It was after Stephaney lecture on Frank life That Frank sat in the lawn at road house table, with his red dog.  Car went by  The odd truck  with sheep crates of sheep Frank smelt the sheep smell of wool. A nostalgia swept over him from long ago Of a boy on a pony going to school from the farm The wheat crops and the harvesting , I been so privileged to have a life thought Frank. Then the army,then America Saw the world

But were is my heart thought Frank No it not kicking drunks up the bum after hotel hours Or screaming at drug ridden kids from killing themselves. While they abuse at you about there rights  and kick you.

It of smelling fresh air Watching a crop grow and then it shimmers and moves in the wind ,in waves. It then, you feel proud of been a farmer. Of watching a mob of fat sheep in a mob contentedly eating fresh grass . That heaven

But I am a police man Just a police man with a gaping hole in my heart.  Why are farms so expensive now days No one makes money off them any more

Sweet Stephaney why did you have to remind me that I am human.

Picking up a discarded newspaper on the table next door he thought it should have blown away by thi time of the morning But it was a still hot dry night  The wind always was from the north and moist But south and east ,so dry Frank scratched his itchy tummy again Dry skin It all adds up to an another year of drought He thought of his Dads and Grandfather advice   Now they were a wise pair men of the land.

The country going to the dogs thought Frank  as he took in the first page.

Sydney house price rising and rising beyond the sky the paper beamed at Frank But the buying power of stagnant wages ,my own and other working people could not afford to pay off the front steps The farmer well his income was the same forty years ago in money terms But no buying power now with the dollar worth nothing.

I suppose I could go back to America But that work was for the young ,the wild child and at most times scary  But Frank smiled But I am still thought of  there. Rembering last week phone call from New York

That was touching

“Your Frank”

Startled from his dreams of memories .He looked up

A girl in a neat police uniform was standing before him .

“District Inspector Miles sent me to you for a month  Your my new Boss “

“You did not know I was coming” she said

Frank pushed out the garden chair opposite him . taking her chair ,she gave frank a envelope with a police crest  on it.

“I get you a coffee’’ said Fran

“It,s Debbe  No I have one coming, I was told that you were an old gentlemen”

‘’Old ‘’ choked Frank he opened the documents.

‘’ You have a read and I go and get the coffees’’

Debbie arose and walked towards the roadhouse cafa door Over his glasses Frank noticed the cute butt and long legs going up and up in lines of natural beauty

 Stop it Frank you need a holiday A trip to Sydney for a week  One of his old girl friends may rember me. The damm girl has got a husband ,boyfriend or some thing  But that cute butt That the best heart stopper I have seen.

Now why would the District  inspector give me another police man for here  I put in to the department for wages to answer the phone and type letters

I smell at rat, but is it a smelly rat?

I wonder will my boss talk to me .

Will my phone work?

As Frank spoke on the phone. The crys of school children walking to the one teacher school past him They waved to him With out thinking Frank waved back One called out, Frank waved again  Children in a small community are like MI5 They miss nothing .

Now that interesting after putting down the phone The inspector knows nothing He more in the dark than I am. Debbie has orders from the very high  Frank this rat  smells Do I look like a mug? Some one dose The smell is getting worse Frank

The damm woman is coming back with coffee to

A fresh face with blond curls taking non stop at the door way Stephney face appeared behind her The two spoke at the door way

The words’’ Don’t keep his lord ship waiting He like his coffee’’

  Stepheny face disappeared Debbie began to walk to Frank table Smiling Frank pushed her chair out with his foot.


Susy  looked at her class It was getting smaller Three were sick at there homes One was in hospital in Twoomber. Meg her brightest ,was in another world and pale From the noise from Earnist  He was about to throw up his breakfast  just like dog voimeting on green grass All there grades were down The education department was not happy with the children work It reflected on the teacher.

Always the grades , The smart state the politicians screamed  What a pity we get another pay cut next week to

I wonder were my country boy is The hotel was starting to resemble a retreat for no hopers and if it was not for my wife I be famous That line I hear just once too much lately from useless men .

Oh please Lord find me my country boy who love and look after me and I have a big house farm and five children.

Bloody Hell Earnist is been sick No all over his desk and books and Rebecca next to him

The class erupted in screams and crys of Miss Earnist is sick My dress Rebecca was screaming and crying a hord of children throwing books to one side running for the door .

As she helped the eleven year old Earnist out side to the lawn

Don’t worry baby boy you just be sick and you feel better.

It those miners who have ruined our water It was hotel talk But each week it was gaining common sence She heard it had been told to the education minister in government who just laughted.

But this was serious Some one would die soon

What Frank doing about it He’s the police here Can’t he just arrest these miners

Frank look at his watch It was getting to that time of day Soon the school bell be ringing Snotface be looking left and right for his children to teach. The town was getting smaller The children who once came from  farms ,there numbers were dwindling,  Been a while since he saw a child on a pony riding to school Now it was miner’s children With the coal and gas wells taking over the farming county .Leaving huge holes and poison underground water for people to drink

Our leaders telling us it good for the Australian economy What a load of rot . Tell that to Terry the shearer Out of a job No sheep to shear. Wool market collapsed by fighting amongst our leaders The one’s that won that mess Were paid the most money, paid in an envelope at the parliament wine bar Just corruptions.  Just destroying our children future

I loved nicking grubs in French suits Just missed the top grub to . but this is how one gets rewarded

Your too hot to handle Stop trying to nick ministers of government . The red face state police commissioner had told him

They pay my wages They want to put you were you can only up set normal people

We are putting you out in the cold Long way from were you can cause waves, Your going bush in another state. 

Well the who’s, who of the world still there But there butts were slowly getting fried and they were getting more savage . Even more savage because he ,Frank could not be touched

People are criminals and a bad past. Never go smiling to there grave thought Frank.

As frank walked to the school yard looking for strange cars Or strange people looking at children A group of mothers in a group at the school gate called to him a welcome hello .

Soon he was talking about children sports ,The high cost of living and what dirty rapist had been locked up in Brisbane.

As the school bell went The mothers began to disperse at the front gate .

Frank began to think What if his life was different What if he had not been so adventures His children be going to a school like this in the country  A girls face from the past came to him May even been an american school

A small flock of parrots landed in a gum tree Calling and coring Then gutturals sounds as they tore in to the tree foliage

Thank God some things never change Though Frank  The new police girl may be right, I am an old man Just biding time till I to fall of my peach He looked at a dead parrot rotting at the foot of the closest gum tree.

But not today ,duty calls

Looking down at his red cattle dog who was looking at the dead bird

‘’No Tiger don’t even think of it, No tiger, I do not want you to bring it home, that’s smelly.

His little dog looked at Frank in expression of been caught in an act of a terrible crime Then smiled The smile, that always took Frank heart. Leaning down, Frank scratched the little dog head as the dog lay down at Frank feet.

