lent over to kiss him between his legs

‘’Chinamen been buying a lot of hotels lately. The pub next to the air force base was bought up as well and the Chinese cook as well works there A few seconds went by as Stephany kissed him between his legs  again.


Suddenly Frank limbs and arms moved all directions like drowned man  Sanity of mind had hit him From the shadows of confusion and wondering what if’s  He saw the big picture.

Grabbing his phone he dialed ,

“Your off duty darling” whispered Stephany

“Boss here’’ the phone answered .

Frank spoke ….. .

‘’I run a check on those basteds Get back in ten minutes This is stuff for the A.S.I.O. Frank ,it’s Australian security. They should already know it ‘’

‘’So what there trouble’’ asked Boss

“Is  A.S.I.O. playing politics again ? “asked Frank

‘’The director term is nearly over’’ spoke Boss ‘’ He wants his job back and is playing up to the Liberal cabinet. There run by the dries,. John Howard’s mob of clones’’

‘’Where is Prime Minister Abbot on this ‘’asked Frank

“Trying to play the whole lot of diseased mongrels off against each other. I think he is the good bloke with ministers who are spoilt children. Trying to keep peace. But a country cannot be run like this. To be nice to wims of the fools in parlement. The country is been driven on a one way trip to the rubbish heap’’

“So nothing gets done “added Frank

“But I do rember the hotel next to our largest air force in Queensland the Chinese buying it. I will find our who own it, as well. It stinks Frank, Some were is a rotting rat very dead.”

“Bloody water buffalo very dead’’ laughed Frank

“How is Sydney “

‘‘Usual lot of dead drug user turning up. Twenty dead this morning in our Redfern. Bad dope, our Border Force is getting good at the game.  They caught three big drug suppliers  at sea, last week. So this week there a shortage in the town, price going up.  The next dealer I find, I just get him and bash…… I am getting very pissed off Frank “

‘’You just hold on mate we are getting very close to the top here’’ Frank thought allowed

‘’It a morbid mess here in the trenches’’ spoke Boss

‘’Trust me’’ said Frank

‘’Thanks Frank, I been running out of trust lately’’

‘’Cheers mate’’ Frank added

From her pillow, Stephany asked “ Tell me Frank when you  make love, Why are you all ways on duty as a police man.’’


‘’It it me your Stephany, You make love to me, like you just not here at times ‘’

‘’Now just hug me ‘’ Stephany told Frank

She curled up with her arms around him, her head on his chest

The clock ticked, the owl in the outside tree watched for his dinner, the mouse. A goanna had it head into the rubbish bin .A rat ran by and a tree branch fell in a silent drop.

Over head the moon watched all, and missed nothing.

Frank phone gave a ping, as a message came from Inspector Boss as the clock struck a time in the late darkness.

Chinese hotel buying is brought by different lot of shelf companies owned by Chinese gangster in Shanghai   Ho he is also protected by federal police. Can’t touch him The small picture frame of Franks iPhone read to him.

Cannot touch him Thought Frank But I know who can Thought Frank

In a park in Wahindon ,a phone ran in a man’s pocket

“Harry here” came the voice from Franks phone


A dinner in Canberra  A dozen member of world diplomats Silver table ware waters in black and white The prime minister was relaxing with his staff thinking of the rowdy day at parliament, he smiled as his plate of beef and vegetable soup was served from the soup tourin . He reached for the bread roll.

A security aid whispered in to his ear .

‘’Sir .a phone call from the the presented of the United States  Sir;’’ the aid looked at the Australian prime minister eye a moment longer ‘’ He is not happy This is not a social call ‘’

The prime minister looked at his aid in astonishment and slugged his shoulders. Like in a kindergarten, a fat child gets the blame for eating the classes prize fruit cake. Which the class had  cooked for the school show.

The clock was ticking on the darkened book case. Stephanys room was a darken place of happy shadows

A mouse ran by into the kitchen. A cockroach crawled from a carport edge. A night bird looks in to the window, at a plate of Stephany”s fruit cake.

A murmur A vibration, Franks phone turned red .

Harry the distant voice spoke

‘’So you think the Prime Minister going to play for time ,because the dries in the Liberal party will chuck him out if he makes a captain pick with a hard line with the Chinese. But within days the Australian American alliance will be comprised by Chinese intelligence ‘’

‘’Now if the American force make a move against the Chinese intelligence as we take out the gangsters out.’’

‘’There two aircraft off Sydney .with three thousand troops and helicopter ready ,to  bust up these Chinese gangs The State Department  just told me to do it. Just go in and hit the hotel and gangster hide outs from the air. Over in an hour Before any one in the press wake up.  All prisoners to be taken back to the US and integrated on board the aircraft carrer in international water.’’

‘’Harry it bring down the Australian government ‘’

‘’So I live in America’’ laughs Harry

‘’But I get the blame’’ said Frank

‘’The democrats love you here, and the presents daughter likes fishing’’ Harry said with a smile.

‘’Bugger’’ Frank spoke with out hope.

‘’So who get the final call on this ‘’asked Frank

‘’We past it down the line through Present Secretary of state Then the My boss the C.I. A. director Then to me as I run the Australian end So I thought of having local import So I give to you.

“So if you do nothing to object to it .In an hour and a half our navel seals be in the air’’

‘’I be the most heated party spoiler in Australia “spoke Frank in thought.

‘’You have a very bad record already ‘’ laughted Harry

‘’You just a horrible boy’’

‘’You told me that the first time we met in spy school’’ Harry bellowed with laughter.

‘’So let’s think The purpose of the exercise is to get information on these Chinese mob and up set them because a our responsive will be in the long run counterproductive  They just go around the corner and set up business again’’

‘’Yes mate I know that , That the presents thoughts that also, he also thinks we can come up with something better ‘’

‘Whoes we” asked Frank

‘’Since your bum get scorch first. The who is you, the bottom of chain of command. it the politics of the military.

“Bugger” Frank looked ruffled


‘’So if I tell you we here know about seventy present of what happening all ready’’. Spoke Frank.

‘’But the federal police is paralyzed ‘’asked Harry

‘’It not what you know. It’s who you know, third rule I taught you at spy school’’

‘’I am hearing you’’said Harry

‘’The Chinese mafia been on my radar for about two months now’’

“The rank and file of the feds, have been talking like canaries’’

‘’ My boys in the force have ears like industrial vacuum cleaners ‘’ finished Frank.

‘’Oh ‘’ Harry whispered.

“Also the Prime minister is a suspect dry faction member”

“Oh ,that makes thing a little tough ‘’ Harry thought.

Frank continued talking “Now latest news, the Shanghai Crime boss and a very big ranking Chinese intelligent from China will be visiting Australia. in a week if we can grab him. Wine and dine him, Make him feel, he is loved, he may talk to us. We may buy his family a house in Sydney over looking the harbor, for his retirement fund. ‘’He knows most of nastys, the Chinese  armed forces have in store for us Also the link between the gangs and intelligence.” 


“”We know that the political mess in this country, has given the Chinese intelligence, a way to get in to our secrets    ‘’Frank added ” we been feeding false information to them to long. They know we are feeding them porkies”



‘’Now the hit on Muslims extremist at the mining sight . We do it again, but a lot bigger at seven gangster hide outs. Pubs clubs and a political houses and the liberal office in Sydney ‘’ Frank spoke again.

‘’Be over in thirty minutes. just like we take out a hit in Syria same principal. The only way anybody knows we were there, is a body count of locals

“”Frank Frank , it Australia not Syria” spoke Harry with concern .

“It’s the company I keep I feel motivated “laughed Frank

‘’We need a day to organize the boys; you have to be here that give the operations clout.  We also need a few choppers in the sky with your boys jumping in to parks, and then feed the children ice creams. Make the general public feel safe. While we beat the buggers to pulp a block away.’’ Continued Frank

“Our own politions can have their night of long knives amongst themselves. Then who is left over will have their glory of appearing in the papers. That they saved Australia, Give Channel seven enough work for a week.”


 “We will have a photo of the group of local polititions in a chopper with American troops . These people saved Australia from an invasion of horror. Any Australian politician will kill for that image on TV , he be an ausy saver ‘’  Frank excitement was starting to show.

‘’Yes General Mc Author,  Be ready in twelve or fourteen hours to move .So stop worrying ‘’ Harry was laughing at Frank.

‘’Ring me when you hit Australian soil  ‘’  added Frank

‘’What are you preparation now ‘’ asked Frank

‘’What am I doing now, Going back to bed and snore on it’’ . Harry thought

‘’What, I told you is my second option ‘’ thought Frank

“What was the first, Declare war on China ‘’asked Harry

‘’No mate, take all the worry to the pub,  Ha ha ha  ‘’ said Frank

‘’Oh Harry relax and go to the big boss. Just past it up the chain of command that all worries  are in hand and for everybody to relax and enjoy the ride   and let someone else take the blame when it stuffs up ‘’ Frank was in a good mood.

‘’Third rule of spy school’’ spoke Harry 

‘’Ha ha ha’’

‘’Cheers Harry’’  Frank put the Mobil down and rolled back to bed Putting his arms around Stephany.

“You talk to much, Darling’’ whispered Stepthany “Not enough love  … ing…..’

She gently snored against his chest


It was just a walk down the street from Stephany flat to Frank police .house. The sun had just risen the white cocotoos, screeching endless breakfast news to themselves. They frolicked and flapped like village vandals, with endless leaves falling and  small branches,

The soft pail of the dawn was giving way to sunshine It light letting passersby to the rugged beauty of colors of the naked bush The air was soft, cool for a morning in making. Soon the heat of the day would surround and suffocate the brown land .

The pavement was of cement with yesterday traces of people in hurry .

A empty packet of cigarettes. Dog poo on the edge of pavement and a lemonade bottle in Franks path  A small gum tree branch landed at Franks feel.

The gialars  screamed abuse at Frank.

Frank look at the cheeky birds in the tree above him

I have seen the world Frank thought. The best of the best, never found contement But here in the real country I am happy. Were in my life have I gone wrong, or have I gone wrong.

A sound of his cell phone, like brought his wandering thought to a halt,

‘’Beth can’t you sleep ‘’ asked Frank

‘’The cow got out of the yard that you had to milk it in and you had to find it ‘’

‘’What? It was hiding in the feed shed’’

‘’Beth, your cow, is a smart cow. It stayed at home and fed itself, breakfast ‘’

‘’No don’t hurry You scare the normal police men They rise at seven o’clock.’’