‘’Headache tomorrow with new girl on the beat, Tiger , I wonder how big a pain the bum, she be’’  he looked his little dog in the eye

“You want to bite a pig ,piggey

His little dog ears springing up , began to woof at him

Lets find Allan Tohey cows They wont go too far, grass too good in that paddock Tiger

Tiger leapt into the air in glee at the thought of going bush

The sun had climbed into the early morning Driving his police van into Allan’s bottom paddock He was examining the water trough which was empty of water

Cattle don’t drink air Could this farmer be that stupid. He took note of the bull dozer track Knowing Allen did not own a bulldozer 

Calling Tiger who was barking and scratching at a hollow log

‘’Tiger come here .Can’t you read snake tracks that a big python in that log. Not a bloody lizard . Tiger come here, silly dog  .’’ Tiger look at his master in as he would look at a cockroach

‘’Tiger come here ‘’

Tiger with one last look at the log  ,raised his back leg and with a stream of urine in to hole in the log

‘’Tiger I going to kill you , get in to the car’’

Looking at his master ,them running and leapt into the open car window Then sitting on the seat with look of hurry up boss We both miss our lunch .

A short drive along the back fence, following the rough bulldozer track.  Frank saw the imprint of heavy equipment tracks . The miners are taking a short cut across this farm thought Frank 

Bloody hell look at that Tiger “ Frank was amazed The bulldozer has gone straight throw the fence ..Fence post lay sideways and broken curled wire lay on each side of the road  The mining camp lay on a ridge a kilometer away with the bull dozer track leading straight to the camp

Then Frank saw the cattle tracks on going through the opening

Now that odd, tiger There a week old and all heading out Why have they not come back to good feed on the farm. Be water in the swamps let go and have a look

  As Frank drove through the opening of the fence watching the week old cattle tracks .he radio the base in Toowoomba  The voice from headquarters told him that police were not allowed on the land Permission had to be obtained from the mining company  The state minister had made the ruling

 To which frank asked and what if federal law was broken Not state

“Frank your been difficult I only trying to keep my job , Please Frank find a old lady and nick her’’

This is getting interesting thought Frank

With his eyes on cattle track and one eye on rocks bushes and a fallen tree as he slowly drove

His other hand found a leather box under his seat. Out of it he took a throwing knife  An automatic pistol  The next he lay a Uzi  machine gun on his lap  He inserted the magazine into the weapon

Never be too careful he thought.

As the trees gave way to the swamp It was silent .Nothing moved . No ducks No birds  The scrubs trees gave way to a green hole filled with a blue alga A smell of death filled the air

A half eaten cow came into been  A bore pig looked at Frank  before turning and falling over

Some thing smells here thought Frank

Even the air smells of rotting death If fact I can smell it .

Frank began to wonder

The swamp came into view

Blue water with gray splotches came into view

Rotting carcasses of wild animals going grey in the water

Frank saw the missing cattle They lay in death were they took there first drink just as far ass  the eye could see there bloated carcasses Some lying were they dropped Some had tried to leave Only a few steps then falling ,legs apart  Death had been quick and sudden  A calf moved standing close to a form which she loved

A loathing and hatred came to Frank As he took photo after photo of the dead animals 

Then walking amongst the dead  .he was white with anger.

No Frank this will cost you your job But man who runs this state and barks like dog A pro mining leader and his government can not be allowed to get away with this

Now who owes me a favor in channel seven He took his iPhone


Move over Tiger he got back into the police car The little dog sensing his anger licked Frank face

Reversing out of the scrubby wooded area of the swamp he drove towards the fencing opening some half mile away

A Toyota truck was blocking his path in the opening of the boundary fence.

Unloading Debbie at the house he watched her walk up the path She did have a cute butt ,nice long leg . If one could put up with her, there just could be side benefits 

You’re getting naughty again Frank he thought

I better go and wave my flag I am there for business at the police station.

All that paper work I get from Brisbane Now there a thought Debbie may be good at that as well   Frank life is looking up

A ringing of Mobil phone came to him

‘’Earnest  what happening  with your bomb’’

‘’Your sure no  bomb squad from Brisbane?  ‘’

‘’No firemen ?  ‘’

‘’Why ?  ‘’ Frank began to think.

‘’There found a McDonald packet on car in Toowoomba. There only one bomb squad on duty now .Cut back in resources Some hoon thought the packet contained a explosive device. There waiting for the mechanical dog to come from Brisbane, to defuse it.  What if it is a big mac hamburger?

‘’Dog eats it  It’s modem technology’’ spoke Frank

‘’The fire engine won’t come to put water on it, because there running in to over time They have to have flame to be called a fire , They tell me there fireman.’’  Added Earnest.

‘’I did my calculation on it There two toms of T.N.T. sitting twenty yards from my office Earnest told Frank’’

‘’Where are you ‘’ asked Frank

‘’In my office having a whisky ‘’

‘’Well it got to blow up ,as it get hotter,  today and take most of the town with it’’ Frank spoke.

‘’The miners were supposed to shift it this morning’’

‘’I rang them, it goes to a call center in India ‘’  Earnest sounded defeated.

‘’Earnest is that big council loader still there? ‘’

‘’Yes’s mate’’ Earnest scratched behind his ear

‘’What will I do Frank ‘’

‘’Well mate take you self, and whisky bottle and go on your push bike and hide in the scrub as far as you can ride ‘’

‘’I am coming out Now you just …..  ’’ Frank told him.

‘’I just ring the union’’ spoke Earnest with confidence.

‘‘Earnest, Just get out of there That a police order  Please do it’’ , Frank screamed at him

Diesel oil and urea. Two ton of now, high explosive Getting hot in the sun A mushroom cloud and a big bang The cod fish would not bite for a month in the creek and yabbies’ would not come out of there holes for another month  Man will starve . Frank thought

His inspector had said nothing too good for you Frank We be always there to help you

Bloody inspector too busy helping himself to the wine in the police canine

Hope Debbie enjoys my share of the mutton chops tonight She be eating by herself’

Come on Frank It what you joined up for The community needs you But at times, You do not need it

He looking wistful drove the police car to the railway station

Looking at the deserted office. Three open railway wagons faced him There boxed strewn on the ground and half empty in the wagon.  Walking over to the forty four gallon fuel drum, he touched it . It was empty, some five feet away lay the huge bag of urea,

The bag side was soaked from the ground to the top with diesel fuel All four feet by five of squashy explosive charge.

Looking up in to the tree covering the rail way station a pee wee chirped It black and white brought a happy but lost feeling to Frank heart 

In the local paper, thought Frank, would write. One farming town damaged taking the lives of the local police serpent and a pee wee in the big bang.  No terrorists were responsible ,Only stupidly A funeral service will be held for the bush bird at local church. Har Har Har .  When do I laugh?


Pushing the bag at the top, gently with his finger. It was soft and diesel oil driped from his finger Laying his hand on the huge bag

Looking at the bag bottom was two foot pool of diesel surrounding it. But the surrounding was of a soft soil mixed with sand

Frank looked at the council low loader and stroked his chin.

Walking around the loader he looked at the big bucket

Thinking about a film he seen called “One minute to midnight “ It ended in a big bang as well But the hero ended up the girl . Why was true life not like Hollywood, I wonder will Debbie look after Tiger . They both like each other, Well Tiger dose know, who to be nice to, to get a rump steak

Frank stop thinking been sorry for yourself Just do it

Yess Frank just take a big breath before you kill your self

He stepped up in to the driver’s seat

Putting his hand pulling out switch wires behind the instrument panel He joined up two of them Then he got down and tugged a leaver on the fuel pump Taking his service revolver with the barrel he crossed the terminals with it’s barrel  The engine weased and gasped ,Then fired, found life Then settled in to even revs. 

What else did his farm boy past teach me thought Frank

Now Frank action, thought Frank   Then bang

He let the clutch off slowly Moving with speed of sick ant, the council loader approached the explosive bag.

A clap of helicopter blades filled his ears . Looking up frank saw the channel seven helicopter over the railway car park

This journalist is going to get two loges  in one year What a greedy bugger Frank ponded

Dropping the bucket at angle to the moist fuel laden earth  in front of the urea bag He slowly let the loader go forward inch by inch. The bucket slowly going under the ground about four inches then going forward ,Slowly through the earth  just five inches under the bag

Then as  reality slipped in to timeless as you watch a accident in slow motion

Frank gently lifted the bag a foot above the ground Then gently playing the clutch The loader crept for the creek forty yards away

Time was measured in each thump of Frank heart, He heard nothing but numb from the outside world. Each yard the creek became closer. Just the thump of the diesel engine of the loader and the louder thump of franks heart.

Slowly, the creek came to Frank. A gurgle as the bag ,enter water followed by the front wheels of the loader  Then as the water rose to the loader engine.The water rose rose  to the seat of the loader But it still chugged on

The diesel soaked urea bag went deeper and deeper in to the water. Just lapping the bag top,as he cut the engine and watched the bag explosive go under in a swish of water 

Been numb and lost all sense of feeling He stumbled and splashed into waist high water  As he stumbled ashore and fell on the sand

‘‘You did it Frank A voice from far away came to him’’

‘’Drink this’’

A whisky bottle was thrust in to his hand

Fire of sprit in his throat,  a warmth in his middle

Reality came to Frank He was not in heaven But still on earth

‘’Earnest what are you doing here, You should be hiding in the scrub’’

Earnest handed Frank a cigarette and took a swig from the bottle.

I gave up smoking eighteen years ago Thought Frank  I suppose you never to old to start again

The chatter of helicopter blades made him looked up  Earnest waved   The camera man leaned out of the helicopter side door giving both of them thumbs signal

‘’I am in the scrub’’ said Earnest ’’ You fool “

Frank look up a crane was just coming land and noisy parrots chatted in the trees Five ducks floated past the loader On the other side a cow and calf was watching them A thump thump as three red kangroos hoped in to drink

“I think I am silly “said Frank

“Must be in the breeding, cousin “ Earnest winked at Frank and laughed.

The two sat on the creek bank of sand , talking softly and sharing the whisky bottle

Earnest became thoughtful ” I found this in the mail bag yesterday”

 He handed Frank the open packet, Putting in his hand in ,Frank with drew a Glock magazine for a police pistol.

‘’Now look at the sender’’ Frank looked the packet then at Earnest.”{ Last night news’ same address in Sydney .Book shop been sending money to Islamic in Syria’’  Earnest paused.

“The sealed diesel drum seal been tapped with .The fuel drum bung finger loose , They have turned it up side down next to the urea bag. I not that stupid. “said Earnest  looking at a kingfisher on a branch.

Frank was looking at Earnest with intent astonishment

‘’Could this be a trial run to blow up my railway station? Trains go through Sydney Central Platform Thousands of people get on a train at once in underground station.’’

Earnest looked at Frank  Who had closed his eyes in horror

‘’My phone wet can I burrow yours ‘’asked Frank

Earnest handed him his Mobil

‘’American embassy’’ the phone voice

‘’Australian security  area unit signing’’ in said Frank

Then Frank read out a short code

Putting his finger to his kips sssssssus   and looked at Earnest

He began to talk

Putting down Earnest phone he wiped his eyes .

Earnest lets have a quirt beer at the pub We both deserve it My shout We have been so lucky.


  It was a grey end to a cold day As the Australian Prime Minister look out his window of his front lawn of the the Lodge  . The phone call came through from the Americian Secretary of State . The prine Minister listned and murmered approval His last words were ‘just get the basteds” He smiled at his wife who was hurrying him up for dinner at the Dutch Embassy .

  It was dark with rising moon still under the tree at the mining camp

  The S.A,S went in first, In black camaflarge  Behing theem the Australian Federal Police Nothing sais and no sound

 Onely a owl in the tree saw it all The darken figers going in to the mens anf women dormatorys A shout them muffled sound A thump then silence

 Lights were switched her and there The unmarket van drove up and out came the miners dragged with some shocked and other fowl language to be thrown in unmarked vans 

 Plain clothes police followed A us embacy van drew up A unkept man with Islamic looks was thrown in tA plain clothes man holding a short barrel machine gun “ He wanted us to live in hell, No he can go and live in his own hell ‘’ The Texan accent was out of place in the outback bush

A wombat in his hole on the outer mine fence, feeling a little worred found a deaper part of his hole to sleep in

An hour later an americian passenger took of from the Twoomber country air port bound for  San Francisco

In the darken sky just a red dot of jet exaust

Peace again in the australian bush The madman were caught and gone

Chapter  2 …………….

‘’Frank ,frank “ an excited voice of Debbie came to his sleep The sun had not come up but pastel pink of dawn had lit his room You on TV Get up, you a star Another bang on his door made his alarm clock and whisky bottle shake His hat fell from the door

Still trying to fight sleep he staggered into the living room and falling to a chair. Debbie in blue jeans and spotted blouse has eyes only on the TV. Aerial shots of dead dying cattle and run of poisen from dam and a council loader with a huge bag approaching a creek.

Then a news flash .The Australian Prime minister, a news interview, He was announcing a major terrorist plot to kill a thousand Australian at the Sydney had been caught in the act Police had arrested madman and Islam theorist at a mining sight in central New South Wales .

Debbie turned and looked at Frank.

 “You told me nothing last night. Frank Just gobbled your mutton chops, drank half a bottle of wine and talked a lot of poof “

‘Well um I thought nm “

‘’Frank, you’re a pain the bum “

“ I am your partner, Frank “ Debbie in desperation

‘’Um, I think um, I still asleep “

The ringing of the phone, Frank look at Debbie

‘’Please ‘’

‘’Naughty boy go back to bed’’

“ Your cleaning lady will answer your phone ,Honest Frank you have worse habits than my last husband”

A muffled answer came from Frank’s bed room” Least I be safe from you “

‘’Don’t push your luck sweetheart’’ Debbie,

 She looked at Frank bed room, with a wicked smile.

A minute later she stood at Frank doorway.  “ The district inspector want a full report on his table by lunch time . What you did and why yesterday.”

“Dose the fool not turn on the T.V.”

“Darling I was thinking of breakfast” came Frank voice.

“The word darling ,comes after good sex or wedding ring. Or you just brought a starving girl lunch”

“Or if the girl uses it, She is short of a quid, using charm about take all a man’s money from his wallet “

Debbie took a deep breath “No wonder you living by yourself, selling your dreams to yourself”

“Frank where do you keep the fry pan” spoke Debbie. “Like living with a small child, with you” she told Frank

 Frank Mobil phone rang again. He looked at it with pain.

Debbie took it from him and spoke to it.

Giving it back to him ,in thought she said.

Powers that be wish you to take a holiday break It the Queensland Police Commissioner They do not want you all over TV  They are sending up two officer from Toowoomba this morning .