‘’Yes lazy buggers  ‘’

‘Cheers kid “Frank put his iPhone back into his pocket.

First day at work for Beth, smiled Frank, I be there to see this one. I have a spy in my own police station. ‘’Ha ha ha ‘’

Everybody been spying on me lately, how stupid do they think I am.

But if, they think I am stupid and a bit silly. Someone always over steps the mark. Then I read him like a cockroach. All ways happens. That’s human nature.

 Coming to the gate of his police house with boganvill. A sea of blue flowers covered arch way, he leaned over the gate .The street was asleep .Nothing was moving. Bird’s .squeaked, twitted and screamed. A cat slunk away behind a garbage can.

Now how do I put hand cuff on that cat, he is up to no good, thought Frank.

From the window of the house appeared a child face.

‘’There Uncle Frank’’ a youth full cry

The door burst open. There small children rushed at Frank

The glow of youth, glee and happiness in there young faces. 

Throwing open the gate, Frank crouched arms open to hug the gleeful exubence of happy faces.

They grabbed him, and hugged him each trying to squeeze him a little more than the other.

With cry’s of happiness The smallest girls trying to push their brother aside, as she hung to Frank arm.

‘’He my uncle to, you always wants everything, bloody animal ‘’ She rudely told her brother, in the scrum of arms, legs and fierce war like cry’s.

As Frank let himself fall to the lawn with the horde of children on top him as excitement flowed.

Looking up at the door way Debbie was smiling at them in disbelief

‘’You’re a real father Frank, You must miss your kids’’

  She shook her head in sadness

With the eldest one, a boy squatting on Frank chest. Was a jockey in a race holding Frank shirt, as the reins .Till his small sister pushed him sideways squabbling for Frank attention .

The second sibling leapt in the air like an Olympic diver to land on Frank chest In midair, he crashed with his sister.

‘’Stupid bloody animal’’

 Screamed his sister as she rolled sideways and fell to the lawn , As frank tried to get up ,he was grabbed by the arm by Debbie .

“You will hurt yourself. Stop it Tommy “

“It in the blood lines Frank voice came from some were under the heaving mass of happy children.

What a shame he will grow in to a tough little shit like you Frank  “ laughed Debbie.

Frank rose standing he gave the three a loving hug .

‘’Fish for breakfast with chips’’ laughed Debbie’’ I have declared myself off duty and going to play Mummy today, I am going fishing as well ‘’




‘’Frank for a week I eaten fish ,boiled fish, fried fish backed and raw fish like a jap restaurant Do you think we every eat beef ever again here  So today I going fishing with you I look at cows and say what a nice rump steak you wearing today.

Frank look at her in amusement.

“Where is Jack” 

“Your brother he in bed sleeping, hiding from his horrors”

‘’Frank these a lot of worry on his mind. The drought and now his wife There no longer four feet in his bed at night, only his two “

“Oh” Frank looked at Debbie in shock.

‘’He told me every thing She an idot ‘’

‘’I had thought that for a long time’’ spoke Frank

‘’No guts’’ He sadly added.

‘’Any girl with a wish for the future would give her right arm to marry your brother. He is a good ,hard working man. With honor and respect and kindness  ‘’

‘’Been stupid, a crime’’ asked Frank

‘’If it were, I be the first to nick her’’ Said Debbie with feeling As she looked away.

Looking at Debbie, Frank thought this girl is falling for my brother.

Come on kids, breakfast Debbie called the joy of motherhood for the morning in her her eyes

I want to sit next to Frank called the eldest boy There two side to Frank called Debbie

What about me, the youngest girl throw he arms around Franks neck

‘’You sit on my head ‘’laughed Frank

With agility of a spider monkey In two movements, she was sitting on Frank shoulders with her arms around his four head .

With a laugh, Debbie pulled Frank to his feet. So with two youngsters hanging on his arms and a very determined little girl hanging to his head. they entered the house to eat breakfast .


Inspector Boss was in a quandary with what his snout had told him. Sitting in his unmarked police car he was talking to a chinaman dressed in as if he was a building worker.He told the police driver to drive on with the man had picked up in the usually spot in crowded china town beside the bus stop.

As Boss added an extra fifty dollar notes to a pile on the Chinese  lap .

‘’Now you sure it an English submarine your talking about, not American. ‘’ Boss looked at the chinman

‘’No, no Good Queen of England ‘’

‘’No what are you going to do with your money .Tong  you get off at  noodle bar and have lunch ‘’

“”All right we drop you off at the bar, a hundred yards up the street No one see you” advised Boss

‘’Good, Good I see you next week O.K.  I tell you lots more,”

The unmarked pulled in to the curb with a huge rush of people going to a department sail The door opened and Inspector Boss’s informant was gone.

Poor silly bugger he be in land of somewhere but nowhere for the next two day

That noodles bar is a front, for the suburb dope smoking, for Chinese on their day off. Some of them have every day off. But it was a great place to pick up information on serious crime. So it stayed open in front of every police man in the city. 

My snout, the silly bugger smokes dope like a chimney.

So we have a Chinese crime mob asking questions of an English submarine. We have also a crime mob looking for a atom boom maker. We also have a Chinese mob asking questions about what weapons were put on board . This is ASIO business, not the drug branch of police.

Frank the only policeman who has spook mates.

I just give him a ring 


It was the usually bleak day in Trafalgar Square in London .Peter Smallgood the MI5 counter terrorism  of South Asia branch  was talking to his superior .

Peter, we been getting bad vibes about this Chinese criminal outfit getting interested in our trident missile submarine The our two in Australia based there in Sydney. This lot of miss fits are the front for chinise intelligence  in Australia We want them to go back to the gutter were they belong  The prime minister and defense minister want them clipped 

The Australians have been using them for sending misinformation But lately the information getting political to benifetthe liberal party who are running the country.They in turn are  putting pressure on ASIO to turn a blind eye  to benefit big business. It is starting to cromprise our navy.

‘’Who do you know has clout in the ranks, we can us to sort out the problem’’

Smallgood thought and pulling the end of his chin.

‘’In Irak, we used a SAS Australia outfit , They pulled of the relay dirty bits for us . Hits on rebel leaders and muscle to get the local population and rebels to see our point of view .A chap Frank ,ran the show He was a brilliant tactician .He used to study the German General Rommel tactics ‘’

Smallgood looked up at a pigeon ,who was trying to crap on him from a lifeless tree.

“Most time he got the job done .Not a shot fired. He had a knack in getting our worst enemy to go away and behave himself and look forward to the trip. You wear a velvet glove As long as they know the steel inside. His work was brilliant. He always had a backup plan in case the first would not work.


‘’Where is he now ‘’ asked the English spy master

‘’The Americans  grabbed him, there dollar bill worth more than ours, Last I heard he was working with Harry the US wonder boy of the CIA in Hong Kong ‘’Small good look at his follow officer.

“That the man we want Get him”

“Do we share him with the Americans “ asked Peter

“”It there problem there. The American like to pinch all our secrets before we know them. It English American defense agreement. ’Our minister of defense will have  to talk to there secretary of State  But that talks time

 The spy master thought.

‘’ it best to nip a problem in the bud, before it grows If you give it to the diplomat to solve. They just talk,talk ,no action. take weeks, In that time All of our navel security will be comprised.

‘’I have always thought from serving in Northern Ireland. A good bashing. solves a problem Then if that dose not work. then a bullet in the head dose’’

‘’But there are a lot of china men to shoot” Said Peter

‘’The department would not give us that amount of bullets  ‘’sadly the spy master said ‘’ think of the paper work ‘’

‘’I speak to Harry’’ said Peter.

‘’Oh’’ the spy master look at his chief spy.

‘’We both on term of friendship. Well ,we drink together, when I am in New York on spy conference. I give him a ring’’

‘’This Chinese mob are getting a little out of line in Australia They need a clipping to behave them selves’’ .

‘’Very correct old boy’’ Smallgood said to the spy master Then smiled and Peter ordered another small whisky and ice for the spy master from a passing waiter.  The spy master favorite drink to relax


The little car came around the corner of the street .A cat ran side way with a dead rat to avoided been hit. Hitting the fence wall ,summersaulted with rat going skywards.  Beth giggled as she brought her car to a stop in front of Frank police house.

The children shouted  and ran ,jumping from the table to bring her inside. Debbie smiled at Jack breakfast is a family reunion.  He grinned back telling her Beth was his and Franks third cousin by marriage  Just open a new packet of bacon and another packet of egg in to the pan. That is happiness

  Debbie winked at him .Then added more eggs and bacon to the frypan.

  In a moment of joy and children yellowing. Beth had been mobbed. 

Jack had found her a chair 

 Her smile was radiating joy.

‘’ I thought I was to start work at the office’ ‘she said

‘’You are at work. You pay starts today .This is your first job. It a very serious one, reaching down. He put a fishing real on the table . You have to look for desperados in your water hole. We are all going fishing.  Ha ha aha.’’

‘’Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank ‘’

‘’What Darling , his small niece  was pointing to his phone on a side cupboard ’’ The phone going red, It moving It alive’’   Uncle Frank .

‘’What now ‘’ its Harry again

Reaching out and grabbing the phone He got up and wondered into a side room .

‘’Leave your uncle on his own ‘’ spoke Debbie at the small girl clutching to Frank leg . She shook her head and clung tighter to Frank leg .

Frank smiled at her and patted her head.

‘’ How is Hong Kong’’

‘’That interesting, diplomacy pass to their embassy in Canberra ‘

‘’ What that Jim,  if you leave an egg long enough on the pan it has to cook or go rotten’’

‘’I have  not heard of that Chinese saying.   What that you , just took it off the top of my head as you spoke to me.   Laughed Frank ‘’Hollywood be looking for you to write script’’

‘’Mate, I got enough information from you today , for head acke , By by Sammy’’

‘’Go away you make me laugh to much, Sammy “

Putting the phone in his pocket ,He winked at his small niece before picking up the laughing girl and returned to the table.

As the girls both Beth and Debbie made the sandwiches and got the camp oven to cook with on open fire packed up .With the picnic hamper getting bigger As another thought bubble was popped.