‘We can go back to Brisbane “she added

“Well you can , I am going fishing” 

‘Were “asked Debbie

“Down the creek, Away from the world, I will sleep under the stars in swag “Frank spoke with happiness.

“Bugger” said Debbie

“I be in hiding, I sneak back here with bag of fish and pop them into deep freeze . At night , like the phantom”

“The yabbies’ are as big as state of origins footballers” a thought of happiness came to Frank.

Turning a sausages in the frying pan

‘’Never been fishing in the bush, I always been a city girl, Worred about my lipstick  and….’’

Frank looked out the window” It a good day for fishing to , but I better move, because there be a lot of foolish news reporters here ,asking silly questions” 

Frank took his coffee out on to the front verandah  As he pulled the table to him and started to sit down

“Howdy partner”  the texas accent of long memory long ago

Coffee spilt .

Frank looking at the big man with amazement.

“You got the son of a bitch Onely you could have done it Frank’’

A chair been pulled back As the secret service man with his huge western hat sat down at Frank table.

“Been a long time Harry “smiled Frank .

‘’Lost touch with you’’

‘’Yess mate, Iraq was a big place at times ‘’ smiled Harry

‘, Talking about you last week to the Secretary of State about you’’ he added

‘’That mess in the White house ,if you had of not woken up We would have lost government  His love has touched you Frank’’

‘’Oh I thought I been given the sack ‘’

‘’No mate. your realy loved after last night,as well ‘’ 

‘’So ‘’  asked Frank

‘’Top boy in ISAS in south east Asia . There top money man , They may have to go back to cooking meals with camel dung No money for gas now ‘’

‘’Oh ,how , I not in the loop Harry “

‘’You nicked him last night’ Frank

‘’Oh “

‘’This mining company was formed in Amsterdam. No one could work who put the money up and were the money was going So we watched it  You were suppose to be hiding as things cooled down from that White house mess  So you then upset your state government in Sydney by nicking people AS usually two close to the top So you were sent bush out in the cold ‘’

Harry sipped his coffee

“But this mining company was here. So we in Washington pull strings on ASIO, They put pressure on our on your state police, To  put your  close to the mine”

Frank was looking at Harry in relief.

“Knowing your nature Frank We knew you get bored and kick some one up the butt We were listening for the squeak. “

‘’So Frank you never been out of the game Full pay and worth every cent and the Australian tax men knows nothing. ‘’  

‘’You one hell of a poker player  Harry’’ ‘

‘’ You tought me in irak  how to out think the vermin.”

“So were are you now in the outfit t’’

‘’I run Australia branch of the out fit . All the bad guys we get rid of them  ,when no one is looking“

Debbie appeared with four huge yabbies’ with butted bread and table vinegar

“Were did you get that that lobster He is a monster’’

 ‘’Down the creek His cousin is bigger.  I nick him tomorrow ‘’

Frank grinned at Harry

Debbie in police uniform appeared with two coffee putting them on the table    

“I hear nothing and see nothing”

Frank smiled and Harry laughed. 

They watched from the veranda as Debbie walked off to open off the police station

‘’Better her than me’’ said Frank ’’ some of the paper works is downright stupid. She can have that headache for me’.

“Nice legs “thought Harry

‘’You still have the wisdom of youth’’

‘’Oh what that’’ Harry looked at Frank who was braking his yabby shell, with a set of fencing pliers.

‘’All dick and no brains’’

‘’Bugger you Frank’’ his laughter and long

The two old friends sat and chatter The sheep in the distance came in too drink at the council trough the mothers watching there lambs worrying about an eagle. The farmers was worried about his money to run his farm from a wool clip and selling the wool An eagle sored high watching for a movement of a snake for breakfast The snake was watching for a mouse outside his hole for his breakfast.

The mouse he had dined on the farmers fowl food last night and was sleeping soundly.

So the living stranded of a land and this part of Australia depended on a fat lazy mouse.

  Susie was carrying the sick child to the ambulance  The child young Jonney was always the joker of the class He had been quirt all morning But the sickness came on fast Vomiting , going numb in his hand and feet

 She was met in the hall way by two paramedics and the town doctor Lieing him on a stretcher. They ran with him to the ambulance.

‘’ He will live’’ the doctor said tom now turning to Susie

How have you been , he looked at Susie tear stained face

Don’t take it so hard We got those miners now  There all been arrested  for fowling our drinking water with trace element poisoning  I given an interview and handed the advice from the English laboritys on to seven news

Suddnly from the departing ambulance A news film crew began to film them.

A woman with a microphone walked to them 

“Tell then every thing you know From when you first noticed children getting sick Also the free water you been giving out”

 “Tell them every complaint was blocked by the government and you were threatned with dismiccal if you spoke out”

   The reporter had her microphone to his face

He said I want to give you my hero of theis town Suzie she put her own life and job on the line to fight for the children of the town She drank the water her self to test it by getting sick her self , She was scared that she may never be able to have children her self because of the water. She took that unknown factor in her stride She is my hero.

She looked at the doctor and began to cry He hugged her as the camara rolled

“You are our bush hero Susie , This town owe you so much”

The surrounding parents and older children clapped and cheered .

It was out side the small shire hall The mayor appeared aftrer an emergency meeting with the council

As the press gatherd  with camaras and mircophines A croud of mothers and fathers and children

He spoke as channel seven and A.B.C reporters jossled each other for best position to here him speak

The town and council will not wait for the government in Brisbane to make up there minds We are evacturing all children and mother from this town to Toowomber We have aid relief and emergency housing for you The water in this town is poisned The amount of poising is far exceedes health amounts. Please do not drink it ,bath in it . Do not go near your taps They will kill you slowly and turn you mad

We are hoping for the govermen to declare a state of emergency

At this momet I can not comment on the mess been caused by terroists but I can coment is some were there been a let down in goverments departments who duty is to look after the safty of Queensland citizens  

Hushed shock and happy clapping followed his words

Now he turned to the press  “ Any questions . Don’t be shy “

“Now I will take questions from the press”

It was on the stop light as he past the town cafa Frank was driving with his swag and fishing rods  Debbie in uniform was sitting on street table with a man in a suit He had that look about him he was a New Your  City Detective . The face was familiar. Frank could not place it. But he knew it would come to him, because the question would annoy him He would have to sleep on it.

Stepheny had watched the TV in her flat in shock at the fast moving events of the night before  She like the rest of the town had watched him disarm the bomb. She had watched missing beath by seconds What if he had been killed. Her heart pounded

He had not come in for his early morning chat which ended with his steak and eggs  Was it the reason of the femil police man Is she cooking breakfast for him Is he sleeping with her?

She slumped ,sitting on a box in the kitchen An egg turning orange and white in the fry pan caught her eye” Oh Frank why can’t this egg be yours “

“Were are you Frank “

“ Why have I fallen in love with you Frank , Bugger you , Why have you walked in to my ordany world of nine oclock to five oclock  You stuffed me up proper.’’.

She look at the egg frying It cried out to be put on it plate with rump streak for the visiting truckie from Brisbane

“You got it bad Stephany “ she said to her self.

The cook looked up at her from chopping tomatoes

“Talking to your self again Step” he spoke  ‘’Do not worry it’s normal  , Answering your self.  Thats normal .When you set the table for for two and your by your self That a worry  That time to go to the pub for drinks You always find some there more mad than your self .

He took a whisky bottle from the kitchen table and took a swig 

“Best cure for gout, I ever had 

Frank and Tiger had slept well on the back of the creek frank swag was unrolles in the back of his ute his last memory was of the stars The southern cross so bright He could almost reach out touch it  A night bird was heard down stream.  A fish splashed some were in the darkness  Tiger who always slept with one eye open lay beside Frank Watching the darkness for goblins ,monsters, Frankenstein and the wild cat.

Happiness was complete .

His phone rang early  before the pail pink of dawn The queensland police commissioner was happy He was well hidden  The whole force had come out of Franks terrorist catch smelling of roses . He Frank was been put forward for decorations 

“And Frank  “ spoke the comminisioner 

“ Stay fishing . blood will be spilt on floor of parlement today The mining minister been pushing this corrupt out fit as the answer to all problems of our state , We know , money has changed hands he be arrested soon as possible If the premier sticks by this man They be a huge back lash of public opinion You Frank will have brought down the Queensland Government .

Never did like the pricks They have been cutting money to the force. After thyis the federal government will see we get more money  Real money not chinies debt.

And Frank”

“Yess Boss ‘’

“I am thinking of a big cod fish baked in my house with mustard white wine  and honey .”Berris my wife was talking about your fishing ability yesterday . I get a pink champain to go with it The department will pay for your taxi fair ‘ We are having a blitz next week on drinking in Brisbane  Got to find some thing for the new offercer to do another class gradutes police me hit the street next week.”

Frank put down the mobil and piered out of the swag covers The morning star was low Dawn of soft pastel would come to the east  Soft like a beaufifull girl naced in ones dreams She calling you But you try to touch her But you can’t because she is a dream Then she gone.

Dawn thought frank is the most beautifull experience I ever had Deep in the bush Soon birds will cherp A water bird will call out A magpie will call out to his mate to get out of bed Early bird gets the worm in this part of the world .

Frank thought of the black and white water crains who used thyere beak fof grubs and small fish There colour black and wite Never could work why thet were called police man birds 

“Tiger you want a rump steak “ he reached out of the swag to rub Tiger ear The dog reached forward and licked Franks face


As morning came to the bush , The pattle of colour gave way to sunshine The earth breeved and green beauty flourished Sheep and cattle opened there mouths and ate and ate , Then ate some more  The never ending green grass , It was a good season in this part of the world farmers smiled and dogs smiled

So Frank smiled as he pulled in his first cod fish  So he thought he be cooking fish and chips and eggs for breakfast in his family camp oven of his grandfathers . His grandfather a drover ,whose son settled down and farmed raising his family  But Frank had his habits of his grandfather Who was happy each to me he woke up in a different part of the bush .Each day an adventure Each day to be enjoyed like good wine Just sipped. One sip at a time, at a time.

   The Queensland parlement opened with members screaming at each other. The abuse was loud cruil and unrepentant and just savage  Words of decent people living in decent community having there throat cut by miners Been poisned by miners in your own home Having your children die in your arms The Queenland premier who always barked like a dog . Weaved and flayed his arms like a windmill he sqrked and screamed back Refering to the opersition that they wanted to upset the forigin interests

No he would not stand down the mining minister He was a god in the premier eyes and his party.

So the oppersition stamped and shouted that he too was a thief and a piarite

The speaker screamed for order  and there no order The screaming went on till lunch was called for and all meber mixed with there caudon blue lunch and many bottles of wine To scream at each other the rest of the afternoon

So it was normal in Queensland Parlement  just another day of squabbling back stabing and petty jelliousys Nothing was done for any one Nothing was solved and more tax payers money was waisted once more 

Nero the empire may have played his fiddle while Rome burned That was onely for a few days in history But when most people in parlement can’t add up Are stupid and full of idalogy Which them onely they have the keys to heaven , There advice to othere is you must be like me 

The money tree which is Australia the gardner is too stupid to water that tree Will onely give a small amount of fruit  to the screaming hordes

It was left to the publican who ran a betting raffle in his bar  Election was now even money , But it was another subject for the drinkers A subject to talk about, meant more beer was drunk he may make a little money at last to beat his costs of living.

Could the future of the state lay in the hands of the silly who drank to much and became stupid The voting was all way held in the council building next door to the hotel

It was the Queensland Premier last meeting in the day  Harry the C.I.A top spy The Queensland Police Commissioner and the FBI chief of Australian area

The meeting was short to the point and brutal His mining minister would be arrested within minites of bribary ,frawd and embelsment  The Queensland Premier who always barked the last word at every body , Was cowering in his seat like a dog who had a kicking His empire of power kept there by words and spin was in danger of collaps  His throat was sore , The bark was gone Just his eyes dancing from side to side Wondering were the next verbal punch was coming from 

There no frieds in high places when the music stops. Peoples perception has never changed of good and evil Of been told lies and cough out  A lepod never changes his spots

Onely bluster and lies will delay the ax of the voting booth The man The Queensland premier  who barked like dog got caught.

Earnest was a happy man He had just given his forth T.V. interview  This morning his wife had given him his favourit shirt to were  A hawien shirt she had found at a jumble sale It would make him a T.V. star, Well he was always a star in her eyes

He had strutted forth were the urea bomb was and how many houses it would destroy They told him how brave he was His chest swelled with pride , The reporter had told him onely could have done what he did The world needed more like him  he was beginning to learn to work the camaras It was a flash of fame A momet of time He was a famous man  He had spoken to them of toil and work and onely the union cared for the down and out The forgotten railway men who served the public ,every day putting there lives on the line. The Queensland Railway would always get the trains to the undeprivialled and thye needy

The camarays flashed and TV camarers rolled and Earnist talked more.

He and his Berral his wife go to the club tonight and with friends watch T.V. News Then after drinks celebrate been a hero. If there was to be a pat of affection his back to be given Then Earnest wanted his time in fame . He would be famous in the union. I the railway club in Brisbane His photo framed be hung as a man who saved the Queensland Railway

He would ring his mate in the union tomorrow He like been photoed in his hawan shirt.

Harry had just witched off the video conference from the  C.I.A  directory in Washingdon. He leand back on his motel chair and thought of who in Australia, could help him with this problem, This one need a level head ,wisdom. Lateral thinking and lots of patience . As cunning as a  ,as a….. Frank?  

The more I think of it I like it ,  I may be Franks boss But at this game he is a magician. Beside he trained me The cunning shit .

I ask his advice, I give him a hello ring and trace his position .

Harry smiled Frank always told him that to get some on to think your way A little butter ,to butter  up a mans good points, just a little But never stuff the whole cake of butter down his throsat he will smell as rat and bite you on the butt, we had a good time with Frank training us at the Holoday Inn in Washindon Thoes storys, Frank told us were good but funny but always had a lesson in then. But Frank had been there and we were learning

Frank first lesson in the field ,stay aslive. If you’re a good peron ,some one will miss you and they will be sad, Look after your mate and he look after you

Now were is Franks telephone number ?.

Beth was sitting on her horse ,looking at the fat sheep rear ends and heads sticking out of the long green grass Another two months she thought it would brown off as winter approached .Another year older . and another year deeper in debt.