Frank played with the peak a boo with a cornflakes box with the kids

His mind was in thought over Sammys warnings

A very senior Chinese anty corruption investigator and two heavy were coming to Australia, they had diplomat passports. But the luggage was going to a hotel in Sydney. Did the Chinese gangs know of that? No this was Chinese spying on Chinaman.

Very heavy Chinese police spying on china man

So we have a Chinese gang mob doing the job of Chinese intelligence spying on . Australia is feeding them false information The gang in the game for money not there country. So who else can they sell it to These Chinese they like selling the same things twice Twice the amount of money.

So who else has ears in Australia?

What a mob of greedy evil people.

America is getting upset with the spying .There getting too good at it. They’re getting in to American military secrets and personal information on senior service men and leaders in here and the US.

The friends of John Howard now run the Australian government or they think they do.  The Abbot faction of the liberals. The younger liberals want a return to middle of the road politics. The political fighting and backstabbing is taking up all there time. The county is running itself now.

As for poor John Howard, He was a good prime minister in his day But moving a party from a liberal view of thinking to a view of right wing conservator thinking. He had to stab a lot of good people in the back . The previous Prime minister Malcolm Frazer was a real liberal, he supported every one view, that thought liberal. Well that rabble of fool and loudmouths of right wing old Howards clones was the order of the day.   That generation  had children, who are growing up and want change. They want real liberal’s ideals to live by. Not their parents backstabbing ideas.

The younger generation wants to go back to the liberal views. But the Howard generation runs the party. They rather go down with the ship than give up the power. Next election when they lose power, threw there stupidity. They be out for a generation. Till the liberal party kick out all of Howard habits..

 The little people of this world The everyday Australians, people who made a country great and were liberal or forward thinking,  principals people. They were not getting a say in the running of their country. They were getting annoyed of the status quo of their party. Who was looking after itself? But not looking after Australian people, who depended on the ideals of the party to live there life. The way they wanted

It always after a great man has left the arena .That fools use the great mans name to bring their petty grievance to prominence. John howard has left the seane So the bottom feeders of the toilet bowl use his name for their incompetence. 

But I suppose that the west minister system.

But some were there in this mess, is the Muslims in Syria.  I wonder who is playing who for a fool .

Bugger the lot of them I am going fishing.


Suzy drove in to her town Her village as she called it, just a clump of houses A creek and surrounding farm dwellings ,horses , a cow  .

She braked her car for a mob of sheep to cross the road .The air was so clean fresh

The mums and children had all been settled for the week out of town. Some in emergency housing in Toowoomba. She had loaded up the car with bottled drinking water for self and her cat. Even if every night, he always go and visit all the lady cats and do a spot of hunting old Mrs. Portage’s pet  canneries, His best dinner was three canneries a night .A happy cat, he was grinning lying on his blanket in the back of the car. Life was all froth and bubble.

Entering the town of few people now, A figure walked the street here and there. The council sign said do not drink local water in the main street. she drove to her flat in a tree filled avenue A dog barked at her car.

She be having her birthday soon The big 30, still single and no man in her life. She closed her eyes and had a grim moment of thought .

She thought of what she wanted in her heart A real man from the country .Was that two much to ask for living in the country .just a nice boy with a future.

She stopped her car out side the government flat she was living in. An unkempt lawn with a dry spot here and there. The flat on stumps of two rooms bedroom and kitchen, of white it was yellowing and paint cracking of the side of western sun.  After noon silence griped the day .A crow called. Some were a garbage can lid  fell with a bang.

Least it peace she thought. But when your dead it all peace .

Then there was Frank,  a real  man He was country to his boots A mystery but He was so kind and gentle .Sometimes she could feel his soul . He was like a butterfly just fluttering by But butterflies can becaught in a net.

She a woman and she was the net .

She had watched Stepheny throwing herself at Frank But somehow they did not fit Frank wanted piece and Stepheny wanted a trophy.  Like a fire cracker once lit, a big bang ,them nothing.

Keep you self-ready, Suzy, Frank need reassurance, not a big bang in bed .He need loving, not been seduced.

She thought of her parents sheep farm in new South Wales , my parent will soon retire and I am the only child. My Mum is getting sick of not having a son in law .

Frank now, where are you? 


It was Sydney harbor, A barber shop, Inspector was having a haircut .The young man with the Syrian looks was clipping Boss hair. He  looked around fertivly like a rat with one piece of cheese.Then whispered into Boss ear. Boss looked shocked

‘’You not telling me a porky Fred ‘’ Boss said .

‘’Honest truth, if God is my witness, I will be dragged and trampled by a thousand camels. I cannot tell a lie to you inspector. 

Boss looked a little grim .

Inspector,’’ it is big news  my sister has an ache in the …  .’’

‘’ Fred it big news. Muslims extremist with Chinese mafia. I tip you three hundred dollars instead of the usual weekly hundred dollars ‘’

‘’Thank you It is a pleasure to do business with a gentleman. Fred the barber smiles .His Arab features lighted up with eyes, twinkling at the dollar notes been pit in the tip plate on his bench amongst his combs and shaving and hair cutting .

As Boss walked out This is not my department, but Australian security I talk to Frank , he did tell me to look this way last week. For a village police men ,that boy has clout with security people.

I just ring him now, Even police car can be bugged, I now have to sleep with one eye open , life is getting interesting. 


It was late in the afternoon that the worried chief of ASIO spoke to his counterpart in Washindon. Been told by Washindton that doing nothing and taking a political view of the upsetting Chinese relationship was bad for America security and giving the White house a pain the butt. But there present orders was to clean up Australians mess .

The pressure from a squabbling Australian government was not professional. It’s rubbish from our government. We sort it out or we turn the other cheek and the Americans will sort it out for you. You got four day Washindon had informed him.

The ASIO chief turned off the video stream on his computer.

Putting his hands over his face, h


he moaned silently. 

He was wondering of his superfund pay out if he resigned today.

This Chinese mess had backfired on him, His idea of feeding the Chinese false information was getting out of hand .The drug war had erupted between Chinese gangs and the Italian mafia. Redfern in Sydney was a war zone with nightly shootings Three Chinese dealer had been killed by an exploding bomb in a rainbow chicken in a Italian cafe.  An Italian in a car had sprayed a Chinese family with a machinegun the night before .The papers read .

A Italian drug dealer was stabbed in the heart by a Chinese drug user using a sharpen chopstick. Latest news from the police stations front desk.

State parliament was in uproar, the police commissioner was endangered of been stood down. He knew too much about ASIO anyway. So we at ASIO, will be comprised by the local police .The federal minister of Australia has his snout in the trough, with the friend of John Howard. The dry’s want to sell everything in Australia not tied down. To the Chinese and leased to then ,if they cannot cart it back to China.

How in the hell do I get out of this smelling of roses

We need someone employed by America that takes orders from us. 

He thought Frank, I wonder. Frank ,That one is very close to Harry the C.I.A. wonder boy  But he is Australian here at the moment .  I wonder.

‘’Monty,’’ he yellowed for his department head.

‘’Yess Boss ‘’ came a voice from next door

‘’We are are all in the poo ‘’

Monty walked in adjusting his reading glasses to look at his boss .

‘’Washindon has given us a warning. There sick of us playing duck and drakes with the Chinese. It our security that up set them. We either clean up the mess or they will. We got three days.’’


‘’State Department is very upset “

‘’So ‘’ asked Monty.

‘’If we tell the Defence Minister. There be a talk fest in Parliament. Nothing be done .Chinese will cover their tracks and two years of our undercover work be lost.  Or if the Americans do the job on our soil and clean all this Chinese mob up .The Government be thrown out  and we lose our jobs

‘’Oh ‘’

‘’Will your superfund keep you in retirement ‘’ asked Monty ‘’ because mine will not. ‘’

‘’No’’ said his boss ‘’ We better start thinking of you and me ‘’ .

‘’Oh ‘’said Monty 

‘’This mess started because the CIA knows to much . Have they got a man on the inside? “

‘’With or with out clout ‘’

The ASIO director looked his department strangely.

‘’There are a few here without clout .But only one with a lot of clout .’’

The ASIO director looked at Monty closely, as if he expected a dead mouse in his meat pie


‘’Go on”” said the asio director”” So what the latest on him ,You have a close tail on him “

“He gone fishing ‘’

‘’Gone fishing, What he fishing for a new Government ,and our jobs ? ‘’

‘’Is that all your spy can come up with .’’ Have you paid her lately or is she asleep or in bed with him ‘’

‘’So he goes fishing ,and plots the end of the world for all our department here in Canberra’’

‘’Monty do something. We got three day, before the Americans strike. I have to inform the defense minister in six hours.   The defence minister is a fool, I be sacked We all be sacked. ‘’

‘’Monty fix it ‘’The asio director yellowed at his drpartment head 

Monty, like a rat with an inch of a cat whisker from his butt ran like a horrified rat.

The ASIO director rubbed his fore head .Then going to his personal phone line , he rang his book maker to cancel his last bet, he put on the second race in Sydney.

Well I now am budgeting money .He thought, then he membered the new credit card, his wife had been given by the bank .He turned pail and and felt sick.


Inspector Boss took the phone call expected . The Chinese thug had left the embassy, but was heading for the freeway, This was interesting development. Was it leaving Canberra. A bug would have to put on the car to trace it fast. He needed the Australian Capital Territory police traffic department fast.

Just a phone call fast .A police car would pull the embassy car over for a suspected fault in a indicator light . In checking it, a second police officer would put a tracing bug to the embassy car .


Robbo in his Gold Coast hotel was starching his head. The mayor had told Betty the call girl , that he was to arrange a sale of a suburb. A take over by the council of houses for a theme park .Whole suburb of houses. The people in the houses would be paid ,not the going valuation for the houses But what the Chinese company thought they would give them.

He was in a worry because his council would be not be reelected by his people of the city. It was a sell out to the Chinese. A lot of people would be hurt with their finances . That suburb was his pillar of support in the community . He the mayor was getting sick of the Chinese and wishing them to hell.

But it was cream on the cake for Robbo The Chinese paid good money for the Mayor thoughts Beside they would only black mail the mayor. Instead Robbo would do it for the Chinese instead. For a lot of money ,only a lot of money.

 He giggled.

 Then he looked out into the street as if anyone was looking at his Mercedes car As if they would scratch it  .

If you have enough legs broken and people bashed around town .You get respect 

Then you get a clean car ‘’ Ha ha ha ‘’

Suzy walked in to her small government two room flat It was bare and empty Outside, she had screamed at a local feral goat that was helping it self to her herb garden, growing in an oil drum on the verandah. It had leapt the fence with grace with parsley bush in it jaws, to get out of Suzy anger.

As Susy had stood on the remains of goat poo She had to have a laugh, as she unlocked the door to her kingdom .

A week here on full pay she thought with nothing to do I get bored She looked the two room flat . She sat in her lounge chair, after throwing all her shopping in her bed room .The council will take a week to fix the water . Should I buy a dog to chaise the goats from my pot plants , Or ,a man to chaise boredom from my bed room.

Be nice to have a band of gold on my finger A good husband is security for the future, happiness for my soul and fun in the bed room. I been thinking about a baby lately  to. It making me sad no able to see ahead. My last schoolmate is now pregnant. Am I a freak of nature  or just a little unlucky and slow.

Mum is telling me of Peter there neighbor. He single ,  but so boring and slow .Hell  he is dumb . Always talking how good his sheep look. How successful a farmer he is. Be like a cold leg of lamb to cuddle up to in bed.  UHRRRRRRA   Horrible thought.

Please God don’t let me have to marry him to have my child .

The answer is staring me in the face Susy.  She poured a small whisky in to a glass . Were Frank .  Bugger been friends with silly Stepheny. She thinks she has Frank and Frank is an overnight visitor in his bed. He will get bored with her in a week , You got to make a man use his mind while making love. Just a noisy brat in the bed. While making love is not the way to keep that man.  He needs a long chain, he a free soul .Stephany idea of a man is of total control through the bedroom.

Poor Frank  

I wonder were Frank is any way ?

Susy just play your cards right and he never want to get out your bed.

Men are different You got to play them like a sleeply cod. But it all just fishing .

I am good at fishing to. Thinking of her child hood fishing  with her Dad and Mum,  

on the Murray river  .It was a good life, till I went to boarding school in Sydney

Frank you are my big nice warm cod fish she sipped her small whisky and thought, Frank you’re a hunted species, I am coming for you .


Below the surface of the South China Ses the English nuclear submarine lay in wait. Waiting for china data . the ears of radio .Signals from Chinese government  and armed service phones were been heard. Anything interesting, the search engines would keep in the computers.  For anything that the Chinese was keeping secret from the rest of the world. Just hearing and watching in to the heart of China .

It’s trident missiles with the atomic warheads, lay in the submarine bowls. Any signal from White Hall and millions of millions of mainland Chinese would die in a flash of flame and radiation of a nuclear blast .

Just normal day of a intelligent gathering day for the royal navy.


On a beach in southern China A group of Chinese navel staff and a general . A high political leader from Bajing spoke to them. He told them even if the sea was next to China America and European powers China regarded the sea as their back yard . If ever China was to be a super power. Then it sea had to belong to them. It was up to it armed services to make the country great .

He was asked, if it would lead to another world war. He screamed at his audience. All china men were worth a dozen foreigners There blood was tainted and the china mind was superior to all other life. No one would dare to challenge the right of china to be the leader of the world

His audience cheered and clapped.

As he returned to his limonene He saluted, the group bowed .

The car drew away flanked by police on motor bikes 

A senior general looked at the sea.

He spoke to the navel general beside him .

‘’A good day for fishing, old friend ‘’

‘’Yess that fool from our leaders in Baging used exactly last years speech. I wish we get more money from Baging to  run our forces. I have a thousand men joined up last week and no boots for them.’’

‘’Speak for yourself, I sent 2,000 men on exercise for a week, and there was no money to feed them. They came back to base very thin.’’

The third , a general of China intelligence

 ‘’My spy school ran out of money six months ago. We may have to get the Americans to train our spy’s soon, They there only ones left with money.  So I asked that fool from Baging for money. He screamed about pride of the Chinese people, my small mind .Then ran away.

‘’Charming’’  The three nodded there heads.

‘’Our leaders are free to play politics with themselves But they give us, the normal people a pain the bum ‘’

‘’So there a English submarine out there So what .If it called in our harbor on rest and relaxation, we would welcome it ,to visit us .  Our hotel may make some money. There sailor drink a lot of beer, our people want money for food, can’t eat bullet and bombs .The Chinese general looked wistful at the sea We have pinched all the English navel secrets any way .

Oh Ay ‘’ his two friends look at him ?

‘’Goggled them on my son computer’’

The army general thought.’’ We probably built the submarine for the English navy, We build everything else here. ‘’

‘’Well I think there a party at the hotel for us, I have developed a taste for that Australian beer It’s the four x beer they drink, I had ordered some on hand  ‘’ The intelligence general said in a happy voice.

‘’How did you get on to that ? ‘’ asked the army general

‘’Bribed an Australian publican from Sydney, on holiday here, to send over a dozen cartons. Why threaten a country with an atomic boom .It nicer to take a doggy cheque book. if you come back to them later. They smile at you and you order more .They give you a discount, if they like you .’’

The three of the senior service men thought for a minute. 

‘’The real worry is in the east The chief of intelligence spoke The Muslim in the west Our intelligence has heard that there looking for a atom boom.’’

‘’No one will sell it to them. There manners are bad . All these beheadings of unbelievers before breakfast. I have to have breakfast before I get cranky with desperadoes, It upset my tummy.’’

‘’The ragbags in Syria have called for our Muslim’s provinces to rise against the Chinese people’’ The intelligence general said.

‘’They are our people, they lived for since time began, in Chinese territory .We all Chinese nation and there happy, last time I looked.’’ The navel general said

‘’My aunt came  from there, she’s Muslim. She make the best Christmas cake. My kids love her.’’ The navy general scratched his head.

‘’How do these fools in Syria suggest the Muslim’s carry an atomic boom around china ‘’ The intelligence general spoke

‘’On a camel’’ ? Said the army general with a grin.

‘’Be a hot camel ‘’

‘’Ha ha ha ha’’   The three of them howled with laughter.

‘’These people in Syria, I wonder how we can get the American and Australians to drop more booms on them .When there hiding in holes from been blown up .It take their mind off annoying us here in western china.’’ The  army general thought.

‘’My son is in Cambridge university in England. He sends better update on England, than my army intelligence.’’

‘’My two daughters are at Yale university in America. One a doctor and other a physiologist’’ The navy general proudly spoke.

‘’Why can’t we have good university in China, My two boys, I have enrolled them at the university in Sydney, Australia. He wanted to join the army till I kicked some sense in to him. The money in law. Bright kid, love an argument .He make it to a barrister in five years ‘’

The intelligence and navy general’s  laughed . 

‘’A chip of the block ,just like his Dad’’ the intelligence general said lighting a cigerete.

There car drove up and a door was opened by there driver

‘’The pub thank God, said the three of them one in unison. ‘’

Soon the car was humming along the smooth road. A small lot of push bikes and a truck, parted for the limonene to gain speed .

After  moment silence. The intelligence general spoke ‘’You know boys ,we are at war. War with our selves.

‘’Ay ‘’ The two opposite spoke.

‘’As a general, we must have responsibility to our country to have a nation, that is pursuing the better ideals of life. In war we fight for piece , In peace, our responsibility is to make sure. It stay peaceful. To do that we must persuade our neighbors to be peaceful.’’

Both the navel and army general looked at their friend .

‘’Always believe in society middle ground. It only there you can understand both sides of the story.’’

‘’Australia intelligence is worrying me. Some of the people we are using there as intelligence gathers are criminals. So the intelligence is selective, what they think they can make the most money out of .A lot of real gems is been lost. We are having to pay them for it . What they cannot find out They make up ‘’

The intelligence general paused to think.

‘’The Americans are getting upset We have an agreement with them in most of intelligent spheres. ‘’

‘’Oh’’ The two generals listened to him.

‘’We both do not shoot each other spy’s on sight .Most times, we just ask them to go home to each other country . Well there cover is blown, so there useless to everybody.’’

‘’These criminals are bringing the gutter in to the game ‘’ said the navel general

‘’The Americans and Australian are not stupid There feeding us false information That take more time to prove it has legs. My department is running out of money to do it job, and there criminal are running of with our pay cheque .’’ The intelligence general told the other two.

‘’I have sent an spy to Australia to sort out this mess with our intelligence gathering . The last lot of intelligence was of rubbish . in Western Queensland, It was of a country town in which an aboriginal. A goat and two sheep  lived in . It was run by muslum extremists  So much for our criminal spy’s story

He looked at his two mates in the car

‘’Easy way to clean up the mess is to give the Americans the names of these criminals in Australia. They will clean up these criminals and our county China will smell of roses, Australian government is playing ducks and drakes with them selves  there to stupid to save them selves All they can say is look at me , you must act like me  .

Laughter filled the car That is a very good idea ‘’said the navel general

‘’What ‘’ asked the intelligence general

‘’Give the criminals to the Americans ‘’

The two generals nodded to the Intelligence general

‘’Will Baging agree ,our leaders’’

Bugger Baging  They can not agree about the time of the day or who’s wife, they will sleep with tonight’’

Spoke the intelligence general.

‘’So it feel of the back of a truck in to the arms of the Americans’’ the navel general said

‘’I know nothing, see nothing and I am silly ‘’ the navel general said looking out the window.

‘’Some time it up to us, to serve our country. A little common sense goes a long way. Instead of this filtered noise which comes from our leaders. Who change like the weather and upset all good Chinese citizens’’

The navy general thought as he spoke.

‘’make sense to me If we have a piece with our neighbors. We can grow richer and China a leading power in the world. ‘’


The army general laughs.’’ We will take the world by stealth, not by storm; We will show the world how better we are here, than they are there .They all want to be like us. We all have piece .Then we will retire and have plenty of money. ‘’

The three general laughted.

‘’ Ha ha ha’’



Inspector Boss Mobil phone rang he skinned knuckle on the table picking it up.

‘’Bugger  no not you. It’s me  Hurt my finger, Oh O.K.’’