Her best friend she went through school with now marred and pregrant  Fifth girl this year pregrant Time flys 

She thought of her ex boy friend she told to go away and grow up  last week in the hotel . What was wrong with her her Mum was wishing she find a good boy But that’s all that were in the district Boys no responsibiltys Hard drinking and just acting childresh, her Dad had told her that she had been going out with mugs and fools,

He was wise

Looking out to the distant creek in a paddock of green A ute was parked  She at once saw the police emblem

Frank fishing again 

I just ride ove and talk to Frank She thoughtis

In a chinise capital city  high ranking gener4al was talking about expanding the chinise in fulence in waters thousand miles from them  A lonely deselote reef inhasbited by sea birds, His influence as a general had been noted by chinise leadersd  All agree with him china must come first

The general was happy His prestage with the millarity elete leadership was a done deal His men had been sent to survey the reef May be they could spy better on Japan or spy on the hated americiasn navy. Or like him self ,China could puff it chest out and say look at me.

Well that what wa he was telling all With a sqaudin of jet fighters China could control all of the west trade They the chinise His country would be the most important in the world His chest swelled with pride . He the son of a pig farmer. People would bow down and respect him.

The C.I. A. director in Washindon had been talking to the Seceratry of State about the new chinise mocement which had been picked up by satalite  It wa sbecomming to resemble a pain the butt

If some thing was not done in Australia heads would roll

We have to sort of let china know,we are not bluffing  It was like scratching a mad dogs ear with a hammer Nice doggy, Nice Doggy , Stop it Doggy, Naughty Doggy , Now Doggy dead.

We need to store atomic booms in Australia We have our tropps in Darwin and our jet boomers on rotation to visit the northern city on Australia

Soon we have a sqarden of super sonic bombers based there

That make the little yellow buggers sitting on bird doung on reef Watch there manners

But the politics 

But the politics over there  are a pain the butt . We need our man in Australia who we can trust to pull this one of 

But who has the love of America We need a man who will betray his country for the star spangled banner

He got up from his chait and the kissed the americian flag hanging on the wall Then standing to attention, saluted. then clicking his heals.


“Frank is a police man life alwars this Just look at you”beth leaned over the neck of her horse ‘

Frank had settle in to his beach chair His fishing line was relsxed in his hand The cork was bobbing in the water some twenty yards in to the creek His hat was low on his head

The creek with here and there of coolabah trees  The odd schreep and tuft of eaten grass Jusr water lieing shining with life in the sun A dragon fly darted there and there between the grass tusks were the sheep pads Every deay a dozen or so sheep would walk to quence there thurst  many sheep pads warn deep into the bank of the creek A routeen as long as time or the time of first farmer in the country

A swarn of green turned part of the sky green as it rose and weaved and fell to earth to drink The green bugargars of thousands of small birds  The water hole was life In the odd trees were there home. A place to build nests and bring up there young . A place for the grown young to who to breed As each generation followed the last  in the holes of the tree The gnalled coolabah always came cherping of the just born earging there mothers to find more food for them To play with them more and love them more.

Beth liked to ride her horse along the creek It made her think of life . Why was she born, What was her purpose in life , She was a young woman Was that all she was to do on this earth Find a man, be the little wife Yess Darling No Darling Oh Darling  Boys bloody boys  

Frank got wisdom he know the answer

The wind had died down in Washindon In the morning it had rained sleet  Just a cold day of misory The down and out huddled over a drum of burnibf wood in a side street overhang among the sky scrapers of disying hight. Just pasing around a bottle of cheap wine for friendship ans warming of the pit of there tummys

In a unit a girl was having a roubh ride aftyer a needle of heron She has fallen from her bed while floating through timeless elusions of random happenings So real, pasting from horrer to happiness in  seconds , Reality was gone Reality was onely time to think about the next needle 

Cars past the buildings Ambelance sounded in distance  A police car blue it siron Life never changed in the big city People walked past in a hurrey People lived and people died

Nothin changed Just a timeless city  of each generation as human repreating there father and granfathers mistakes in there lives But in each case they thought That that day would be a new beginning , Such is our wish for the future A better future’

The secretary of state leaned back in his chair and thought of the propasol the military had put to him America need a boom with striking rang of Chinise city  It was a touchey subject  How would he approach this one, Why give me this problem

To approach the Australian government would need tact , that diplomacy  Wht a pity one did not trust any of the diplomats Talk sank ships We learnt that one in world was two. Hotell and bars were full of German spys The Australian Prime minister will agree with us But it could affect his re election, I wonder if we could hide the bomb under his bed at his house the Lodge in Canberra . 

Now who run the Australian end of the C.I.A.   That right Harry  Get his idears on it  But have to get moving on it The spooks on the C.I.A are getting a lot of chatter from the Chinise that up setting a lot of people in this town . When people in power get restless They try to up stage each other It a lookat me I can tell you what to do, I am important

Then the poor people like me who keep the country safe and up and running They chop of our heads to play politics with other  So the man in the street suffed yesterday He suffers today and suffers tomorrow

He stroked his wiskers  and looked at the clock It coffee and biscuit time.  New secetary late as usurall Damm woman. Good staff ,are hard to find now

Some of the idears are down right stuoid from the military . From invading Australia to smuggling in the bomb in pices in the post.  Long way from Australia to China if we have to throw it at them But having it handy there make the swam of yellow buggers mind there manners .

There was feelings that in the millarity that I was not seeing things there way . They will want my head soon . Life had changed since the cold war with Russia  thirty years ago If any one did not do as he was told They ended up with a bullet in the head in a public toilet Now day they go behind your back and you loose your job .

There no honor any more.


Harrey I hope you have an idear  Must orginise a vido link  What time in Australia is it  What three oclocl in the morning  I drag him out It be good to make some one else suffer,with this problem

“Bugger China “


Stephany was sad , The diner was empty ,The road from Sydney was onely a car here and them an hour time away  A very slow day , Inside the kitchen the cook was cutting his toenales with his kitchen knife Be payed  wages to cook nothing was a good day  But his toe did hurt.

I missed you Frank You understand me  There a sadness in your soul which touches me

I bake you a pie if I knew wher you were  Put a smiley on it A face in pastery 

Please Frank just put your arms around me I need your warm hug

The sun beat down on the small country town as a gohana chased a rat across the road from the  shire hall ,

Inside the mayor in his chair has eaten his lunch of roast beef and was having a little sleep in his chair , Out side two crows fought a deadly duel oner a throw away over a half eaten McDonnalds hamburger.

Down the paddock a ram looked at a young ewe She looked sexy to him But of lazy nature he had eaten his fill of grass and he felt sleepy I just have a little nap he thought There always tomorrow to make the young ewe happy. Beside I am the onely ram in the paddock He giggled .

It was the ill wind of doom For all year it been hot people had been waiting with great hope for the rain to come Bank managers had formed a cartel  not to let the land prices slip. The land which could comfortable carry sheep and cattle was expected to carry far more than what the grass and rain could grow. The costs of running farms had gone up tenfold in twenty years The money for the sheep and cattle had droped in twenty years .

Life in the Australian bush was of seercide  bankrupsy  horrer  pain and greif .

Out side Longreach Frank brother Jack had pulled his last live sheep out of the last dam with little water With his wife and kids gone some week ago for a new life in the city 

The sun was burning ground that should have had green grass and fat sheep Was just bare brown dusty and crumbled with the touch Around him law the bones and scatted pices of hide and wool The foxes and halks had eaten there fill of dieing sheep . The smell of death was heavy in the air.