He listened and thought

Putting it down and thought again

The Chinese hit man is heading for the border. If he looking for frank, How did he find Frank . Some one in the Queensland police force is talking to the criminal world. then which criminal is talking to Chinese thugs

Frank, I shall share with you the good news


The morning sun was starting to find it way through the window of the ASIO director office  He was had made his decision his country came first even it would cost his job. He had informed the Defence Minister  who to his surprise had agreed with him The minister had been talking,The American state depart department had been on his back about Chinese mafa. He had the numbers to roll the rat bags in the next cabinet meeting. He also had thought that events would go this way Just do your duty to protect Australia. The ASIO director was told have fun doing it .

‘’Monty’’ he yellowed

‘’Yess Boss ‘’

A scuttle of feet Monty was in front of his desk.

‘’We done it ‘’The director turned and kissed the Australian flag behind him

‘’The Chinese mafia. We can take them out, the top has said to get rid of them .’’

Your pulling my leg We will not get the sack ‘’ monty at his boss in amazement.

‘’Monty draw up a list of there places to hit We do it in a big bang   Bring in the Federal police Get them to get it done ‘’

‘’Oh ‘’

‘’Monty do not stuff it up ‘’

‘’Oh ‘’

‘’There is a small problem ‘’ added Monty

‘’What ‘’

‘’The Chinese  corruption police are in Australia’’

‘’Oh’’ said the ASIO director’’ What are they after’’ 

‘’What are they doing? ‘’

‘’Flying to Brisbane ?’’

‘’Make no sence OK keep tailing them ‘’ thought Max

‘’Thank you, Boss ‘’smiled Monty

‘’Any thing to keep one boss happy “ thought Monty as he left for his department


The helicopter went east of Sydney into the southern pacific ocean After ten minutes of flying aA large spot on the horizon, began to take form .A large grey form began to take shape .An aircraft carrer of huge build. With stars and stripes on it flag. As the helicopter touched down on the deck next to a sleek jet fighter

Harry jumped to the deck A hand grabbed him from falling .

‘’Gottecher Boss’’ a young firm hand steadied him from falling on the steel deck. An SAS ring was bright on his hand.

‘’Were on in about sixteen hours’’ Harry grinned

‘’We take out every Chinese gangster in Australia in a multiple hit Bloody Chinese spy’s, blew this one.’’ 

‘’The boys are rearing to go’’ said the SAS officer. ‘’They want to give these grubs a good ruffing up.’’

Harry looked up at the US marine officer with his SAS mate

‘’My boy want a good punch up ‘’The new York accent was sweet to Harry’s ear .

‘’Get in bash them and bring them back to the carrier. Then we can extract what we want with information from them They can face US courts They get more time in prison in the  US prison system that the soft judges in Australia will give them.’’

The SAS officer took out his throwing knife. The razor sharp blade was honed to shave a man. He touched the top of the blade and closed his eyes .

Just bring it on, just bring it on. He was smiling for a second, he was some were far away.


Both of them were sitting on the bank together, fishing out into the creek water hole Beth spoke thoughtfully.

‘’Cousin ‘’

‘’Yess that me’’

‘’Why has Debbie got two Mobil phones ?’’

‘’Oh’’ Frank looked at Beth

‘’The first one is her normal one she uses. The second has only one number in it’’ So I hacked it

‘’ it a federal police number ‘’

‘’How ‘’

‘’She left it on the table this morning while having a bath’ ‘ Beth look out ward at the bower bird ,in it tree.  Which was watching Beth as an intruder on its land ‘’

‘’You can hack phones’’ asked Frank in amazement’’ Can you record the conversion’’.

‘’Cost you’’ she look at Frank in mirth.

‘’What do you want now’’ answered Frank in amusement.

‘’Don’t know, but I will hold you to it’’ She thought .

‘’But you can listen to her last conversion. She took out her iPhone. then reaching over and pushing the earplug in his ear taping the phone and gave it to Frank .

Then she studied the water surface for a fish to take the bread crust.


Robbo the lout had been talking to Inspector Miles. He had given him a week to make up his mind for the information he wanted. Business was business,  and with the inspector romp with call girl on photo and video the inspector was like a ripe plum waiting to be picked .

This Frank address was what the Chinese criminal wanted The money was a lot this time More than the hotel made in six mounts . A meeting be set up this afternoon in the park .He yearned to count the money The thought was giving him goose bumps .

I am been very cleaver today   Ha ha ha


Inspector Miles was giving his two undercover police men the last talk. Soon they left as disguised as farm boys, in there unmarked police car for the village to keep a safe eye on Frank

Inspector Milles knew to catch a rat .You must find a bate to bring the rat to you. The serious crime boys were very interested in this one. Beside honest police were a loose knit family. But to up set one. You up set the lot of them .

The letter and photo of call girl’ had been tracked down to Robbo the lout in his drug ridden hotel. The call girl and Robbo DNA on the photo of Inspector Mill bed room romp.

Robbo the lout and his hotel was starting to be a fountain of information on local crime lately .For the local police man. who eye was like a spy in the night, Under inspector Mills orders even Robbo bed has been bugged. Robbo even talked in his sleep of robbing people.

But why did Robbo the lout want Frank address. Frank had form with the Americans. Just how much he did not know. But if as he feared he was dragged in to dealing with Frank and Chinese crime. Frank background was with the American security was starting to worry Inspector Mills. He felt a very small frog on a very big river ,in a game he did not know how to play.

If Frank was compromised or hurt. Then an unknown number of dogs could bit my butt, Inspector Mill’s thought. A good police man operates from the shadows. Only appearing to grab a criminal.  In the shadows ,gave a police man time to find the evil doer . But in the shadows, were there bigger monsters that could eat the police man ?


Robbo the lout was walking out of his bar after chatting to several tourist drinking there .When his phone rang. The chinamen again The china man was upset They were looking for Frank, the police man telephone number. The Chinese man  rapid English drifted in to chinise slang. Sensing that there was an urgency about it. Robbo sensed, more money could be made from people who are panicking.

Robbo thanked the jabbering chinaman .

Thinking that he could get next week pay cheque this week. Robbo Turned back to the bar to talk to an old farmer who came from Frank’s area. Farmers who believe you, have dignity and honor. Talk like a canary in a cage, when offered the right bird seed of respect.


The morning on the fishing hole was bright and sunny, kangaroos came in for drink getting used to the fishing party who were in a happy mood .Sheep stood by with their lambs playing running and skipping. A cow stood and just ate it’s lunch of grass, ignoring the disturbance of nature by the intruding of people in her paddock. The cow’s kingdom.


Beth was watching Debbie and Jack and his children who had found a position on the creek bank some yards from them

‘’Frank’’ she asked 

‘’Yess cousin ‘’ Frank was putting a huge grasshopper on fishing line hook

‘’Debbie’’  Beth thought again

‘’Debbie a real Mum to the kids and Jack likes her ‘’

Silence for a minute

‘’Did you ever like that woman he marred ‘’

‘’No she a fake’’  Beth told Frank.

‘’Thank God ,the kids all take after you and Jack ‘’ she added.

‘’I hope more like jack’’ said Frank in a wistful thought.


Silence, A fish plopped, a splash, a water spider disappeared.

‘’What do you know about drones ‘’ asked Beth at last breaking the long silence.

‘’Small things that fly with cameras, You watch your neighbor pinching the chooks from your fowl yard while you’re on holiday’’  Frank idly thought .

‘’Dad getting one to photo the paddock behind us here, We want to find a spot to grow some cattle food. You can work out soil types and drainage’’

‘’Next week, it coming to do the paddock ‘’

‘’Be nice to see a little green in this paddock ‘’ she threw another piece of bread into the water to attacked the fish.

‘’We will pump the water from the hole here into a head drain. And run the water through  furrows ‘’

‘’You got it all worked out’’

‘’Yess fifty acres of sorgam crop will feed five hundred weaner cattle ‘’

She smiles at Frank

‘’Smart bum’’ smiles Frank proudly

‘’Dad and I were in Toowoomba last week and saw the drone operators ‘’

Frank was watching the bread crust disappear as a fish took it.  He wonders if he could get the fish closer to his bated hook by throwing a a piece of bread closer to lure him in.

‘’I took some photos of the small aero plain ‘’

The mad Turk flies it from sitting in his office in Toowoomba

‘’ Oh ‘’

The bower bird sang it song of joy at them from it tree next to them .

He threw the bread in the air it landed at the tree base. The bird looked at Frank anf cocked his head

Frank spoke to the bird . You want me to feed you with a spoon to .

Beth giggled then handed him her iPhone. 

Frank glance at the phone. Then looked closely at the phone. Then he looked very careful at the phone, the photo was of a man with middle eastern features beside a small aero plain as big as normal bed.

He looked hard at the man .

Now were, have I seen him before ?

Come on Frank  think Frank thought.



Susie the teacher, was looking at her pot plant, The remain of the goat meal,  the stem with no leaves, just lonely stalks jutting sky wards.

“Revenge of the goat ,what a nasty goat’’

She shook her head. A movement caught her eye in the distant street.

Looking up wards towards the Franks police house An expensive European car had parked .

She watched, a man emerged with sunglasses. In sports shirt and dark pants, he look at the deserted street up and down . Then walked to Frank letter box, Opened it, and taking a letter from it, looking at it , then putting it back .

He returned to the car looked at the deserted street and got back in to the car. 

Suzie leaning against her railing verandah post, turned off the iPhone video she had taken of the strange behavior of the man.

He looks like like someone from Turkey Very dark features.  She thought

Frank you need to see this as she typed in Franks email address to send the video to him.


Inspector Milles took the call from his undercover boys.

‘’Frank gone fishing, His police girl as well. The police station has a constable from Toowoomber in the station.’’

‘’OK   The publican told you.  You’re in the pub, OK just stay there and use your ears,  What that, the       O Brain farm on the creek .That good news What that a man who is of middle eastern origin wanting Frank telephone number

‘’What that , You say. He is a drone operator from Toowoomba. The publican told you that ,the publican said he did not know Frank number. Would not give him Frank mobil number.Did not like the look of him , publicans a mate of Franks ‘’

The inspector putting down his phone. Now what else can you do with a mobil phone beside talk. Get eye strain looking at small pictures of naked girl with the internet.

It gives away your position where you are

Bloody hell, Frank a target  for Chinese mafia. They’re going to hit him. Frank, your past has caught up with you; he reached for his revolver and packet of bullets.