Mate I think it time to go south for a brake See green grasss and just go to the pub Be sane again talk to normal people again. Onely the crazey ,mental sick ,destertute, sick in the head left here.

“All problems be sol;ved if it rained  Another year of no rain Third in a row.”

“Frank will kill me if I loose the family farm Go bankrupt “ he said sitting on the dam bank as the sick sheep staged away covered by black mud , towards an endless horizon of brown earth Of nothing onely glare and a marage which was a shiney reflection of that nothing  Onely death among the dead grass stalke of starvation

If I left early tomorrow morning Be late afternoon I be in Toowoomba.

My brother Frank ,the man who travelled the world and I kept the home fires burning.

Kept the dingos pigs and that theaving neibour out of the sheep. Wish I could make it rain

But Frank did flatten his nose in the pub. Bloody neighbour thought it was his right to help him self to our wool Got a day off from undercover work with drug squad in Brisbane to talk to the thieving neighbor. I onely wanted to throw a petrop bomb into the neighbours bed room, while the neighbor was asleep Frank gave me a lecture on my manners

.Quick temperd is Frank  came from great uncle Boots  He was mad ,flew spitfires in the over London  Always said, onely good german was a dead one He ran out of amonition in a dog fight He got so cranky with the german who was trying to kill him  He ramed his spitfire into the bum on the mesumitte  Madness runs in the family I wonder if my boy had another punch up at school today?

People have no respect any more  If some one was bigger than you You followed him to the public toilet with a base ball bat.When he had his trouses were down. You just flogged him till blood came out of his ears That how society tought people to respect others.

People have no guts any more. 

I wonder what that cloud is going to do  Jack looked in to the sky  Probely run run away like the rest Rain you basted rain 

No were is that telephone to ring my mad dear brother  Probly flat as usually. Jack scratched his head Keeps the curry eater from ringing up asking for money from indian call centers.

Frank put his mobil down as he watched the cork bob a little as a cod fish was having a smell around the grasshopper on the line.

Softly ,softly little monkey. Catchie little monkey   Frank thought of Ridgard Kippling words  Smatr man with a pencil though Frank

It was the third year of drought now in the west of Queensland ,No sheep Cattle all gone  No income but too many bills to cover  Mostly burrowed money Banks all banded together to keep the farm values up at ten times what the country was worth to make a living on.

The great drought  Frank rember his grandfather talking of Ninety percent of Australian farmers went bankrupt

No I wonder if we can keep the family farm in this countrys mess 

As Frank ponded the future Tiger gave a woof

A dark black government car bumped it was over tussocks and soft bumps of black earth towards the creek.

Looking up frank thought Now what Harry doing here I thought he be back in Washindon by now.

Was on about some problem with china and japan .An irland the chinise are putting a rain guage on.The japs said they own the irland.  Why do we pay politions and diplomats for I think if every politions has to sheare sheep for a month with  shearing team They be tought respect for people. They would care for people from the heart .

  The black car with dark windows came to a halt beside a collabah tree It branches reaching out to cover the water and Frank.

 Now I know why you look so happy about been out in the cold.  Think of us in Washindon freezing in three foot of snow trying to work  Your are fishing on the job

Harry stept out of the car and admired the esky with water in A mass of tangled yabbies’ snapped there claws at him splashing him with water,

“Oh those beautifull lobsters  There bigger then the ones in james restuarent in Honolueu  Oh my good look at that fish what a monster”  A second esky beside Frank picnic chair  The fish looked Harry as if he were a worm from under his inch of water  is teeth flashed in the sunlight as he snapped. 

“Could not go home till  I said good by “

“Mate this parridice   Do you realize that your paid two incomes and an army pension to fish the day away”

“Ay “ asked Frank

“Uncil Sam bankroll you ,the US army pay a pension And the Australian police pay you “

“ Oh “ smiled Frank

So last night I thought about you Frank ypour too hot to deal with Your too close to the top frank when you were with that mess in the white house You took the presents children anf tought the eldest daughter how to chatch trout The present think you’re a pain the bum Frank When he has family with all his daughter talks about fishing and were is bloody Frank

Now the leader of the United States our leader is asking me to give you an order to go fishing again  he want to be tought how to be the pied piper of trout fish.

No one in the intelegence want to give you an order because he watching over his sholder for a kick up the butt for upsetting you by his superior playing politics

So I am thought of been close to you

He paused and ran his hand over his face

I have been orderd to handle you

Oh .. How rough “ asked Frank grining

Stot it Frank It upsetting for me’’

The job getting at you Harry ‘’

I know the basteds who should take responsibility Give it to some one under them So a problem that grows poo get bigger and and the blame has to taken by the some jouner in the out fit and his life is ruined

I have thought how you would think Frank

Oh ,your getting interesting  Harry

If your on you income and the problem is stuffed up , I get the blame and be demoted because I am working with you and your superior

But you are employed by the C.I.A.  as I am 

A bower bird flew in and sat of Harrycar bull bar Looking at Harrey intently ,He put his feathed head on one side to listen.

But you in the cold

So I am thinking of a contract for time taken as well as your wages for a member of the out fit

And how do you disiolin a contracter thought Frank the liability can not be put on any one 

Good lateral thinking Harry  thought Frank

“So what the problem “ Harry “  Frank paused China or Russia ?

Harrey thought a while  Irlands with bird dung between Japan and China in international waters

“So there grabed all the international waters for china”

“I read about that Harrry’’

“ We could face a depression if our shipping in world trade, if this shipping rout is cut off A world wide depression If we have to start sinking chinise navy ,we end up chucking nukes”

Silence both men in deep thought A dragon fly bussed past Harry head  A splash some were up stream..A fish had lept from the water for a low flying bug.

The present and congerss and senior millarity chiefs are in panic every one got a different idear Now since I am next to south east asia They give me the problem I have to find another which works

Tell me do you have to fix it or add another idear to the pile’’ Frank looked at Harry

It past that sanity There like daddy bear were is my porrage that chief screams from government.

Well chinise are not stupid But there good at playing games with them selves and any else close by”

Harry look Frank

You see my thinking There very good at puffing out there chest They like to be important but if they see a stray dollar They all run like rats for it

Oh”  Harry put his head on one side  As the bower bird put his head on the other side listning to both of them Still standing on the cars bull bar.

When one has diplomic talks with China over these ilands Just talk about more trading with them Talk about more money and better living standeds they have More money in the pockets of those one has to  bribe We in America wish China to be a big important country  Frank paused .

My guess is that then China will put a rain guage on the irland. Count the birds  and tell the world that a big win They own the world The govement has out witted the west. There people will cheer them as wise leaders   It playing politics with there own people The general in charge will get another gong on his chest and an extra bowl of rice for his pension.


The we all go back to normal Because the chinise get hurt first in the money till , They will ignore all shipping even if the U.S. put it whole navy in the China sea. They want our money not our land

Just pat them on the head and tell them what good people they are and shout them a bottle of wine

So this problem is not solved with threatening gestures by nulking Shanghie  But inviting them to dinner”

Harry what my third principal I tought you in spy school” Frank spoke slapping a fly on his arm

When telling some one to go to buggery. make sure he look forward and enjoy the trip .