‘’Sir, a call from Washindon It a video one, the CIA commander’’ 

‘’Thank Monty The ASIO  chief  spoke turning to his video screen in front of him.

It was five minutes of talking Then the ASIO chief called for Monty 

Monty the Americans are going in to hit there Chinese mob tomorrow

‘’Can we do it’’ 

‘’Not mutable sites , at once in big city and the country at once. We have to bring too many departments in to it. You got to play up to  the government servants .They talk to much .’’

‘’The Prime Minister told us to let them do it, The Americans are on his back’’

‘’That playing politics with his own party’ The dry’s want to be nice to china men .The dry’s are Howard older mob .The younger liberals want to go back to basic liberal views. The dry’s are leading this country into bankruptcy, Howards views are old hat.’’

‘’Well the CIA man on the inside has it all planed out for the operation’’

‘’Frank “asked the ASIO boss

‘’Yes  ,They have the names of ever Chinese criminal in Australia Even the door boy and who they sleep with. I just been reading the list. Either the Chinese security gave the list to the Americans or the  CIA been running a surveillance operation in Australia here .We do not know about’’

 Monty was in deep thought.

‘’The nice thing about it is we get a good clean out of Chinese criminal intelligence and we walk away smelling of roses. The prime minister also walks away smelling of roses .  The dry’s faction ministers cannot put a glove on there leader .’’

‘’It was as Frank planned it all ‘’

‘’No wonder Washindon love him  ‘‘ thought the ASIO chief


Deep in the heart land of Syria, in a bombed out street of fallen down buildings. Deep underground, was a Muslim extremist  leader, His office was air-conditioned ,surrounds by a humming computers and high frequency radios .It was of a leader with staff, all armed with side arms and machine guns.

‘’So in twenty four hours, the stupid Australians will fly you to Australia with their airline Qantas’’

He was smiling talking to a dark skinned man of eastern Chinese origin . They were laughing about of their information of the heart of the Chinese government military secrets coming from there spys in Australia.  A girl served the scented tea . After the toast to world take over, the muslim leader told his guest. When he left, he could take the girl to the up stars room and have his evil way with her after the meeting .


Both laughed loudly

‘’She takes you to the stars’’. the Muslim leader said . 

‘’Ha ha ha’’


Inspector Boss walked this way every day. For a walk past the barber shop in the side streets. He always looked in to the barbour shop at the china doll. If it had been turned around to face backwards to the street .  Then information on criminals was for sale to him.

The door way was opened he looked in. Onely customer was there  The barber looked up at Boss and nodded . Boss went in and waited sitting in the waiting chairs

The client got up from the chair, feeling the side of his head, saying how good it felt to have short hair again. The barbour came and sat down beside Boss Talking in whispers

Boss looked at him in amazement

‘’Bloody hell’’ said Boss

Then giving him a roll of notes, He walked out swiftly.

There after Frank

He be dead in two days if I do not do any thing

He walked bristly towards the police station.


It was the afternoon of nearing coffee biscuit time in the office of down town Brisbane. The police Queensland Commissioner sat in an urgent meeting with his officers

He pointed at the correspondence in front of him on his desk

‘’Ok gentlemen .This is a operation with New South Wales police to protect there man .Who is now our man The information has come through ASIO from the CIA . We be backed up by the American security forces. If we even stuff up this up, we all sitting in the gutter out of a job .’’

‘’Believe me my wife has a vicious streak in her So you also get you head cut off slowly in the gutter by a kitchen knife Ha ha ha.’’

‘’Boys let rock and roll ‘’

He put his new Grock automatic pistol on the table and smiled.


Frank just watching his fishing line in silence Was reading the local Muslim extremist, new chatter from Syria The Chinese muslin’s would kill the Lion of Irak in the name of Alliah tomorrow .All Muslims would rejoice that the unbeliever would face the anger  of God, He would cast in a fire of hell  .

Well he thought they have vived imagination.

The only lion of irack, was me he thought 

Now what was Harry  ready for tomorrow?

 What was Boss doing?

What Boss number again ?

A voice of laughter came from the phone .

‘’The Chinese hit men are all tucked up in bed in the Hilton in Brisbane .The boys from both states are watching There more undercover police than staff in that hotel at the moment ‘’.

‘’It a combined hit as soon as the Chinese get to you Americans security and both forces from both states’’ 

‘’Nice to you to tell me I am the bait, you are so charming’’

‘’Who else turns up is the interesting part’’ Said Boss ‘’ That the interesting bit  ‘’

‘’Or by the way three bodies turned up in the harbor ‘’

‘’Oh ‘’ asked Frank.

 ‘’Chinese diplomats all shot in head ,professional hit  ‘’

‘’Chinese police security cleaning up there mess .Chinese intelligence are getting sick of corruption. It affecting there diplomacy standing with Australia Thet affect trade. That affect money for the Chinese people with jobs. That frightens there government..’’

‘’So were are these police agent now ‘’ asked Frank.

‘’What tucked up in a motel in south side Brisbane ‘’

‘’It going to be an interesting day tomorrow’’ smiled Frank to himself.

‘’Cheers mate ‘’ came Boss voice.


Inspector Miles was excited .He had cleaned his revolver , oiled it and inspected every bullet in it packet  Tomorrow was his big day .

He had sent an extra ten men to watch the little farming town of Franks.  They would watch the town all night .Then in the morning, he would go in with the combined operation The Queensland Police Commissioner was very happy . He said his action would get a rise in the ranks .Well that meant they would get a bit more respect from Brisbane Headquarters and they would leave him alone in the bush, Which suited him well .He did like the idea of playing bowls on his off days. Some time when he was on duty as well he always said the local bowling club was a nest of evil doers. He had to watch and be prepared for all emergencies.

‘’Ha ha ha ha  ‘’


Frank was thinking as he drove back to the water hole The setting sun lay in the west Harry had arrived early He had a bag full of automatic weapons and grenades .

The boys are going in about now he looeked at his watch. There want blood, you trained them well .There going over the coast in the helicopter now. it marvels what you can do with an aircraft carrier off the coast .The be setting up camp before we get there and sweeping the whole water hole and area for bogy men  .it be a terrorist free area .

What in the bag he look at the floor in the back of Franks car Harry turned to look at the car back seat.

Runp steak enough for an army

Be the best operation that your boys have been on for a long time, A shoot up with Chinese crime gang then picnic lunch.

‘’It’s Australia ‘’smiled Frank

‘’We sleep under the stars and weight for the desperadoes to come to us’’ said Harry a happy man.

‘’You sleep, I am going fishing’’ laughed Frank

‘’Fish and chips for breakfast’’ asked Harry ?

‘’With a cold beer ‘’smiled Frank

As he drove missing an emu which ran across the road and a butcher bird sitting on the road trying to have dinner on a squashed lizard.

Frank thought .

A puzzle, now in the puzzle. We have C.I.A. with America security problems A.S.I.O. with Australia security problems with Australian politics involved .The local police run by Miles supposed to be my boss. Who mostly sit on the fence and dose nothing.

The Chinese mafia, a front for Chinese intelligence,  who up to now. Have free rein in this country. The Americans are getting there security comprised .

But now the chatter on the whisper from China intelligence. Senior generals are been comprised with bad intelligence. The criminal tell them now only, what the criminals can make money out of .

So we have very heavy police from China in this country and there not looking at the tourist sights. Three dead diplomats from China with links Chinese mafia.

So was dose the Syria Muslims link to this ?

I wonder  …


A bang as a small kangaroo hit the side of the car .

Harry looked at Frank .

Frank look at Harry.

‘’Bloody Hell I got it’’

‘’No the kangaroo, got it’’ spoke Harry

‘’No you fool, the man who was in the photo nest to Hoo having dinner .  That Muslim extremist has a drone business in Toowoomba .


‘’Your mad’’ Harry look at Frank

‘’So what the game ‘’ Frank smiled

‘’If your right we all been fooled’’ Harry was left to his worreies 


Suzy look out her window of her flat The deserted road of dirt and bitchem  a prickly bush  A shadow figure  flittered threw the shadows of Franks house down street.

She took her phone and rang Frank .

Harry look at Frank as he spoke to her on the iPhone.

‘’Putting down the Mobil, Harry the local are getting worried , If we evuactue the locals, we blow the operation .’’

‘’She a calm girl, I carmed her down But, I get that police man in my yard to go and talk to her, Debbie ,there doing nothing. She can spend a little time with her, Better if she sleeps in Stephany flat My house could be a target  We are dealing with unstable mad men some were. A rocket launcher and no house.’’

Harry smiled at Frank ’’ Be calm Frank love concurs all ‘’

Frank look at Harry in shock .

‘’Ha ha ha ‘’ laught Harry

A minute past, as Frank slowed for a mob of sheep.

‘’Harry I have got a bad feeling’’

‘’Oh’’ Harry looked again at Frank .

‘’Some big security people be turning up tomorrow.’’

‘’Year So ’’ The Texan scratch his head.

‘’We kill desperadoes with drone strikes So why can they kill us with drone strikes?’’

‘’What is your thinking’’ going Frank

‘’Don’t know There nothing logic in my thoughts.’’

‘’But I have a bad feeling ‘’ added Frank.

‘’Can we interfere with drone control radio around here? Within twenty miles of this sting’’

Harry thought’’ We can upset every drone in half of New South Wales and Queensland from our aircraft carrier. But we get our buts kicked’’

‘’But just this twenty miles ‘’asked   Frank

‘’We could from a helicopter in shifts of one in the air and on refueling at Toowoomba’’

‘’Harry We need it ‘’

‘’Ok but why’’

‘’Just one more reason that we see tomorrow night alive’’ Spoke Frank griming.

‘’Harry why ,we are the best in the game ‘’

‘’Well’’ Harry thought smiling

‘’Don’t know, why are we ‘’ Harry thought

‘’That’s why I have a bad feeling’’


‘’Monty here, I need you the ASIO The latest from China, There intelligence want to talk to Frank. A meeting. There in Toowoomba now , there have problem in there outer western regions been stirred up by Syria. With Frank on side they may be able to find peace .’’

‘’Monty this man is special to us, I want him protected , I want a ring of steel around him ‘’

Monty ‘’were is her’’

‘’Still fishing’’ Boss

‘’Man a genius, solving the problems of the western world while holding a fishing line .There could be a lesson for all of ASIO in this ‘’

‘’Send in the SAS, Contact our defiance department quick ‘’’

‘’The Americans have it in hand. There two hundred special forces gone in now. Our SAS and there boys  be on the ground now .Frank just reaching the water hole now  ,There navy choppers are watching every  move within twenty mile mile radius. If it talks Chinese they shoot it ‘’ spoke Monty

‘’Bloody hell that could be a mess ‘’

‘’Why’’ asked Monty

‘’Because we like playing games with the Chinese. You can not play games with people, if there dead’’

‘The American are in the helicopter from the carrier, they are watching every thing’’

‘’So what can we put in the air’ An aging tiger moth said The ASIO boss . The defiance budget is a poor man pay packet.’’

‘’Monty Just sort it out’’ 

‘’Yess’’ Boss as he fled for the door

Opening the desk draw he took out a wisky glass Then a bottle 

Be a long day tomorrow Max  thought


Turning off the main bitchem highway to Toowoomba. A gate, then the dirt road to the farm .

Harry , the old Chinese boom maker the Chinese used in the sixty  We saved from these mongrels If we know evry thing he knows Do you know why they want him

He in a safe place in Hohoni  His passion is fishing He got his feet up in unit over looking the sea All been paid for by Uncle Sam”

‘’Well the Chinese do not want to harm him, He a hero to their government There not happy about these mongrals in Syria. They want him to make a boom for them” added Harry. 

He slowed down for a rabbit eating his dinner of sweet weed on road side .

‘’But the reason he a marked man. His cousin family are moslum in western china .With him they think they can build this boom’ But he told the no.  So they say he shamed his family and it was a revenge killing to happen  The second revenge killing to happen is me ‘’  said Frank

‘’I got Beth to hackinto a website that run by a Syrian leader She brilliant as a hacker  Aftrer theis mess is over Can you get in to the outfit and train her  as a computer geek for us’’

‘’Belive she is good ‘’added Frank

‘’She your cousin Frank It in the geans  ‘’

‘’Tell me when she ready to come state wide She be one the pay roll ‘’ added Harry

‘’She been on our payroll for a week. Mate the outfit her  a week’s pay, A US bank account and her pay in US dollars  not this Mickey Mouse money we use here .’’

Harry phone glowed red   and he listened  and spoke,

‘’Well mate you cousin is now on the payroll of the CIA.  She just got her first week wages in the bank. The boys are in position and a welcome for us is waiting There is a cold beer waiting complements of the boys.’’

The phone glowed red again.

Harry listned  then put the phone down

‘’Mate, State Department has put it foot down in All Australian security forces for this sting are been run by me. So I told them you were pulling the strings and you controlled every thing till now So mate it all your now the tomorrows sting

‘’So when it stuff up ,I get the blame’’ thought Frank

‘’Be a bit late fot that Frank ‘’

‘’Why mate’’

‘’We all be dead ‘’

‘’You know you have a charming side to you It bloody morbid ‘’ spoke Frank.

‘’Ha ha ha ‘’

A they bumped along the bush track the campfire of the counter terriost unit was seen


A phone sounded Harry spoke that’’ your  turn ‘’

Boss here the voice spoke

Frank listned 

He put it down

The New South Police, the Queensland Police and the spooks are in conference in Toowoomba. At the police station. Everybody at last knows what each other doing, It be a interesting sting tomorrow. Spoke Frank ’’ Clean these vermin out  …’’

A jingle from Frank phone .

Suzy Now Suzy It going to be all right I am not not going to die I am all right It just a little bit of police work

He listned ,a sob If you get killed I just want you to know that I love you I realized that in the last two weeks That it you I need I want your child Frank I want to take you back to the farm and be a wife with you If your dead I want you to know I love you  She sobe3d uncontrobly  Oh Frank There are police men every were out side  here I have a bad feeling for you  Frank please be safe

The phone went dead in his ear he closed his eyes a second

Harry said Woman, there the downside of this job There nothing secure in a marrage when her man is a spy in the field 

Frank said nothing but a sad expression past his face  


Pulling up beside fire on the creek the men who were sitting and talking. Some already had fishing lines in the creek. Frying fish came to the smell of Frank nose. A cup of tea was thrust into his hand A Harry soluted athe corporal, who was grinning like a cheesier cat .

On finding out the enemy was asleep in motel bed some twenty miles away the laughter rose again ‘

On meeting with every man he had served anf trained in I rack  With handshakes , clapping of backs  and laughter Frank was a happy relaxed man 

He gathered them around him for his talk. Frank was the boss to these men .He had kept them alive in irack while killing more terrorist and finding more information than any other unit in the western forces   Besides the troops felt safe with him around.

The lion of I rack was out of hiding and beginning to growl.

Tomorrow the world would hear his roar .


It was the late in the night, when the English prime minister took the phone call from Australian Prime Minister.  After talking for five minutes .The Australian Prime minister put down the phone with the words. Now we have the basteds ,we slowly screw them .

The call from England  ended with.

‘’Ha ha ha’’


Some were in the China sea a English nuclar submarine  lay in weight of orders that the captain hoped that would never come. He thought of his children going to school in prep school in England. So young so vulnerable.He knew if the order to launch his nuclear pay load at china’s cities.

 London would be a waist land of powder, debride and reductive dust .His wife with her red hair would be gone. His laughting eyed little girls would only a memory .


He thought of the stop in Sydney, newer seen so many wild girls who loved sailors . There was a little blond reporter, who just kept looking at him at the navel dinner . What a wild child in the bed room after she was.

But while his crew laughed, drank grog and were shown the naughty parts of Sydney. While he was with his blond reporter At the navel base the atomic war heads had been loaded  for the South china cruise by the Australian navy. We look after them and they look after you .The captain thought ‘ the atomic threat kept the world a safe place. I am just a keeper of the world a safer place .

It why my children will grow up in safety and my wife will have time to spend all my money in here credit card on dresses.

I wonder what that bloody cook has done with my cup of tea

The captain took off his cap and scratched his head 



He spoke to the operations spy gathering data room officer

‘’Fred what interesting in China today “”

‘’Only the usually ,Captain. Cost of rice going up in Northern Provernces”

“”Any thing else” The captain thought

‘’No sir only china been chinamen  ‘’

‘’But the interesting thing all the Chinese are talking about. .The English soccer be playing Spain in seven minites All the boy are excited over it ,The cook has to cook us all rump steak if we win and two beer for tea’’

‘’Oh’’ said the Captain

‘’The chinise book makers have better odds on the mainland than we have in England, our crew are getting up set about no able to have a bet.”

‘’Our new cook Franco is has a Spanish mother, If Spain wins we be on hard rations for a week’’

‘’Is that the biggest problem on the ship ‘’ Thought the Captain

‘’I think so ‘’The officer said

‘’Revenge of the cook  ‘’ laughed the Captain 

‘’Ha ha ha ‘’


Dawn slowly came to the water hole.  Some hundred yards from Frank camp. Several SAS troops listened to a field radio . The distant sound of helicopters floated in.  The wild life had sensed tension in the air The kangaroo coming in to water had done so with head in the air looking side way before a quick sip Them a big hop was gone.

The sun began to appear A orb of fire for the day journey across the sky

The New South police car arrived with six armed officers A smiling Inspector Boss

‘’Bloody hell Frank’ like old times in Redfern ‘’

‘’I brought you your favorite weapon’’

It was morning time  Jack and the kids w

‘’Oh thanks’’ Frank said

Handing over a colt 45 caliber long barrel colt.

‘’Thank mate ,you’re a real sport ‘’

Frank looked at the faces of the Redfern police

‘’Were Inspecter Miles still in bed asked Frank?’’

‘’ Spoke to him this morning, but he stopped for a coffee at McDonalds’’ spoke Boss.

‘’ He’s cutting it fine” Said Frank 

“”Tell me were are the chinamen ‘’thought Frank

“”Still at the motel sleeping  There taking there time ‘’ Boss laughted.

Frank phone rang . 

“”Your missing “”said Frank 

A laugh came from the phone. I having a coffee with Debbie at your house , The town deserted

‘’Mate no sign of channel seven, They get a sniff of action, there in the town looking for you   ‘’

Frank thought.

 ‘’They do not know anything about the operation. Mate grab them for their own good and put them in an army  chopper with the TV camera. They have a front row seat to the action .They can even follow the chinamen in from the air  We be controlling the press and there be no stuff up and press getting killed’’

‘’Now if we get this right The good publicly that get for saving Australia from the horde of Chinese gangsters will go from the police station tea lady to the prime minister in minites’’

‘’Got you ‘’ A happy voice of inspector Miles .

‘’Now we wait ‘’said Harry as he balanced his machine gun on his knee

‘’Now what was the first lesson I thought you in spy school Harry ‘’

‘’Oh ‘’Harrey look at his friend 

‘’Go and relax with a cup of tea ‘’



Frank put some more wood on the fire 

A young SAS trooper smiled at both of them


They sat talked drank tea and coffee. Harry set up a barbecue and cooked sussages and steak Makeing burgers for the men .

An hour. went in to two

The men were all fed with the steak fired onions ,fried eggs and rump steak They lay on the ground ,with full tummys,talked joked and looked at the road to which the Chinese would come .


Frank looked at Harry

‘’You make a good cafe cook, mate’’

‘’Had to learn to cook’ Bloody children used to say Dad, Dad, we don’t want Mc Donald’s  You cook good we all stay home with you. 

Frank laughed.

Harry phone rang He put it down .

The chinamen had had there breakfast and be twenty minites If they don’t stop too at McDonalds. Frank looked at radio man who was taking the message from the American helicopter.

Inspecter Boss lo9oked at the sky

‘’Hope there enough sky for all these helicopters.  last count there is five up there looking for one car of Chinese.

‘’They are popular today’’ Thought Frank

He added “were are the chinise police Harry”

Harry looked at Frank blankly

“Some thing smells mate ‘ Some not accounted for  Beware of a screw up is coming”

“”Nothing new from Washindton ?’’ Added Frank

‘’No mate ‘’

‘’There a smell here’ I can not put my finger on ‘’

Suddenly he stiffened.

''A shoulder ground to air missile''. Frank excitedly spoke.