Frank what was you forth principa you tought us 

When in dought Go to the pub Just do nothing Let the desprado show hios hand

Harry thought in silence  So that what I tell the Washindon tonight 

Harry asked Frank

There a spair fishing line in the box and a fish just over there Frank pointed  to his left.


I been throwing bread pieces all morning to attract them ‘’Frank threw out three small pices of the bread  A sudden splash a fish head above the water The onely two pices were floating  

Frank your thought on Putin’’

Over sexed street lout ,Give him enough rope he will go and hang him self”

‘’Why mate’’

The country of Russia is starving roupe is worth nothing What can you buy for a rouple When the people wake up to him Some one who has paid there yearly salary for a bowl of soup will hit him on the head wit the empty bowl.’’

The west just has to put up with him I feel sorry for ucraine He using them as a political drum for his next relection he is running a super power and kicking around a very small country for his image of a tough leader.He  Should have had a flogging years ago when he was a kid Would have learnt manners and respect , If you talk rubbish you get a bashing First rule of growing up ‘’

 Just put more sanactions on Russia Some one in Russia will love there bowl of soup more that him. ‘’

You want a sandwich and a cup of tea  added Frank  thinking make me hungry.

As the two of them waited with there lines in hope of the next bite.

There a new thought in the state department Frank

Oh  ‘ said Frank looking at his small amount of hooks left.

In stead of waithing to have a problem come a big problem which the press notice The state department is thinking on solving problems before they become problems  This in friendly countrys like here.

Frank look at Harry intently

So were is the problem “

We have to store atoms bombs in this country”

So were is the problem with that “ asked Frank  as a duck came in to land with a splash some twenty yards away

Your government dose not like to commit sucide “

Yess every preasure group in the country be screaming  Even the Chinise scream They have an excuse to cut all the contracts for trade they make no money out of now  There call it retaliation But as we know they be counting all the money in Bajing of ours they pinched from us.

That is a problem

Harry line went tight as the cod swallowed the bate

Just play him Harry Don’t jerk the bate from his mouth He has to swallow it.’’

Frank was grinning as his friend was about to catch his first fish in Australia
Soon a shinning flapping and excited cod fish was been dragged up the bank.

Harry what was your problem asked Frank

Catiching another fish “ Ansering Frank  as he watched Frank bate his hook with another grasshopper

Silence was with the fishing on there minds 

I have not had a day off for six months “ at last Harry spoke

I am warn out so tody I taking leave for toay and tomorrow and may be the next day.


Frank looked at his mate awaiting the punch line.

We want the nukes stored in Queensland  But the government is a hard one.

So you do not tell them “ smiled Frank

What ‘’

There plenty of country here remotely habituated  About three quarter of the state  Do what you like her . 

Just dig a hole You could enough enough bombs her to take china back to the cave man days Your bombers from Darwin  Longreach air port has a big strip to take the international air craft .

Harry was looking at Frank

Yess it would work  It hit me   An excited Frank  Harry I got it

What were Another fish  A yabby  were Harry looked left then right then at Tiger The bower bird had finnihsh scraping his beak in Harry car mirror he look at Frank. as you would a new bug to eat

Bloody water holes”

You lost me Have you got post sydrum from Irack   Harry asked Frank

No you silly man

Look at my family ranch there water hole filled by a bore So it always full of water.

Okey , so ‘

We dig out a new hole in the creek below it Then in a pi tat the bottom of dam We place the bombs  Onely twenty five miles  from Longreach air port 

Harry staired at Frank

My brothers property   my brothers ranch

Frank lookat Harry excitedly

Your mad Harry said But so sane and it would work 

Wit the bugs and drones we could watch water the hole from washindon twenty four hours a day  Watch the whole area around Longreach twenty four a day

You see Harry up at a small rail siding of maxwelton During world war two There was a bomb depo  It it was thousands of gas bomb We had them ready to throw at the Japinise  if the japs used gas on our boys in the irlands 

So were is the difference  The general public did not know about it in the war years General McAuther kept things close to his chest. . There are some things you do not let the public know for there own good 

I did not know that you owned a part of a ranch at Longreach , You were always a dark horse Frank

This one will go to Langley   as soon as I arrange a video link


Your now the highest paid C.I.A. agent in Australia Ha ha ha  .

Get my self and my brother off the hook from the bank  Another bad year and we will have run out of credit with them’

Bugger your pocket hanky bank

You now a safe ranch as safe as the federal reserve Ha ha ha 

Harry fishing line bean to toug again 

Beginners luck, another fish  for you “smiled Frank



Stephany  smelled the steak and kidney pie in her oven She had taken her mother recieipy  Every amount of flour had been carefull measured out. Every piece of meat and kidney has been cut to her standed of perfection  The making of the pie pastry was a dish of perfection every baker would envy

The cooking was a slow event as she used her nose to time it  Toward the end a poke wit a meat scure To check on the crispness of the crust

Opning the oven and putting the tray of cullemy delight on the kitchen table to cool .

Men she thought are many  But onely one like you Frank

Closing her eyes she smelt The beef  and kidney with a sprinkling of bacon garnished with red wine and a touch of herb from the garden Some were in her mind she thought of Frank strong arms around her

Oh Frank  boys are boys and men are men But onely one man like you Frank 

Beside beef anf kidney made men in bed go longer and girls scream louder with pleasure.

Frank you hiding in the bush just like a big ripe peach jut a touch and you fall in to my hand   MMMMMMum

Now to chill up the bottle of red wine 

Now I can sneak out of town in my little red car  If I do not run into a channel seven reporters again

I think there even got out a reward for you ,to interview you


Harry “  as Frank put another fish into the box of ice   That the fifth you caught and I have onely caught one “ 

I just rang the spy master in Washindon and told them I am on leave he told me to watch out for dingos I may be eaten.

Has the chief ener been out of Wasingdon 

Oney at West Point Acadamy for officers

So all his life he sat at a desk at spy headquarters 

Yess Mate 

Poor bugger tell him to get a life

Frank how what the easy way to get the nukes to your ranch without arousing suspission

Silence Frank thought

A weather station run by National Graphic  or a nature saving fund as a front for the C.I.A. , No one takes notice of those fools.  Now if we have a weather station run by us a save the planet  We can use drones and have a few rockets around to fire into space for weather purposes

Would not people notice a inter conental missle there as well “  askd Frank

Not if we paint them all the same colour with a big smiley on them With a green peace sticker on the bomb on top of the rocket



We could have a double purpose here able to fire a missle from Longreach air port to take out a major cithy in China Or fit it oa bomber to drop it down the chiminy of there parlement Mate form my ranch we could kill millions and millions of china’s people’’

Be a few less to invade us  I have often thought to keep china population in check A good nuking every fifty years

Be better every every twenty five years

Oh harry scratched his head

Well they breed like feral rats  Keep the numbers down

Mate , mate I got another bite , Harrey was excited again.

I put it to the boss in Washindon in vido session  on my computer

Do it soon and show him the fish we caught

He will get cranky he not here with us . He likes eating fish to The last time we went to to restuation his dentures got impaled in a piece of steak We had to use pliers to pull them out Bloody tough steak  came from a camel butt.

With the subject of world affairs over Both men looked intently at the water