‘’There on board the aircraft carrier. Bit late now to bring one in here now.  the chinamen be here soon

‘’My feeling getting worse. ‘’ worred Frank


Harrey looked at his old friend closely

''I see what I can do''

Frank took his phone and talked

‘’Twenty minutes ,we have a new jet chopper on the carrier the carrier. It can touch 300 miles an hour We have a missile here. These drones have you worried mate ‘’ Harry spoke to Frank

‘’My last rule to you is at spy school’’ Frank told Harry.

“”If you do not look like a professional be professional between your ears” added Frank.

‘’Inspector Miles and local police are coming in behind the chinaman ,If they smell a rat we grab them any way ‘’ said Frank.

‘’Then everything is planned and going well’’ smiled Harry

‘’Rember that little village in Iran four of us went to pick up that informer. It was a trap, we got our bum shot off ‘’

‘’Yess I rember, onely you and I got out of that one’’ 

‘’The same feeling mate ‘’ 

‘’Oh’’ Harry looked sideway and clutched his machine gun closer. 


There coming came a far way shout from a bush 

Frank looked about. What was a crowded clearing with two dozen soldiers and police. Was now deserted ,no man’s land

Frank looked again A large tuff of grass   The top of a man butt was showing Harry spoke in to his pocket radio 

‘’Slim you eat to much, your showing your bum’’

A sound of laughter came from the grass and bushes

Both men watched the Chinese criminals drive down the road towards them.

The car stopped some thirty yards from them away from the water hole .

A second car drew up behind them The door opened the three china men dismounted from the car .

Frank saw Hoe. He was older , smiling   was laughing and pointed at Frank  He was speaking rapid chinise to a thick set military man  A uniform showed of high rank of chinise intelegence A high ranking senior general One of the five face less general who run china, Frank thought in shock.

‘’That man is royalty, Answers only to the Chinese Premier.  Hoe is top Chinese intelligence.   The third man is third in charge of Chinese embassy in Canberra Harry spoke softly   Last man the big one is a intelligence man from the eastern front Mulsum’s been trying to kill him for years’’ Harry spoke softly 

The group of three began to walk towards them

A voice called to them from the second car in Chinese

‘’It manners to great the great lion with a gift from the Chinise people first .’’

‘’Ok ‘’said Harry  to Frank There on friendly terms You get a gift from the Chinase people

‘’A fire cracker” Frank said slowly.

The group stopped, and looked backwards at the two at the second car.

They were soon joined by a chinise well-dressed girl in French skirt business jacket .

She was a little over weight.

She joined the group and walked towards them .

The magpie in the tree gave a gasp of terror and flew behind Frank police car.

Frank saw the cruel dark features of the Chinese who stayed beside the car His mind spun ..the face..


With ten yards Hoe put out his arm to greet Frank laughing. 

‘’I am so happy your gun jammed in Hong Kong Frank .I am alive  My country regard you as a friend  … ‘’

The Chinese girl eyes were out of this world just pin pricks of venom like a smake before a cobra strike.

Harry put out his hand to shake the high ranking Chinese diplomat .

A sudden movement the man behind the car dropped to the ground and rolled behind the a log

‘’Aller is the great god in Ariback” he screamed

The girl eyes were blank black A micro second a look of hatred crossed her face.

Frank hand was a blur 

A shot

The girls head jerked back She fell like a rag doll

‘’Get him screamed Harry in chinise We all be set up ‘’

Hoe turned in shock and looked at the Chinese police man,  The Chinise police man looked at Frank then putting his arms up.

The sound of the car starting was drowned out by a stutter, stutter of machine guns from the bushes .

The car wheels crumples and fell apart. The front of the car began to designated with a rapid tet tat  tat .

The bushes were suddenly running men

They ran tearing the car door opened and dragging the Chinese terriost from the car.  A hord of police and solders were on top of him .

The shocked chinaise intelegence office began to talk wildly to Frank

I know mate ‘’ spoke Frank to Hoe and the Chinise general

“ I suspected it for a week that we all been set up by Isas. There big kill was  me, Hoe Harry CIA  and the chief general of chinaise intelegence  .I.S.A.S mosulms in Syria been screwing the Chinese government inelegance.  The  smart move was to use the political link of the drys in Canberra. John Howard mob to weaken our A.S.I.O link to the Americans.  The mosulms in western china were getting chinise government secrets from us in Australia . Australia as a window in to the heart of Chinise military secrets.’

‘’Top marks to the Muslim leader who thought it out ‘’

‘’Yess mate ,you and the state department in Washindon, you been done over by a camel molester’’


‘’Your joking’’ said  Harry  looking at Frank

‘’Harry meet the good guys There on our side Always have  Hoe like his rump rair.’’

They were joined by the troops talking ,Beer was thrust into the China generals hand

He spoke as he raised his can in English

‘’To 4 xxxx beer and Australian friendship”

An American helicopter came down to land some two hundred yards away .

‘’That grub of a terrorist. is going to the carrier believe me ,we have way of making him talk ‘’ Harry laughed.

He reached over and playful slapped Frank on the back

‘’How you feeling now ,old boy.’’

Frank thought

‘’I still got a bad feeling Something not right ‘’

‘’Why, Why; because ISAS like a vidio proof of a kill  .Were is there camera?  It’s there warped propaganda’’



A young SAS put a beer into Frank hand.

Good work Boss 

The crowd of men both police men and Franks ante terrorist and the Americans Special Forces crowded around the camp fire calling for food and beer  Every body wanted to talk to the three Chinamen In the eyes they were heros.

‘’Bogy two o’clock coming in “ a voice screamed

Turning, both harry and Frank looked up 

A drone it wings out stretched was flying along the water hole  Then it began to turn  for them  A machgun chatted

‘’Shoulder missile quick’’ yelled the sergeant at the missile crew .

‘’Too close,  get down . It got us’’ came voices of fear.

‘’Down, get down’’ the screams of men.

‘’Shoot the basted’’ came a Texan voice

Suddenly Frank ran towards the creek. His arm moves a blur, a throw.  His mobile phone, caught the sun light. A glint of fire, then gone. A far away splash down the creek .

The drone turned yards from a mass of running men. Men taking cover, men feeling that the last second of life was up .Some praying the lord’s prayer into a second of faith before there death.

Then a flash of silver,flying past them

 past them .spun in midair towards the middle of the creek as if following Franks phone .

A splash

A wall of water fell from the sky on to the drenching everybody

A second followed a second, heads began to emerge from the ground.

A slowly sinking drone was bit by bit going under the water   Water  gurgles and went wosh as it finaly sank

Frank look at Hoe and said 

‘’Tell me old mate . What did your breakfast fortune cookie say””

Hoe shook himself in disbelief, he was still alive .

‘’Frank’’ He spoke slowly as if he was , he could still speak .

‘’My cookie say today much problem but new friend and all end well ‘’

‘’Bloody flying boom was tracking your phone ‘’ The senior chinise general intelegence said  wiping mud and water from his face.’’ I was nealy killed by a phone and a drone my country made, what funny bloody world”

The three friends lay were they threw them self to the ground exhausted and emotional drained.


''Harry the steak burning ,  Our Chinese friend Hoe here like his rump rair ''.   Frank gasped out as a puff of smoke came from the army stove.

Each of them pulled each other up as a towel was thrown to them by an army sergeant.   approached the barbecue As the two army cooks began to put out the mess tins

Frank looked around Then seeing Harry talking in to his iphone intentaly He was not happy as he was telling some one off.

Leaving the Chinese general and Ho to laugh over the rump steak and beer.

You OK  spoke Frank to Harry

It your bloody ASIO


We all been taken for a ride You rember the Russian spy Hasset

''That bloody lizard' 'thought Frank'' I met him in Moscow''

''id a deal with your people to spy on the syrian fighters agains the syrian government He Balahya top spy All informmation we been finding out about about the moslums istreamists from the chinise gansters They been selling to Russia on the side

To stop an enbarrasment between Australia and ChinaHe on a plane from Sydnet to Moscow at this momet we cant get to him The state department want to ask him a few questions and we can not get to him

No wonder Ho is pissed off It why the chinise general here They want him dead Because the Russians have been keeping the ere driving out from Toowoomba to see their Uncle Frank .The air was crisp mist lay on the country road Soon they would be in Franks house The children would have beds and frank cooking which was a legion The three already were. arguing who was going to catch the biggest fish A happy weekend was coming

Chinise in the dark This Hasset is responsibly for many hundresd of death in Moslem extremist fighting in western china

China want peace there China intelligence also knew one you got involved The mess would be sorted out 

By keeping the pot simmering in western china The unrest The Russians could know what the extremist Moslem war plans were in Syria

We been used and conned by these bastards  Bugger the Russians

Harry looked angry His big frame shook

There are people in ASIO who take orders with out thinking of the mess they cause others

That probably be a big lot  Thought Frank  But there be a big lot in every country secret service To keep Russia on your side in Syria You got let them think there smarter than you

But we now can have piece in this part of the world   Harry said happy

We can start with the Chinese diplomacy  Spoke Frank

“Feed agent Hoe and his general mate with more beer and rump steak “Grined y Frank

“You can tell them the sad story I am onely the host of this party”

Harry looked at Frank “ Why do I need enemies When you on my side ,as a mate  You told me that in spy school

Frank laughed at Harry 

Hoe pointed to Harry and Frank''  That's the US A Alliance working ,good mates''

The Chinese General mouth full of rump steak. laughed  and laughed at the pair of them.  

                                       Since the author is on poverty street and has to share bread crusts with the city rat

                                       as they both look in to the rubbish bin at McDonald  take away, For a muffin crust to eat.

                                       You enjoyed the book so far, To read on the next 5,700 pages to end the story of Harry and Frank

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But something was missing. Zoe, jack wife was not the woman he marred. The little bush girl ,who now was a refuge in a big city, like so many hundreds of other girls. Through drought. Falling valuations of farms. Not enough money to just cover the basic living costs and just not enough money to buy  ever day joy for a woman. A new stick lipstick or a pretty set of pajamas .A second hand cricket bat, for the oldest boy. A pair of joggers for the youngest daughter to attend school.

In the country, no money to buy a smile to give your husband .Your love ,he is out there doing the work of three men .That was normally employed on the farm. But with high bank repayments and crops with dirt prices. The three men were a distant memory for the Australian farmer, he has to do all the farm work himself and die a young death by self-abuse 




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